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Weekly Round Up: January 20

Weekly Round Up: January 20

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Welcome to the Athletics New Zealand Weekly Round Up.

This week's edition includes:

  • NZ Track & Field results
  • International results from Australia and the USA
  • Road and Trail race results from around the country

Murray McKinnon
Athletics New Zealand Correspondent
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New Zealand Competition Results

McKinnon Shield Meeting #8, Mt Smart Stadium – 18 January 2020

National sprint champion Zoe Hobbs was in fine form with convincing wins in the 100m and 200m. Unfortunately the photo finish camera malfunctioned for most of the afternoon and Hobbs was unable to receive performance times for the two events. In the 100m raced with a following wind of 3.6mps, Hobbs was credited with a manual time of 11.2, Livvy Wilson 11.5 and Abby Goldie 11.6. In the 200m the following wind was 2.1 with no times recorded.

The men’s 100m lost some of the interest with Jordan Bolland disqualified for a false start. James Guthrie-Croft came through to win in 10.4 h +2.6 from Peter Lamin 10.5 and Zachary Saunders 10.6. Guthrie-Croft won the 200m in 21.53 +3.7, from Tommy Te Puni 21.61 and Saunders 22.06 who also had a long jump of 6.21m.

Krystie Solomon and David Lee won their respective 800m races, with no times recorded. Matthew Eady 400m 52.48, Stephen Thorpe 52.82. Anna Percy 400m 57.97, Isabel Allen 58.94 and Paige Bell 59.84.

Matthew Aucamp 110m H 15.46 +1.6, DT 31.67m. Jamie Chambers-Stewart LJ 6.27m. Tremayne Redman-Gardner HJ 1.90m. Suzannah Kennelly DT 39.28m. Zayyaan Smith LJ 5.57m. Alexandra Hyland HJ 1.65m. Alisha Lovrich PV 3.50m PB.

Trans-Tasman Children’s Challenge, Mt Smart Stadium – 19 January 2020

After more than 40 years of Trans-Tasman rivalry the Challenge came to an end in its current format with Auckland winning the final Challenge meeting between NSW Little Athletics and New Zealand athletes from the North Island aged 10-12.


Waikato Bay of Plenty Meeting, Tauranga Domain – 18 Jaanuary 2020

Connor Bell had a huge PB with the 2kg discus with a throw of 59.79m, an improvement of over three metres. Alexander Parkinson was just 1cm shy of his PB with a throw of 58.31m. Savannah Scheen had a personal best in the women’s discus with a throw of 48.49m.

Kiana Hawn 100m 12.83 +1.0, 200m 26.12 +3.2. Kerry White 1500m 4:40.75. Jacob Douglas (14) 100m 11.74 +1.5, 200m 23.87 +3.2. Andre Gunderson (14) 100m H 838mm 14.54 +2.0, HJ 1.75m, 600g JT 46.23m, 1.25kg DT 55.03m.


Cooks Classic Meeting, Cooks Garden – 18 January 2020

National 100m champion Edward Osei-Nketia won the feature sprint event the 100m in 10.62 +0.5 to set a Stadium junior record. The 18 year old broke Ben Potter’s 1998 record of 10.72. Joseph Millar was second in 10.72 with New Zealand junior champion for the past two seasons Cody Wilson third in 10.77. Georgia Hulls won the women’s 100m in 11.82 +1.2 from Tayla Brunger 12.10 and Sarah Farmer 12.76.

The men under 20 national 3000m championship lived up to expectations of a classic race with the first seven to finish all securing a personal best time. Will Anthony set the pace from the start, taking Liam Back, Ben Bidois, Andres Hernandez and Liam Lamb with him. These five stuck together for most of the race, at the bell Lamb moved up to striking distance and with 300m remaining shot to the lead to win in a PB and stadium junior record of 8:24.79. This broke Terry Stone’s 40 year old record of 8:32.6. Anthony was second in 8:26.00 PB, followed by Back 8:32.26 PB, Hernandez 8:33.89 PB, Bidois 8:37.74 PB, Benjamin Wall 8:46.36 PB, Andre Le Pine-Day 8:56.55 PB, Max Erkes 9:01.35, Liam Wall 9:01.79, George Lambert 9:02.78, Mitchell Snell 9:05.72 and Liam Chesney 9:09.81. Phoebe McKnight lead from start to finish to win the under 20 women’s title in 9:46.02. Peyton Leigh was second in 10:02.42 PB and Maya Irving third in 10:13.84 PB.

