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Weekly Round Up: January 28

Weekly Round Up: January 28

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Welcome to the Athletics New Zealand Weekly Round Up.

This week's edition includes:

  • NZ Track & Field results
  • International results from Australia, Canada and theUSA
  • Road and Trail race results from around the country

Murray McKinnon
Athletics New Zealand Correspondent
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New Zealand Competition Results

21st Potts Track and Field Classic, Incorporating New Zealand 3000m Championship, Regional Sports Park Hawke’s Bay – 25 January 2020
Dame Valerie Adams competed in her first competition since July 2018 in Monaco, where she threw 19.31m andqualified for the World Indoor Athletics Championships as well as the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games. The standard for the indoors is 18.30m and for Tokyo 18.50m which she easily achieved from her series of throws of 17.97m, 18.55m, 18.65m, 18.12m, 18.17m and 18.47m.Adams also broke Maddison-Lee Wesche’s Potts Classic meeting record of 17.10m set last year. Wesche was second with 17.51m and Torie Owers third with 15.71m and Kaia Tupu-South fourth 15.08m.

“I’m pretty happy with today, we had two goals to come out and achieve today and that was to qualify for the world indoors in Nanjing in March and also for the Olympic Games in Tokyo, so it’s pretty awesome to do it on my first competition it kind of takes the pressure off a little bit and we can build on this leading into the Porritt Classic on 15 February,” said Adams.

Tom Walsh opened his Olympic campaign with a 21.10m shot put which came in round three after fouling the first two attempts. He finished off with 20.56m, 20.19m and 20.48m. Walsh said it was a bit scratchy to start with.

“Two fouls in the first two rounds. All I wanted today was a bit of freedom in the throws and I achieved that in two throws and definitely not in the other four. It was not quite how I wanted to start. This is a really good starting point for me, it’s good to come to sunny Napier. I’ve got the world indoors in March so we’re starting now to freshen up,” said Walsh.

Walsh’s training partner Ryan Ballantyne was second with 19.33m and Jan Jeuschede from Germany third with a throw of 18.56m, with Nick Palmer fourth with a PB 17.70m. It was a 21cm personal best for Ballantyne from his performance at the World University Games last July.

“It’s a step in the right direction, the first one of the season, but I’m definitely wanting a lot more.I love this place, this meet is the perfect way to open up, always beautiful weather and this time of night is perfect temperature wise,” said Ballantyne.

Julia Ratcliffe added a centimetre to her New Zealand resident and all-comers hammer throw record set in March 2016 on the North Shore. The Commonwealth Games gold medallist from the Gold Coast two years ago, threw 69.94m in what was described as the best ever hammer competition in New Zealand. Going into the final round, Lauren Bruce was leading the competition with a personal best of 66.87m from Nicole Bradley who threw 66.72m. Ratcliffe was lying in third with 64.26m. Ratcliffe responded to the challenge in round six with the record breaking 69.94, Bruce improved to 67.87m PB and Bradley was out to 66.12m. Ratcliffe was delighted with her performance after only deciding to travel down from Hamilton at 7.30am.

“Training is chipping away nicely, I was a bit crook a couple of days ago and I didn’t know if I would come down. But I came down as I really wanted to do it because it’s a cool comp, great weather down here and great people. The comp wasn’t great but managed to squeeze one out on the last one and it was the best women’s hammer comp with New Zealanders of all time in history and it was really cool to be part of” said Ratcliffe.

Her father/coach Dave Ratcliffe said he was ready for a sad trip back home to Hamilton. “But she pulled it off with that last throw, which was really good.I asked her to work on her speed on the last two turns and I think that’s what made the difference” he added.

Anthony Nobilo was the sole competitor in the men’s hammer throwing 61.37m. Connor Bell with the 2kg discus threw New Zealand’s third best all time of 63.25m, ranking him behind Ian Winchester and Marshall Hall. Bell improved on his previous personal best of 59.79m in Tauranga last week. Alexander Parkinson was second with 58.31m and Hall third 55.64m. Bruce won the women’s discus with 52.32m, Tatiana Kaumoana third 50.37m and Tupu-South third with a PB 49.83m.

