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Weekly Round Up: February 24

Weekly Round Up: February 24

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New Zealand Competition Results

Sir Graeme Douglas International Continental Tour Bronze Meeting, The Trusts Arena Henderson – 23 February 2020

Tom Walsh won the shot put with a throw of 21.66m,he was pleased with the victory but knows there is more there, saying “I think it’s just time. It’s a long time until the Olympic Games, but also I want to be throwing well now and I’m not, because I know I could be if my timing’s on and my timing’s not quite on now, but it’s frustratingly close." Walsh’s series was 21.04, 21.66, 20.96, 20.92, x, 20.39.

Ryan Ballantyne achieved yet another personal best with 19.71m in second, again agonisingly close to going over 20 metres for the first time. Damien Birkinhead of Australia was third with 19.69m.

Dame Valerie Adams was second in the women’s shot put with 18.73m. Third was Canadian Brittany Crew with 18.51m and Canadian Sarah Mitton won,with a personal best throw of 18.84m.Dame Valerie said“it’s good to be challenged on your home soil.Sarah threw a massive PB today which is great and it’s good to be put under pressurebefore I head overseas. Next is the nationals and then one more competition, possibly in Australia, before I head back to Switzerland and build up for Tokyo."

Nick Willis had to pull out all the stops to hold out Rorey Hunter in the 1500m. After the pace maker had stepped off the track, Willis was left uncharacteristically in the lead. He led into the straight and was challenged by Hunter. Willis held on to win in 3:41.77 to Hunter’s 3:41.81. Luke Young of Australia was third in 3:43.44. Willis said that he was not normally a front runner; “today I found myself in unfamiliar territory, with the lead with 700m to go. It’s quite challenging for me to relax while being in front.Looking back in hindsight, I think I will be really pleased as I watch this race. Nine times out of ten he would have passed me in that last 100m, but I managed to regather. I think that being on home soil and I know it sounds cliché, but also being on TV, I’ve knew I had todo it,thankfully he tired up as well and I managed to out lean him, so it was a lot of fun.”

Edward Osei-Nketia qualified for the final of the 100m in 10.34 +2.6, in sprinting second to Australia’s Jack Hale who recorded 10.22. Osei-Nketia then had to wait over an hour after the final, won by Hale in 10.18 +2.2 to his 10.19, while the result was protested as Hale raced under protest after breaking. Hale was subsequently disqualified and Osei-Nketia was promoted from second to first. Next was Australia’s Rohan Browning in 10.23 and Jake Doran in 10.47.

Triathletes Hayden Wilde, with a time of 13:47.37, and Ryan Sissons, with 14:13.12, ran personal bests in the Men's 5000m. In the women’s 5000m, Hitomi Niiya of Japan won in the second fastest time in the world this year, with15:07.02. Rebekah Greene achieved a PB of 16:23.79 in the 5000m.

Ieuan van der Peet with 9:15.55, Niam Macdonald 9:17.76 and George Guerin with 9:17.78 all recorded personal bests in the 3000m steeplechase -potentiallyindicating a close finish in the steeples at the National Championships. Eva Pringle won the women’s 3000m steeplechase in a PB of 1054.29. Ettiene Du Preez also had a PB of 4.82m in the pole vault, adding 2cm to his third placing at the Potts Classic.

Results from the meeting:
100m: Edward Osei-Nketia (NZ) 10.19s 1, Rohan Browning (Aus) 10.23s 2, Jake Doran (Aus) 10.47s 3.
400m: Alex Beck (Aus) 47.13s 1, Tyler Gunn (Aus) 47.40s 2, Efekemo Okoro (NZ) 47.91s 3.
1500m: Nick Willis (NZ) 3m 41.77s 1, Rorey Hunter (Aus) 3m 41.81s 2, Luke Young (Aus) 3m 43.44s 3.
5000m: Hiroki Matsueda (Japan) 13m 37.37s 1, Hideyuki Tanaka (Japan) 13m 41.05s 2, Hayden Wilde (NZ) 13m 47.37s 3.
110m hurdles: Nicholas Hough (Aus) 13.46s 1, Shuhei Ishikawa (Japan) 13.53s 2, Jacob McCorry (Aus) 13.71s 3.
3000m steeplechase: Kosei Yamaguchi (Japan) 8m 31.25s 1, James Nipperess (Aus) 8m 33.99s 2, Yusuke Uchikoshi (Japan) 8m 38.48s 3.

