11 Feb 2020

Weekly Round Up: February 11

Weekly Round Up: February 11

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Welcome to the Athletics New Zealand Weekly Round Up.

This week's edition includes:

  • NZ Track & Field results
  • International results from Australia, the USA, France and Poland
  • Road and Trail race results from around the country

Murray McKinnon
Athletics New Zealand Correspondent
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New Zealand Competition Results

Athletics Auckland Track & Field Championships, Mt Smart Stadium – 8/9 February 2020
Hamish Gill continued his fine form this season with a personal best 200m of 20.93 +2.0, improving on his previous best of 21.05 set four years ago at the Australian championships. James Guthrie-Croft was second in 21.64. Gill, who beat Edward Osei-Nketia over 100m at the Potts Classic, is pleased with how the season is progressing.

“I’m pulling out some good times which is nice, it’s good to have a good foundation for heading into more important competitions like nationals and stuff,” said Gill. Gill will be competing in Canberra on Thursday with the New Zealand relay team and also in the individual 100m. “So hopefully we can improve on some times for all of us,” he added.

Tommy Te Puni won the under 20 200m in 21.76 +0.7 from Daniel Parkes 21.97 PB. Natasha Eady won the women’s 200m in 24.21 +0.5 from Briana Stephenson 24.38 PB.

“The season has been consistent, I’m not PBing yet, I’m holding that until nationals,” said Eady.
Stephenson also had a 6.03m +3.0 long jump (5.98m +0.9) her best since 6.01m two months ago.
She is back in good form after major knee surgery three years ago. “It feels good to be back and I know there’s more in there but it’s really just about getting the distance, so when it all comes together it works well.I did my knee doing netball during 2016 and I’ve only been really started to come back into proper form now. It’s a long time coming but it feels good,” said Stephenson.

Stephenson will compete at the Porritt Classic and then the New Zealand Championships. After that the Brisbane Track Classic and the Australian nationals are on the programme.

Oliver Miller had to pull out all the stops to peg back Daniel Parkes in the 400m hurdles. Miller recorded 54.88 to Parkes 54.96. After the race, Miller announced that he won’t be defending his national 400m and 400m hurdles titles, as he will be competing in the New South Wales championships which are on the same weekend as the nationals in Christchurch.

“Obviously I’d love to defend my titles, but I made the call that there’d be more competition across the ditch and that I might get some extra races in. So I made the tough call to go across there, instead of going down to the nationals. It will be the first time I’ve missed nationals in five years,” said Miller.

The 20 year old has won gold at every New Zealand championships since 2015. “This season is all about getting some big PB’s and then carry that through for next season to try and go over to Europe and then hopefully the World University Games as well next year.” Miller will be competing in the 400m hurdles at both the Porritt and Capital Classic meetings and will be looking to run the 400m flat at the Sir Graeme Douglas meeting.

Celine Pearn won the women’s 400m hurdles in 62.66. Alisha Lovrich retained her Auckland senior pole vault title clearing 3.17m. Aria Rhodes won the U/20 title with 3.47m from Samantha van den Hurk 3.27m PB.

Connor Bell went close to his New Zealand U/19 and U/20 record of 63.90m with the 1.75kg discus throwing 63.38m. Tim Cornish 800m 1:57.36. James Harding U/18 800m 1:54.03. Jono Jackson 3000m 8:39.99. Samuel Waldin U/20 3000m 8:55.52 PB. Troy Sargisson U/18 3000m RW 16:33.51. Zachary Saunders U/18 200m 22.40 +1.4, 300m H 40.11. Lucy Jacobs 800m 2:14.02. Katrina Andrew 3000m 9:55.76 PB. Zoe Taylor U/20 200m 25.71 +1.6. Nadia Evans U/18 200m 25.04 -0.8 PB.