Hamish Gill snatched the 100m in a legal personal best 10.40 +1.6 narrowly edging out Edward Osei-Nketia who recorded 10.41. In a blanket finish for third, Cody Wilson was given the placing in a personal best ahead of Jordan Bolland and Joseph Millar all three clocking 10.66. Wilson had earlier won the 200m in 21.43 +2.5 from Tommy Te Puni 21.60, James Guthrie-Croft 21.69 and Millar 21.88.

Zoe Hobbs was just a hundredth of a second outside her New Zealand resident record and meeting record of 11.37 set last year. Hobbs recorded 11.38 +1.6 to head in Georgia Hulls 11.74 and Rosie Elliott 11.76. Kiana Pohe won the 200m in 25.30 +2.1. In the 4 x 100m relay Bolland, Guthrie-Croft, Wilson and Gill recorded 41.10 beating Jacob Stockwell, John Gerber, Jordan Stewart and Osei-Nketia who ran 41.85. Elliott, Hobbs, Hulls and Natasha Eady won the women’s in 45.67 from Brooke Somerfield, Abby Goldie, Briana Stephenson and Livvy Wilson 45.89.

After being paced over the first lap,Katherine Camp went on to convincingly win the Sylvia Potts Memorial women’s 800m in 2:06.87. Shanie Landen from Israel was second in 2:09.66 and Ariana Harper third in 2:10.67. Camp, who won in 2018, said her tactics this year is to attack every race.Camp now heads to Perth and then Melbourne for her next competition.

“So it started here and I’ll keep it going and everything will come into place” commented Camp.

Michael Dawson won the Allan Potts Memorial men’s 800m in 1:52.65 from Mikael Starzynski 1:53.31 PB and James Harding. Efekemo Okoro with 48.19 was too strong for John Gerber 48.66 and Luke Mercieca 48.67 in the 400m and Annalies Kalma 55.13 prevailed over Tayla Brunger 55.81 in the women’s 400m.

Matthew Taylor with a great finishing burst, won the New Zealand 3000m title in 8:29.44 from Hayden Wilde 8:29.55 and Steven Langdon 8:31.37 PB. It was Taylor’s first national title, after finishing third last year and taking the bronze in the 1500m at the 2018 New Zealand championships.
“It was good to go a couple of places better this year,” said Taylor.

Penny Peskett at 42, won the women’s national 3000m title adding it to the national 10km road title in 2018. Lise Thimon from France won the race in 9:48.29, Peskett recording 9:50.19. Maiya Christini was next in 9:54.49 and Anneke Grogan fourth and third in the championship in 10:11.61.

Nicholas Southgate won the pole vault with 5.40m, from James Steyn 5.20m and Ettiene Du Preez 4.80m PB, while Olivia McTaggart was over the bar at 4.30m in the women’s pole vault, 10cm higher than Imogen Ayris. Scott Thomson won the triple jump with 14.52m +2.0 and Matthew Wyatt the long jump with 7.30m +2.7 from Lewis Arthur 7.24m +2.1. Ashleigh Bennett won the women’s long jump with 5.83m +4.6 the same distance as Briana Stephenson 5.83m +0.7.

On 26 January at the Sports Park, Louis Northcott, John Gerber, Travis Bayler and Mikael Starzynski in the U/20 4 x 400m relay recorded 3:17.76 and Tayla Brunger, Charlotte Holland, Holly Rule and Annalies Kalma in the U/20 women’s relay recorded 3:48.44. Luke Mercieca clocked 49.21 over 400m.