Mikael Starzynski 400m 49.37, Brayden Grant 49.49, Josh Ledger 49.60. Tayla Brunger 400m 55.67 mx, Alessandra Macdonald 55.44 mx, Emma Douglass 58.78 mx. Kara Macdermid 2000m 6:02.11.

Hamish Kerr didn’t reach the stadium record breaking height of 2.22m last year but still won the high jump with 2.12m from Marcus Wolton 2.08m and Quinn Hartley (15) who set a PB of 2.04m and junior stadium record adding a centimetre to Ben Roper’s 1998 record. Hartley also had a long jump of 6.49m +2.6. Max Attwell won the long jump with 6.64m +0.8. Josephine Reeves won the women’s high jump with 1.77m the same height as Keeley O’Hagan with Emma Sutherland third clearing 1.73m. Anna Thomson TJ 12.23m +1.7, Kayla Goodwin 12.18m +1.1, Lara Hockly 11.43m 0.0 PB.


South Island Colgate Games, Ngā Puna Wai Sports Hub – 17-19 January 2020

More than 1000 young athletes aged 7 to 14 from 60 Clubs took part in the South Island edition of the Colgate Games which were first established in 1978. It was the first time Christchurch has hosted the event since 2008.

Highlights from the three days of competition:

Boys 14: Liam McKellar won the 200m 23.99 +4.0 and the long jump 6.11m -1.4 and was second in the 100m in 11.84 -1.6, which was won by Ben Lambert 11.75. James Ford 400m/800m double 52.67, 2:08.33. William Laing 1500m 4:28.88. Jonah Cropp 2000m RW 10:14.01. Nathan Taverner from Queensland 100m H 14.36 +1.5, HJ 1.78m. Couper Killick SP 13.04m. Harrison McGregor DT 45.92m.

Girls 14: Niamh Motley 800m/1500m double 2:23.77, 4:56.65. Emma Becroft 200m 27.19 +0.4, 80m H 12.62 +0.2. Jemma Keefe SP/DT double 11.94m, 36.68m. Emily Jackson LJ 5.18m -2.9. Jorja Bacchus HJ 1.58m, Jessica Hendren 1.58m. Summer Millard 2000m RW 10:27.22. Sienna Stowers-Smith 400m 60.25.

Boys 13: James Trathen 400m/800m/100m treble 56.30, 2:10.03, 4:31.08. William Robertson 100m 12.33 +0.7 and LJ 5.64m +0.8. Walter Stevenson 80m H 12.37 -1.9 and HJ 1.71m. Armani Lemalu SP and DT double 11.56m, 39.59m. Quinn Gardiner-Hall 1600m RW 8:55.92.

Girls 13: Bilie Crowe 400m/800m 61.72, 2:22.60. Micayla Whiti 200m 26.72 -0.3. Elspeth McGuinness 1500m 5:01.62. Eliana Collins 80m H 13.52 -0.9. Talia van Rooyen LJ 4.85m +0.8, Neve Beattie LJ 4.83m +0.3. Alexa Duff DT 34.19m. Kavanah Lene SP 10.77m. Xanthe Jane HJ 1.50m. Madeline Thomas 1600m RW 9:17.57.

Boys 12: Manaia Lesa four titles 100m 12.08 +0.4, 200m 25.53 -0.1, 80m H 12.01 -0.1, LJ 5.06m -0.1. Finn Woodhouse 400m 62.88, 800m 2:22.78. Cooper Wightman 1500m 4:53.89. Hunter Scott HJ 1.63m and SP 10.93m. Neihana Mata’afa DT 35.01m. Richie Trathen 1200m RW 6:43.47.

Girls 12: Gabrielle Healy 400m/800m double 61.89, 2:30.87. Mia Cain-Townley 1500m 5:20.28. Josephine Tappenden 200m 28.23 -0.5. Carlie Scherp SP 9.90m and DT 33.00m. Jody McCarthy Dempsey 80m H 13.94 -0.5, and HJ 1.56m. Ella Waldron LJ 4.66m +0.4. Molly O’Reilly 1200m RW 6:32.43.

Boys 11: Nate Ward 400m/800m/1500m treble 62.44, 2:26.68, 5:03.47. William Rolfe 200m 29.73 -0.7, LJ 4.58m -2.2. Ethan Hole 100m 13.61 -0.1. Seth Wilson DT 25.77m. Toby Grant HJ 1.45m and SP 8.59m.

Girls 11: Isla Tilbury 200m/400m 30.78 -0.9, 65.05. Amelia Henstock 800m/1500m 2:32.10, 5:15.15. Jacinta Hoglund LJ 4.10m -1.2. Ruby Jones SP 10.24m. Charlotte Blake HJ 1.38m. Kobi Maslin 1200m RW 6:22.93.