Bella Earl (14) clocked a PB 4:49.24 in the 1500m. In the boys 11 discus throw Troy Maka threw the 750g discus to an Auckland and international age record of 50.89m. Suzannah Kennelly (14) 1kg DT 42.05m PB, Rina Maka (13) 1kg DT 40.24m PB. Para Athlete, Mitch Joynt 200m 24.52 +1.2, Ethan Rangi 26.08. Anna Steven 200m 30.32 +0.2.

Athletics Waikato Bay of Plenty Track & Field Championships, Tauranga Domain – 8/9 February 2020
Jordan Bolland 100m 11.11 -3.5. Joshua Hawkins 100m 11.18, 110m H 14.16 +1.6. Zoe Hobbs 100m 11.57 -2.7, 200m 23.72 +0.2. Livvy Wilson 100m 11.90. Georgia Hulls 200m 24.08 +0.2. Kerry White 800m/1500m 2:14.54, 4:50.64. Julia Ratcliffe HT 70.76m, second best throw ever. Lisa Adams F37 4kg SP 14.22m PB, DT 29.22m PB. Pippa Dixon HJ 1.65m. Margo Johansson LJ 5.41m +3.0, TJ 11.99m +4.9. Hinewai Knowles 100m 12.48 -1.0, 100m H 14.53 +0.7. Grace Wisnewski (14) 300m H 47.55 PB. Kiana Hawn 400m H 61.60 PB. Jemima Antoniazzi 800m 2:19.19. Josie Taylor HJ 1.65m. Katie-Lee Roper TJ 11.29m +5.0. Savannah Scheen DT 52.00m. Andre Gunderson LJ 5.65m 0.0, HJ 1.75m, 5kg SP 14.66m, 1.25kg DT 51.70m, 600g JT 44.72m. Toby Robb 600g JT 49.45m. Jacob Stockwell 100m 11.10 -2.1. Ethan Wallace 200m 22.45 0.0. Charles Annals LJ 6.23m 0.0, TJ 13.16m -1.5.

Athletics Hawke’s Bay Gisborne Track & Field Championships, Mitre10 Park – 9 February 2020

Anna Thomson TJ 12.80m +3.3. Scott Thomson TJ 14.35m. Ben Allan 100m 11.35 +2.4, 200m 23.25 +0.1. Sarah Pearce 400m 59.68. Mitchell Snell 400m 53.32, 800m 1:55.96, HJ 1.75m. Brianna Lee 800m 2:15.42, 1500m 4:58.00. Amone Nel 100m H 14.98 +0.3 PB. Ryan Jones 3000m RW 14:18.66. Jack Bryan LJ 6.45m +1.4. Emma Sutherland HJ 1.70m. Joshua Woodhead HJ 1.85m, PV 3.50m. Hanno Nel HT 46.36m.

Athletics Wellington Meeting, Newtown Park – 9 February 2020

Cody Wilson 100m 10.84 +1.1, 200m 21.67 +1.5. Hamish Lock HJ 1.86m, 110m H 15.98 -1.3. Finn Molloy 3000m 9:16.59. Seth Palmer-Rennie LJ 6.22m NWI. Daniel Du Toit 3000m RW 12:50.08. Kaleb Sola 700g JT 40.30m. Montaya Wharehinga HT 49.62m.

Athletics Nelson Twilight Meeting, Saxton Field Athletic Track – 5 February 2020

Hayley Bond 100m 12.74 +0.9 PB, 200m 26.02 +1.1 PB. Isabel Neal 100m 12.86, 200m 25.69 +1.1. Bailey Cotton 200m 22.86 +1.0. Angus Wemyss 1500m 3:57.79 PB.