TUMU ITM Indoor Pole Vault, Regional Sports Park Hawke’s Bay – 22 January 2020
Nick Southgate 5.21m, 4cm short of his New Zealand indoor record. Ettiene Du Preez 4.71m. Imogen Ayris 4.21m PB, Olivia McTaggart 4.21m, Alisha Lovrich 3.41m, Isabella Murrell 3.41m.

McKinnon Shield Meeting #9, Incorporating Auckland 5000m Championship, Mt Smart Stadium – 22 January 2020
National champion Oliver Miller had his opening 400m hurdles race of the season recording time of 55.67. He last competed in the hurdles at the Australian championships in Sydney last April in a PB 53.53. Nadia Evans 60m 7.74 +0.9, Zoe Taylor 7.96, 300m 41.14. Zachary Saunders 60m 7.27 +1.6, Stephen Thorpe 7.43, 300m 36.92. Wayne Holroyd 60m 7.65, 300m 38.80. Isabel Allen 300m 41.34. Wiremu Ngamotu 762mm 300m H 47.69, 1500m 4:59.24, 3000m 10:54.67. Michael Padrutt 1500m 4:35.31. Joanna Poland 1500m 5:02.37. Celine Pearn 400m H 63.66, Samadiana Fariz 66.08. Vika Aho 3kg SP 11.74m. Blessing Sefo 4kg SP 16.55m. Fano Asiata 5kg SP 13.10m PB. Samara Kake HJ 1.55m. Karim Cisse HJ 2.00m PB.
5000m championship: Fabian Downs 14:56.63, David Lee 15:15.13, Louis Young 15:34.41 PB. Aimee Mackenzie 20:00.28, Christine Adamson 21:53.13.

Grade 14-18 Interprovincial Meeting, Porritt Stadium – 25 January 2020
Zachary Saunders 300m H 40.21, LJ 6.34m +1.2, 200m 22.46 0.0. Tremayne Redman-Gardner 110m H 15.59 0.0, HJ 1.90m. Kaelan Paranihi HJ 1.87m PB. Hinewai Knowles 100m H 14.06 -0.2, 100m 12.30 -1.3. Liam McKellar 200m 23.22 +0.8. Zach Kingi 200m 23.47 +1.6, 100m 11.21 -1.5. Lex Revell-Lewis 400m 52.03. James Ford 400m 52.55, 800m 2:05.35. James Robertson 400m 50.82. Olivia Hala 800m 2:25.51, 1500m 4:59.57. Kimberley May 800m 2:22.99, 1500m 4:58.59. Alex Martin 800m 2:04.78, 1500m 4:27.10. Reuben Beard 1500m 4:27.31.Lucy Elliott 300m H 46.97, TJ 10.53m +1.5 PB. Seth Palmer-Rennie LJ 6.11m NWI. Max Abbot 1.5kg DT 48.60 PB. Natalia Rankin-Chitar 3kg SP 14.41m, DT 42.78m. Pippa Dixon HJ 1.66m PB. Olivia Power HJ 1.63m. Sionann Murphy T/F 37 DT18.23m. Liam Ngchok-Wulf 5kg HT 50.49m, 5kg SP 14.34m. Connor McKnight 700g JT 45.63m PB. Danielle Dixon LJ 5.33m 0.0. Elizabeth Hewitt 3kg HT 48.32m. Centaine Noom-Duckworth 3kg HT 48.22m. Liam McKee TJ 12.69m 0.0 PB. Angelina Zickert 100m H 762 15.34 -0.2 PB, Jorien Fourie 15.73 PB.

Jumps to Music, Hick’s Park – 22 January 2020
Hamish Kerr HJ 2.13m, Jaundre Pienar 1.97m PB, Quinn Hartley 1.97m, Jayden Williamson 1.97m, Alfie Baker 1.92m, Josh Inger 1.87m. Josephine Reeves HJ 1.77m, Emma Sutherland 1.73m, Imogen Skelton 1.69m, Keeley O’Hagen 1.69m, Amelia De Lautour 1.65m. Matthew Wyatt LJ 7.10m -2.8, Matthew Aucamp 6.63m -1.2 PB, Quinn Hartley 6.63m -3.1, Charles Annals 6.26m -2.5.