Boys 10: Fin Curtis (Christchurch Avon) four titles, 100m 14.10 -0.1 200m 29.39 +0.1, 400m 66.20, LJ 4.66m -0.9. David Sinclair 800m 2:30.39. Ollie Jackways 1500m 5:10.57. Alex Walker SP 9.35m, Ruben Karawana DT 27.00m. Ollie Kirk HJ 1.35m. Finn Bennett 1200m RW 8:59.24.

Girls 10: Charlott Baldwin-Jankie 400m/800m double 68.12, 2:40.89. Lyla Bowering 200m 31.05 -1.2. Abby O’Boyle 1500m 5:33.48. Isabella McLeod HJ 1.25m also anchored Christchurch Avon to victory in the 4 x 100m relay. Anna Gillett LJ 4.04m -0.9. Hayley Walker SP 8.25m. Emma Grenfells 1200m RW 8:25.62.

Para athlete: Zack Lappin F37, T37 SP 6.59m, DT 27.64m. Emerson Toomalatai F37 100m 17.05 -0.7, LJ 3.33m +1.5.

Athletics Otago Meeting, Caledonian Ground – 18 January 2020

Shay Veitch LJ 6.81m NWI, also 6.43m +1.3, HJ 1.75m. Felix McDonald LJ 6.35m +1.5. Veitch and McDonald 2 x 100m relay 44.8 h. Kirk Madgwick 3000m 9:12.3 h. Dyani Shepherd-Oates HT 46.19m. Rosie Elliott JH 1.60m. Anna Grimaldi T47 LJ 5.39m +2.9, also 5.21m +1.5.

International Results

Glynis Nunn Shield Meeting
, QSAC Brisbane, 11 January 2020: Olivia Eaton 100m 12.02 +2.3 (4H1). Portia Bing 400m 53.48 (2H1). 12 January: Bing 200m 25.06 -4.4 (4H1), Eaton 200m 25.23 -4.4 (5H1).

Illawarra Track Challenge, Mingara NSW, 11 January: Liam Webb 100m 11.16 +1.0 PB, 400m 49.39 (3R1).

Jim Green Invitation
, Lexington KY, 10 January: Aaron Booth LJ 7.12m (4).

UAB Blazer Invitation, Birmingham AL, 10 January: Nicholas Moulai mile 4:16.49 PB (1).

Houston Half Marathon, Houston TX, 19 January: Jake Robertson 1:00:12 (10). Won by Jemal Yimer Mekonnen of Ethiopia in 59:25.

Road and Trail Races Around the Country

Get Moving 10km, 19 January: Brad Barron 36:29, Greg Schemel 37:50, Paul Lenihan 41:14. Melanie James 44:35.


Rat Race 5km, Takapuna, 8 January: Andrius Ramonas 16:40, Joel Martin 18:42, Callum Booth 19:39. Libby Evans 20:55. 15 January: Mike Wanden 17:42, Greg Dell 19:18, Brad Booysen 19:42. Claire McKone 22.12.

Villa Maria Women’s Half Marathon, Mangere, 19 January: Lisa Cross 1:21:07, Suze Landers 1:38:00, Hilary Visser 1:38:31. 10km; Amelia Green 40:39. 5km; Sophie Robb 20:36.

Eastside Riverpath 5km, 14 January: John Merring 17:04, Jai Davies Campbell 17:18, James Holland 18:04. Melissa McNearney 19:56.


Kapiti 5km Summer Series, Waikanae Beach, 13 January: Ethan Brind 17:33, Luke Anderson 18:28, Sam Yeoman 19:06. Poppy Rae 19:50, Karis Rae 20:59, Amara Rae 21:18.

Waterfront 5km, 14 January: Ben Twyman 15:57, Jerome Edwards 16:15, Patrick McKenna 16:43. Sophie Dickson 19:43, Emily Solsberg 19:54, Bex Hutchinson 19:58.

The Honest 10km, Oriental Bay, 19 January: Nathan Tse 31:59 (race record), Sarah Drought 35:59 (women’s race record), Dion Yiw 38:00, Daniel Lawrey 38:17. 5km; Claudia Harrison 21:37.

Shoe Clinic Asics 5km Series, North Hagley Park, 14 January: Brett Tingay 15:37, Blair McWhirter 15:39, Mark Bailey 15:40, Daniel Redmond 15:54. Andrea Hewitt 16:27, Ari Graham 17:22, Fiona Crombie 18:36, Melanie Angland 18:49.

See the full National Events Calendar here.If there is an event you think should be added to the calendar, please email the team and let them know.



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