Athletics Canterbury Meeting, Ngā Puna Wai Sports Hub – 8/9 February 2020

Charlie Cameron M17 PV 3.40m. Ieuan van der Peet 3000m St 9:32.24. George Guerin U/20 3000m St 9:44.50. Chanel Muir 1500m 4:00.69. Andrea Hewitt 1500m 4:42.10. Dyani Shepherd-Oates HT 46.77m. Greer Alsop TJ 12.07m +6.3. Ethan Gow TJ 13.49m +7.7. Fiona Morrison 200m 24.85 +5.3, 24.58 +3.8. Summer Rutherford 840mm 100m H 14.87 -0.7, 100m 12.94 +0.2, LJ 5.24m +.4. Jody McCarthy Dempsey (13) 762mm 100m H 14.06 -0.7. Ryan Sutherland 800m 1:58.97. Jade Kruger 100m 12.74 +0.2, 200m 25.47 +3.8. Tapenisa Havea DT 40.85m, 3kg SP 14.60m. Tatiana Kaumoana DT 49.87m. Nick Ash 100m 11.18 +0.9, 400m 50.97. Hannah Maloney LJ 5.52m +3.0. William Stedman T36 LJ 5.41m +3.5. Jaidyn Busch 4kg SP 13.96m.

Athletics New Zealand Combined Events Championships, Ngā Puna Wai Sports Hub – 8/9 February 2020
Max Attwell successfully defended his senior decathlon title with a score of 7041. He has a best of 7420 points from his fourth placing at the World University Games in Italy in July last year. Attwell’s performances 100m 11.30 +2.6, LJ 7.18m +5.6, SP 11.64m, HJ 1.94m, 400m 50.46, 110m H 16.50 +1.8 PB, DT 35.89m, PV 4.66m, JT 43.31m, 1500m 4:36.09. Ushiro Keisuke of Japan was second with 6483, Matthew Aucamp, last year’s national junior champion, second in the championship with 6116 and Shay Veitch third with 6054.
Christina Ryan made it three years in a row in the senior women’s heptathlon with a PB score of 4928, over 200 more than her second placing in last year’s Oceania Championships in Townsville. Her performances 100m H 14.64 +2.8, HJ 1.54m =PB, SP 11.98m PB, 200m 25.52 +4.5, LJ 5.33m +1.7, JT 33.00m, 800m 2:30.43. Alessandra Macdonald was second with a PB 4679 and Hayley Marx third 4479.
Women U/20 heptathlon Kayla Goodwin 4850 (14.72 +4.4, 1.63m, 9.31m, 26.12 +2.4, 5.57m +1.3, 30.14m, 2:27.09). Alice Taylor second 4127 and Sam Mackinder third 3198. U/18 heptathlon Julia Burnham 4529 PB (14.76 +1.7 PB, 1.60m, 9.88m, 25.63 +3.8, 5.34m +2.7, 18.56m, 2:33.42). Sarah Langsbury second 4034 PB, Kaitlin Feather third 3633.
Men U/20 decathlon Louis Northcott 5961 PB (11.59 +3.6, 6.23m +5.4, 11.43m, 1.55m, 51.00, 17.96 -0.3, 43.00m, 3.46m 34.54m 4:31.76). Joshua Bull 4925, Stephen Thorpe 4538. Men U/18 decathlon Cameron Moffitt 6227 (11.50 +3.5, 6.40m +2.5, 13.01m, 1.73m, 54.46, 15.32 +0.3, 42.87m, 3.26m, 36.73m, 4:54.56). Eli Leifi 5010. Men U/16 Octathlon Levi Ferguson 4398 (12.18 +2.8, 37.84m, 2.70m, 40.84, 14.80 -1.5, 37.94m, 6.07m +7.3, 3:08.94), Rico Fisher 3799, James Hansen 3727. Women U/16 hexathlon Zoe McMeeken 3220 (HJ 1.45m, JT 24.71m, 200m 28.49 +4.6, 80m H 14.45 +4.0, SP 9.03m, 600m 1:42.94), Emma Becroft 3110, Jorja Gibbons 2532. Masters Men 35+ decathlon David Hansen 5965 (12.18 +3.6, 5.93m +5.6, 10.62m, 1.55m, 54.41, 18.62 -0.3, 34.69m 2.76m, 41.22m, 4:55.55).