Sola Power Throwers Meeting, Moera Lower Hutt – 18 January 2020
Kaia Tupu-South highlighted the annual meeting with a World Junior Championship qualifying performance of 15.12m with the 4kg shot. Tupu-South had a further personal best in the discus with a throw of 46.22m. Te Rina Keenan SP 14.44m, DT 51.92m. Nikolas Kini 1.75kg DT 51.09m, 6kg HT 53.55m PB, 6kg SP 16.63m. Nathaniel Sulupo DT 51.78m PB, HT 40.01m PB, SP 15.64m. Marshall Hall DT 59.00m. Zion Trigger-Faitele 1.75kg DT 47.45m PB, 6kg SP 15.11m PB. Liam Ngchok-Wulf 1.5kg DT 52.25m, 5kg HT 50.28m, 5kg SP 15.28m. Max Abbot 1.5kg DT 46.13m, 5kg HT 45.56m.
Natalia Rankin-Chitar 3kg SP 15.22m PB, DT 44.14m. Ashley Bologna (France) 4kg SP 14.78m, 4kg HT 42.67m. Amania Mafi 4kg SP 13.26m. Montaya Wharehinga HT 50.69m. Centaine Noom-Duckworth HT 43.92m. Elizabeth Hewitt 4kg HT 43.46m PB. Jasmine Saimoa 3kg HT 44.66m, Jermaine Saimoa 3kg HT 42.11m. William Manulelia 5kg HT 55.01m. Sean Howe 1.75kg DT 41.55m PB. Kaleb Sola (16) 5kg HT 48.42m PB. Mikayla Sola (13) 3kg SP 10.41m, DT 35.10m PB.

Athletics Wellington Grand Prix Series #3, Newtown Park – 25 January 2020
Josephine Reeves HJ 1.70m. Saravee Sos 100m 11.32 +1.6, 200m 22.64 -0.1. Sarah Du Toit 2000m RW 13:37.42. Daniel Du Toit 5000m RW 21:57.98 PB. Ethan Calder-Cass LJ 6.09m NWI. Jack Waterworth 400m 53.27. Phoebe McKnight 5000m 16:26.35 mx. Sarah Drought 5000m 17:21.43 mx. Andrea Peat 1500m 4:51.65 mx, Ruby Barton 4:51.79 mx.

Grade 14-18 Interprovincial Meeting, Aorangi Stadium – 25 January 2020
Abby Fisher 100m 12.79 -1.7, 200m 26.01 +7.6. Jessica Vogel 400m 58.92. Scarlett Norman 800m 2:30.56. Kaitlin Feather 80m H 12.60 +0.3, LJ 4.87m -1.7. Maia Broughton 200m 25.72 +6.9, 400m 58.52, LJ 5.25m -1.7. Tillie Hollyer 800m 2:12.82 PB, 1500m 4:45.64. Sarah Langsbury 100m H 14.91 -1.0, 300m H 47.52, LJ 5.19m -0.6. Violette Perry DT 41.43m. William Laing 200m 24.48 +0.9 PB, 400m 55.10. Liam O’Donnell 1500m 4:45.08. Connor Duggan HJ 1.87m. Reuben Bowen HJ 1.78m. Ethan Gow LJ 5.87m -0.6. Rico Fisher DT 41.62m Jackson Ross DT 41.48m PB. John Wells 400m 52.56. Anna Hayward 400m 57.62. Helena Dinnissen HJ 1.60m, LJ 5.67m -0.4. Louie Howell 800m 1:56.65. Ethan Smolej 800m 1:56.75, 1500m 4:20.23. Chanel Muir 1500m 4:18.72. Cameron Clark 3000m 9:27.84. Sam Coyler LJ 6.41m -1.3. Takunda Mabonga TJ 13.70m +3.0. Nikolas Kini 6kg SP 17.12m PB, 1.75kg DT 49.19m, 6kg HT 49.97. Joshua Bull PV 3.70m. Eliza Meekings PV 3.10m.

