Starting out in Coaching

The Benefits of Learning Online 

  • Save Time :Scheduling and implementing online learning is much less time-consuming than planning and attending courses. 
  • Save Money: Eliminate travel expenses, registration costs and other expenses associated with courses. 
  • Add Flexibility: You can access online learning opportunities anytime; anyplace you have access to the Internet, from the comfort of your own home. You can start and stop your learning experience at any time. Self-paced learning to work at own pace Increase. 
  • Accountability: Online learning can be even more accountable than traditional development modules. 
  • Create Excitement about Learning: The interactivity and multimedia delivery of online development makes learning more engaging and fun!

The online Starting out in Coaching course has been developed to assist coaches to learn the basic skills of coaching and athletics specific coaching. This course is perfect for coaches of primary school aged children and youth coaches who want to establish a solid foundation for their coaching knowledge. The interactive modules are engaging interface that incorporates audio, video and text to teach essential general and athletics specific coaching techniques and methods.  The course is currently free of charge to Athletics New Zealand coaches.

The course contains three general coaching modules and three athletics specific modules.

The general modules, cover a range of general coaching topics including; the role and responsibilities expected of a coach, planning, safety, working with parents, communication, group management and inclusive coaching practices. 

The athletics modules, cover Run, Jump and Throw events. 

There is no assessment included.

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