Athletics Otago Meeting, Caledonian Ground – 8 February 2020

Rosie Elliott 100m 11.85 +5.1 mx. Felix McDonald 100m 11.16 +5.1. Schuyler Orr 100m 11.40, 200m 23.17 +1.4. Quin Hartley 400m 50.52. Alexander Brown 3000m RW 14:19.14. Tara McNally 100m H 840mm 15.84 +5.2. Madeleine Lindemann TJ 11.22m +2.3. Jade Zaia 2kg DT 44.52m, SP 13.21m. Zharna Beattie DT 40.63m. Ethan Walker 800g JT 57.95m PB, Anton Schroder 54.28m. Holly Robinson F46 600g JT 38.24m.

International Results

Treloar Shield 7, Sydney
-1 February: Liam Webb 400m 48.77 PB (1R2).

Melbourne Track Classic, Lakeside Stadium, Albert Park -6 February: Lauren Bruce HT 65.52m (2), Nicole Bradley HT 64.78m (3). Michael Cochrane 400m H 52.26 (3). Annalies Kalma 400m 55.76 (6). Connor Bell DT 59.66m (2), Alexander Parkinson DT 58.97m PB (3). Katherine Camp 1500m 4:20.75 (3), Rebekah Greene 1500m 4:22.09 (4), Esther Keown 1500m 4:32.98 (10), Nynke Mulholland 1500m 4:33.52 PB (11). Ryan Ballantyne SP 19.37m PB (2). Josh Maisey 5000m 14:43.83 (9R1). Lydia O’Donnell 5000m 15:42.16 PB (9). Tori Peeters JT 56.72m (2), Stephanie Wrathall JT 51.73m (3). Joseph Millar 200m 21.90 +1.4 (4R1).

Denise Boyd Shield, Brisbane, 8 February: Portia Bing 200m 24.22 +1.4 (3), 400m H 57.20 (1).

Athletics Victoria Shield League, Aberfeldie, 8 February: Mackenzie Jeffries 400m 56.16 (2H1).

Colorado Invitational, Boulder CO,
31 January: Daniel Hintz mile 4:15.83 (8). 1 February: Harry Ewing 3000m 8:20.96 PB (3).
Razorback Invitational, Fayetteville AR, 31 January/1 February: Aaron Booth heptathlon 5614 points (7), (60m 7.12, LJ 7.14m, SP 13.05m, HJ 196m, 60m H 8.68, PV 4.80m, 1000m 2:44.64). Isaiah Priddey mile 4:10.84 (4). Caitlin McQuilkin-Bell 3000m 9:56.56 (12).
Carolina Challenge, Columbia SC, 31 January: Christian Conder mile 4:20.28 (1R3), 1 February 3000m 8:48.82 (8RB).
Houston Invitational, Houston TX, 31 January: Atipa Mabonga LJ 5.46m (11), 1 February: TJ 12.38m (7).
Adidas Classic, Lincoln NE, 1 February: Jordan Rackham De Spong 800m 1:52.69 (2).
UW Invitational, Seattle WA, 1 February: Joshua Browne 800m 1:54.04 (2). Sam Tanner mile 3:59.01 (5). Eva Goodison 3000m 9:31.48 PB (11).
TRI Valley League, Boston MA, 1 February: Julian Oakley 1500m 3:40.70 (4).
Mountain T’s Invitational, Flagstaff AZ, 1 February: Theo Quax mile 4:15.84 (3), 3000m 8:34.58 (4). Mitchell Small 3000m 8:34.08 (3).
Indiana University Relay, Bloomington IN, 1 February: Nicholas Moulai mile 4:17.62 (5RC). Jacob Holmes 3000m 8:20.69 PB (5RB).
Power 5 Invite, Ann Arbor MI, 1 February: James Uhlenberg mile 4:20.52 (8RA).
Pittsburg State Invite, Pittsburg KS, 1 February: Jared Lautenslager 3000m 8:40.28 (5).
U Albany Winter Classic, Staten Island NY, 7 February: Cameron Avery 3000m 8:20.27 (2). Holly Manning 800m 2:12.06 (1R1).
University of New Mexico Collegiate Classic, Albuquerque NM, 7 February: Leah Belfield 200m 24.55 PB (1H12).
113th Millrose Games, New York NY, 8 February: Wanamaker mile; Nick Willis 3:56.72 (4) En Route 1500m 3:41.62. Geordie Beamish 3:56.90 (6) En Route 1500m 3:42.07. Julian Oakley 3:58.86 (1RB). Beamish cut a full ten seconds off his previous best mile time of 4:06.94 recorded in qualifying for the final of the NCAA mile in Birmingham last year, which he went on to win in 4:07.69.
Beamish becomes the 41st New Zealander to break four minutes for the mile and is the 15th all-time fastest New Zealander.