Shot put: Tom Walsh (NZ) 21.66m 1, Ryan Ballantyne (NZ) 19.71m 2, Damien Birkinhead (Aus) 19.69m 3.
Javelin throw: Cameron McEntyre (Aus) 78.63m 1, Hamish Peacock (Aus) 77.58m 2, Takuto Kominami (Japan) 75.41m 3.
Long jump: Jeremy Andrews (Aus) 7.88m 1, Natsuki Yamakawa (Japan) 7.64m 2, Lewis Arthur (NZ) 7.18m 3.
Pole vault: Stephen Clough (Aus) 5.17m 1, Nick Southgate (NZ) 5.17m 2, Declan Carruthers (Aus) 5.17m 3.
U/20 4 x 100m relay: NZ (Jacob Stockwell, Tommy Te Puni, Dominic Overend, Edward Osei-Nketia) 41.55s 1.

100m: Zoe Hobbs (NZ) 11.38s 1, Rosie Elliott (NZ) 11.60s 2, Brooke Somerfield (NZ) 11.63s 3.
200m: Riley Day (Aus) 23.82s 1, Jacinta Beecher (Aus) 23.96s 2, Nana Owusu-Afriyie (Aus) 24.07s 3.
800m: Catriona Bisset (Aus) 2m 4.45s 1, Angie Petty (NZ) 2m 4.84s 2, Keely Small (Aus) 2m 5.56s 3.
5000m: Hitomi Niiya (Japan) 15m 7.02s 1, Nozomi Tanaka (Japan) 15m 24.98s 2, Caitlin Adams (Aus) 15m 35.88s 3.
400m hurdles: Portia Bing (NZ) 56.81s 1, Sara Klein (Aus) 57.76s 2, Mackenzie Jeffries (NZ) 59.60s 3.
3000m steeplechase: Eva Pringle (NZ) 10m 54.29s 1, Aimee Ferguson (NZ) 11m 13.05s 2, Samantha Corbett (NZ) 11m 23.16s 3.
Shot put: Sarah Mitton (Canada) 18.84m 1, Dame Valerie Adams (NZ) 18.73m 2, Brittany Crew (Canada) 18.51m 3.
Triple jump: Mariko Morimoto (Japan) 12.78m 1, Erin Guy (Aus) 12.75m 2, Anna Thomson (NZ) 12.67m 3.
Pole vault: Nina Kennedy (Aus) 4.50m 1, Hannah Philpot (NZ) 3.82m 2, Lisa Campbell (Aus) 3.82m 3.

Summer Throws Series, AUT Millennium Stadium, North Shore – 22 February 2020
Liam Ngchok-Wulf 5kg HT 51.48m. Daniel Shaw 700g JT 41.74m PB. Nadja Kumerich 3kg SP 13.37m PB. Suluama-Rose Vaeau-Mulitalo DT 37.07m, 3kg HT 46.49m. Centaine Noom-Duckworth DT 36.77m, 4kg HT 49.06m PB. Brianna Tirado 500g JT 37.31m PB, 600g JT 35.69m.

Athletics Wellington Meeting, Newtown Park – 23 February 2020

Hamish Lock HJ 1.85m, 110m H 16.01. Jake Paul 100m 11.22, 200m 22.43. Harley Patel-Muxlow LJ 6.17m PB. Axel McKenna 400m 54.58. Jamie Kearns TJ 12.24m. Daniel Du Toit 1500m RW 5:56.04. Hirotaka Tanimoto 5000m 15:59.13. Caleb Stanley 1.5kg DT 44.40m. Lili Szabo 100m 12.96, LJ 5.09m.

Athletics Nelson Mahar Cup, Saxton Athletic Track – 16 February 2020

Joshua Barry 800m 1:55.40 PB. David Hansen DT 35.70m. Hayley Bond 100m 12.94 +0.3, 200m 26.35 +2.1. Riley Smart 400m 59.79. Eloise Beattie 800m 2:22.68. Lucy Harman 3000m 10:43.65.