Athletics Otago Meeting, incorporating Otago 5000m Championship and Combined Events Championships, Caledonian Ground – 25/26 January 2020
5000m championship: Kirk Madgwick 15:50.24, Nic Bathgate 15:51.61, Oliver O’Sullivan 15:51.62. Rebekah Greene 16:30.85 mx a 51 second PB and an Otago record. Sarah Douglas 18:21.09 mx, Sophie Smith 19:50.20 mx.
Decathlon SM: Shay Veitch 5350 points (10.88 +0.8, 6.88m +1.8, 10.05m, 1.81m, 48.60, DQ, 29.26m 2.70m, 40.40m, 5:12.82). U/18: Cameron Moffitt 6228 (11.58 +0.8, 6.34m +1.7, 14.86m 1.78m, 52.31, 15.59 +1.0, 41.58m, 3.10m, 36.19m, 5:13.64).
U/16 Octathlon: Luke Moffitt 2943 (13.27 +0.8, 15.63m 2.60m, 43.59, 16.42 +1.0, 5.03m +1.9, 22.91m, 3:20.99).
Heptathlon SW: Christina Ryan 4728 (15.16 +1.2, 1.50m, 11.74m, 26.02 +2.9, 5.46m +1.3, 33.52m, 2:36.28). U/18: Isabella Henderson 2408. U/16: Jorja Gibbons 2468.
Schuyler Orr 60m 7.17 +2.4. Felix McDonald 100m 11.16 +2.4, 200m 22.43 +2.5. William Scharpf 1500m 4:12.68. Sophie Napper 300m 41.25. Tara McNally 100m H 840 15.50 +2.1. Anna Grimaldi F47 LJ 5.48m +2.5 also 5.31m +1.2. Dyani Shepherd-Oates HT 50.01m. Anton Schroder 800g JT 52.71m. Ethan Walker 800g JT 53.63m PB. Holly Robinson F46 600g JT 40.64m. Fiona Harvey 500g JT 19.46m Otago W60 record. Benjamin Baines F37 600g JT 29.60. 5kg SP 8.21m NZ U/20 Para Athlete record. Caitlin Dore F37 SP 8.35m.

International Results

Cadbury Half Marathon
, Hobart, 12 January: David Ridley 1:07:19 (2).

Sally Pearson Shield, Brisbane, 18 January: Ben Langton-Burnell JT 71.49m (2). Alex Wood JT 70.35m (3). Tori Peeters JT 49.10m (1).

VMC Meeting, Melbourne, 23 January: Ben Moynihan 1500m 3:50.88 (9).

Norma Crocker Shield, 25 January: Portia Bing 200m 24.40 +1.3 (3R1),
400m H 57.60 (1).

Steveston Icebreaker 8km Road Race
, Richmond, Vancouver BC, 19 January: Malcolm Hodge 24:45 (1).

Houston Marathon, Houston TX, 19 January: Ewan Sinclair 2:30:36 PB (66).

Naples Half Marathon, Naples FL, 19 January: Craig Lautenslager 1:07:48 (5).