National Indoor Meeting, Reims
, 5 February: Hamish Carson 800m 1:51.66 (6).

Orlen Copernicus Cup Indoors, Torun,
8 February: Hamish Carson 1500m 3:42.40 (4).

Road and Trail Races Around the Country

O’Hagan’s 5km, Viaduct Harbour,
4 February: Marcus Robertson 17:24, Keith Burrows 18:06, Nick Holtum 18:33. Isabel Emerson 21:13, Cass Kenworthy 21:23, Tia Knight 21:43.

Rat Race 5km, Takapuna, 5 February: Mike Wanden 16:45, Taylor Gauld 18:30, Todd Lambie 19:30. Jacey Cropp 21:30.

Owairaka 5km in the Park, 5 February: Nick Moore 17:42, Peter Kenny 18:04, Andrew McDowall 20:22.

Coatesville Half Marathon, 9 February: Zebedee Stone 1:14:31 PB, Daniel Coates 1:18:01, Marcus Robertson 1:18:24. Fiona Love 1:25:38, Bethany Bromfield 1:27:15, Cath Delaporte 1:31:43. 8km; Nick Bone 30:14, George Mawson 30:28, Benjamin Rickerby 31:17. Yasmin Kesser 33:46, Bianca Fourie 34:34, Emma Clipstone 34:52.

Eastside Riverpath 5km, 4 February: Kent Hodgson 19:18, John Crane 19:19, Andrew Wark 19:26. Melesa McNearney 20:55.

Trentham 5km Series
, 28 January: Thomas Strawbridge 16:0, Brian Garmonsway 17:03, Hugh Taylor 18:46. Madison Wos 21:03.

Waterfront 5km, 4 February: Event cancelled due to weather.

The Honest 10km, Oriental Bay, 9 February: Dion Yiw 37:26, Daniel Lawrey 37:50, David Creamer 38:06.

Eddyline 5km Series, Estuary Course, Richmond, 5 February: Ryan Martyn 18:59, Richard Greatrex 19:03, David Francis 19:34.

Buller Gorge Marathon and Half Marathon, 8 February: Jaco Smith 2:50:20, Jayden Anker 2:53:48, Max Collier 2:55:46. Hannah Oldroyd 2:49:27, Lisa Brignull 3:04:52, Megan Ryan 3:19:00. Half; Oska Inkster-Baynes 1:04:50 PB, Alex Cowden 1:12:50 PB, Allan Staite 1:19:23. Ruth Croft 1:18:11, Kirsten Hall 1:26:12, Paula Canning 1:26:22.

Shoe Clinic Asics 5km Series, North Hagley Park
, 4 February: Brett Tingay 15:22, Blair McWhirter 15:29, Mark Bailey 15:30. Olivia Ritchie 17:44, Fiona Crombie 18:43, Melanie Angland 19:05.

Caroline Bay 5km series, 28 January: Tillie Hollyer 17:15, Barney Hoskins 17:21, Kurt Engelbrecht 18:14. 4 February: Brett Clifford 16:19, Ben Wreford 17:18, Kurt Engelbrecht 18:28. Martina Wreford 20:29.

See the full National Events Calendar here.If there is an event you think should be added to the calendar, please email the team and let them know.


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