Athletics Canterbury Track and Field Championships, Ngā Puna Wai Sports Hub – 22/23 February 2020

Fiona Morrison 100m 12.14 +2.3, 200m 25.44 -1.4, 100m H 13.90 -0.3. Maia Broughton 100m 12.55 +1.0, 200m 25.58 +2.3, 400m 58.00. Anna Hayward 100m 12.39 +1.0, 200m 25.26 +2.3, 400m 58.24. Luke Merieca 200m 22.51 +2.1, 400m 49.28. Maximillian Yanzick 5000m 15:15.75. Charlie Cameron PV 3.90m. Joshua Bull PV 4.20m. Max Attawell PV 4.72m, LJ 6.51m -1.1. Zharna Beattie DT 43.35m. Tatiana Beattie DT 49.16m. Ethan Gow TJ 13.13m -0.9. Andrew Allan TJ 13.92m -1.3. Jessica Hendren HJ 1.66m. Chloe Hughes 800m 2:16.16. Chanel Muir 800m 1:56.55. Tapenisa Havea 3kg SP 14.70m. Jaidyn Busch 4kg SP 13.15m. Jared Neighbours 110m 1067 H 16.66 -0.8, JT 800g 52.30m. Mayce Ballantyne 4kg HT 47.93m. Todd Bates 7.62kg HT 51.84m. Quinn Andis LJ 6.56m +1.8. Jessica Vogel 400m 59.57. Charlotte Holland 400m 58.86. Courtney Hillyer 3000m RW 16:56.52. Jonah Cropp 3000m RW 15:33.80. Courtney Ruske 5000m RW 25:35.71. Helena Dinnissen LJ 5.89m -0.4. Julia Burnham 300m H 45.52. Chloe Hughes 1500m 4:48.76. Ethan Smoleji 1500m 3:59.14.

Athletics Otago Meeting, Caledonian Ground – 22 February 2020

Schuyler Orr 60m 7.31 +2.8, 100m 11.21 +2.2, 200m 23.24 +2.6. Sophie Napper bronze medallist 400m 2019 NZ championships, 100m 12.50 +2.2. Lahana Reeves 800m 2:22.62 PB. Kirk Madgwick 1500m 4:25.07. Buddy Small 3000 steeplechase 914mm 10:04.13 PB. Caitlin O’Donnell 300m 43.53. Quin Hartley, 2017 NZ 400m champion, 300m 35.62. Tara McNally 100m H 840mm 15.97 +1.4. Sam McDonald TJ 12.20m +1.2. Jade Zaia 2kg DT 46.03m. Dyani Shepherd-Oates 4kg HT 48.30m. Nirvana Hepi-Breen 3kg HT 44.27m. Anron Schroder 800g JT 56.98m. Madeline Spence 400m H 63.20 PB.

International Results

Sydney Track Classic
, SOP Athletics Centre, 22 February:
Tori Peeters established a New Zealand national record of 62.04m in winning the javelin throw. This added a substantial 2.79m to her own record set in Canberra last week and was just 1.96m short of a Tokyo Olympic Games qualifier. Stephanie Wrathall JT 50.73m (6). Hamish Kerr HJ 2.20m (4). Lauren Bruce HT 68.14m PB (3). Nicole Bradley HT 61.89m (5). Keeley O’Hagan HJ 1.74m (4). Te Rina Keenan DT 53.50m (3). Connor Bell DT 61.12m (2). Alexander Parkinson DT 58.15m (5). Michael Cochrane 400m H 52.84 (6).

Zurich Marathon
Seville, 23 February: Malcolm Hicks ran a PB 2:10:04, to now rank fourth on the New Zealand all-time list.The time also met the event entry standard for the Tokyo Olympic Games.