UAB Blazer Invitation
, Birmingham AL, 10 January: Jack Elliott 1000m 2:39.98 (10RB).
Great Dane Classic, Staten Island NY, 11 January: Joshua Browne mile :35.06 (8RB).
Orange and Purple Elite Track Meet, Clemson SC, 11 January: Caitlin McQuilkin-Bell mile 4:59.60 (1).
Arkansas Invite, Fayetteville AR, 17 January: Isaiah Priddey 1000m 2:26.41 PB (4).
Lumberjack Team Challenge, Flagstaff AZ, 17 January: George Beamish mile 4:07.15 (1RA), Matt Baxter mile 4:08.93 (4RA), Theo Quax 800m 1:58.34 (3R1), mile 4:13.06 (6RA), Mitchell Small 800m 2:00.21 (6R1), mile 4:23.10 (11RA).
Vanderbilt Invite, Nashville TN, 17 January: Nicholas Moulai mile 4:10.55 B (9RB).
Leonard Hilton Invite, Houston TX, 17 January: Hannah Miller mile 4:39.40 PB (2RA), Atipa Mabonga LJ 5.33m (11), TJ 11.80m (4).
Larry Wieczorek Invitational, Iowa City IA, 17 January: Phoebe Edwards LJ 5.48m (14).
Samford Open, Birmingham AL, 17 January: Jack Elliott 3000m 9:08.90 (9). 18 January: Tamara Reeves 3000m 10:24.17 (5).
OW Indoor Preview, Seattle WA, 18 January: Sam Tanner 1000m 2:21.78 (1RA). Chris Brake HJ 1.95m (8), LJ 6.57m (18).
Pen 8 Team Select, Staten Island NY, 18 January: Cameron Avery 3000m 8:23.92 (7RA). Holly Manning mile 4:54.55 (7RA).
Simmons-Harvey Invite, Ann Arbor MI, 18 January: James Uhleberg 3000m 8:36.27 (6).
Dartmouth v. Columbia and Yale, Hanover NH, 18 January: A
riana Lord 800m 2:21.77 (3).
Boston Uni Multi Team, Boston MA, 18 January: Tessa Hunt 1000m 2:56.43 (5RA).
VMI Keydet Invitational, Lexington VA, 18 January: Tessa Webb mile 5:12.11 (4RA), 3000m 10:14.35 (3RA).
BU John Thomas Terrier Classic, Boston MA, 24 January: Matt Baxter 5000m 13:27.61 PB (4). George Beamish 5000m 13:51.14 (6).
NB Indoor Grand Prix, Boston MA, 25 January: Brad Mathas 1000m 2:23.01 PB (4). Nick Willis mile 3:59.89 (2), enroute 1500m 3:44.89. Julian Oakley mile 4:05.56 (7), enroute 1500m 3:47.39. Camille Buscomb 2 mile 9:50.02 (7).
KMS Invitational, Birmingham AL, 26 January: Joshua Browne 800m 1:56.27 (4).

Road and Trail Races Around the Country

O’Hagan’s 5km, Viaduct Harbour, 21 January:
Marcus Robertson 17:03, Liam Templeton 17:11, James Parker 17:37. Isobel Emerson 21:20, Tia Knight 22:02.

Eighth Continent Marathon and Half Marathon, Auckland Domain, 21 January: James Quinn 3:19:18. Ingrid Frost 4:25:03. Ryan Mahon 1:18:41. Bethany Bromfield 1:31:51.

Rat Race 5km, Takapuna, 22 January: Taylor Gauld 19:12, James Danvers 19:58, Michael Walker 20:15. Jacey Cropp 21:04.

Eastside Riverpath 5km, 21 January: James Hollands 18:20, Kent Hodgson 19:23, Joe Mace 19:28. Malesa McNearney 20:32.

Waterfront 5km, 21 January:
Ben Twyman 15:57, Tim Hodge 16:53, Walter Somerville17:38. Annie Bond 19:31, Bex Hutchinson 20:16, Nicola Hankinson 20:52. Walk; Clive McGovern 31:29. Jacqueline Wilson 33:12.

Shoe Clinic Asics 5km Series, North Hagley Park, 21 January:
Blair McWhirter 15:26, Brett Tingay 15:29, Mark Bailey 15:33. Andrea Hewitt 16:07, Melanie Angland 18:58, Annabel Merrett 19:16.

See the full National Events Calendar here.If there is an event you think should be added to the calendar, please email the team and let them know.


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