Don Kirby Invite
, Albuquerque NM, 13 February: Atipa Mabonga LJ 5.52m (32), TJ 12.21m (12).
Husky Classic, Dempsey Indoor Centre UW, Seattle WA, 14 February: Mitchell Small 3000m 8:09.14 PB (8R5), Nicholas Moulai 3000m 8:13.02 PB (10R3), Harry Ewing 3000m 8:16.69 PB (11R3), Isaiah Priddey 3000m 8:18.41 (13R3). Eva Goodison 5000m 16:39.05 (14R3).
GVSU Big Meet, Allendale MI, 14/15 February: Joshua Browne 800m 1:53.38 (3RC), 1:53.48 (5RA). Toby Gualter 3000m 8:28.12 PB (14RA). Chris Devaney 5000m 14:38.03 PB (10). Chris Brake HJ 1.91m (4), LJ 6.62m (4). Jordyn Blake 400m 59.61 (3RB).
Iowa State Classic, Ames IA, 14 February: Jordan Rackham De Spong 3000m 8:13.47 PB (7).
Music City Challenge, Nashville TN, 14 February: James Uhlenberg 3000m 8:23.55 (4RB). Hannah Miller 3000m 16:18.43 (6).
Gorilla Classic, Pittsburg PA, 14 February: Christopher Goodwin LJ 7.35m (3).
Dave Hemery Valentine Invitational, Boston MA, 15 February: Sam Averill 800m 1:56.06 (1R20). Max Spencer 800m 1:56.56 (8R4). Angus White mile 4:10.90 (1R8). Geordie Beamish 3000m 7:44.67 PB (3RA). Matt Baxter 3000m 7:47.85 PB (9RA). Jacob Holmes 3000m 8:36.58 (16RD).
Texas Tech Shootout, Lubbock TX, 15 February: Matt Walsh LJ 6.91m (10), TJ 14.47m (14).
Boise State Team Challenge, Nampa ID, 15 February: Katherine Badham mile 5:09.90 (6R1).
Darius Dixon Memorial, Lynchburg VA, 15 February: Tessa Webb mile 5:10.88 (1RB).
Lone Star Conference, Lubbock TX, 22 February: Leah Belfield 60m 7.62 (1H1), 7.56 (1), 200m 24.49 PB (1H5), 24.46 PB (2). Matt Walsh LJ 7.00m, TJ 15.28m.

Belgium Indoor Championships
, Ghent, 16 February: Hamish Carson 800m 1:51.46 (3).

Lejweleputswa Championships
, Potchefstroom, 18 February: Mine De Klerk 3kg SP 17.34m (1), DT 45.49m PB (1), 500g JT 39.29m (1).

Road and Trail Races Around the Country

Pakuranga 5km, Lloyd Elsmore Park, 17 February
: Craig Haslip 20:22, Connor Jamieson 20:28, Ben Oxford 20:55. Michelle Lyons 21:00.
O’Hagan’s 5km, Viaduct Harbour, 18 February: Tommy Hayes 16:19, Mitchel Carlyle 16:36, Keith Burrows 17:14. Skye Dick 19:48, Tia Knight 20:58, Christine Adamson 21:11.
Owairaka 5km in the Park, 19 February: Nick Moore 18:38, Tim Morrison 19:55, Russ Thomas 20:02. Bethany Blomfield 18:53.

Eastside Riverpath 5km, 18 February
: John Merring 17:31, James Holland 18:27, John Crane 18:29.

Waterfront 5km, 18 February
: Ben Twyman 16:19, Andrew Rutherdale 17:08, Josh Jordan 17:17. Ruby Muir 17:31, Sarah-Grace Breen 19:52, Bex Hutchinson 20:20. Walk; Clive McGovern 30:41. Jacqueline Wilson 32:26.

Honest Lawyer 5km Series, Monaco, 17 February
: Ryan Martyn 18:45, Pat Dillon 19:00, Dan Smith 19:06. Colette Read 20:47, Robyn Deane 20:59.
Eddyline 5km Series, Templemore Course, 19 February: David Francis 18:59, Ryan Martyn 19:07, Jarrod McLauchlan 19:28. Angela Leck 19:56, Susie Wood 21:09, Colette Read 21:26.

Caroline Bay 5km series, 18 February
: Ben Wreford 16:16, Barney Hoskins 16:34, Kurt Engelbrecht 17:54. Rebecca Allnutt 19:25.


Long serving Canterbury official and administrator David Bates of Christchurch died on 17 February 2020. He was awarded a Athletics Canterbury special award for exceptional service to athletics in 2017, and was a Life Member of the Christchurch Olympic Club before it's amalgamation with New Brighton.

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