9 Dec 2019

Weekly Round up: December 9

Weekly Round up: December 9

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Welcome to the Athletics New Zealand Weekly Round up.This week's edition includes:

  • Results from the NZSS Track & Field Championships
  • NZ Track & Field results
  • International results from the USA
  • Road and Trail race results from around the country

NOTE: The last edition of the Weekly Round up for 2019 will be distributed next Monday 16 December and recommence on January13, 2020.

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NZSS Track & Field Championships


New Zealand Secondary Schools Championships, Newtown Park – 6/8 December 2019

Edward Osei-Nketia moved up a gear over the second half of the senior boys 100m final for a convincing win in 10.97 -0.2. Jacob Stockwell third last year was second in 11.13 with Ethan Wallace third in 11.21. The championships were held in atrocious conditions wind and rain which prevented Osei-Nketia from having a crack at the record of 10.60.

Wallace later won the 200m title in 22.27 +1.5. Shay Veitch won the 400m in 47.52 PB and the long jump with 6.92m as well as anchoring John McGlashan College team to victory in the 4 x 400m relay. Liam Back was unable peg back James Harding in the 800m won by Harding in a PB 1:54.45. Back however had the speed over the closing stages on the 1500m which he edged out Zane Powell in 4:04.92. Powell earlier in the championships won the 3000m in 8:43.19. Mattheus Pio won the hurdles double in 14.58 over 110m and 38.75 in the 300m.

Connor Bell improved on his Schools record of 65.63m with the 1.5kg discus to retain his title with a throw of 67.27m. Nikolas Kini was second in the discus and won the shot put 18.75m and the hammer throw 57.86m.

Charli Miller was impressive in the senior girls middle distance races winning the 3000m in 10:12.57 and the 1500m in 4:42.46. Hinewai Knowles took out the 100m in 12.06 +3.0 and the 100m hurdles in 13.72 +6.8. Genna Maples second in the 100m, won the long jump with 5.77m and led the final leg for Whanganui Collegiate in the 4 x 100m relay. Kayla Goodwin second in the long jump came back in the triple jump with a record breaking performance of 12.45m +0.6, erasing Atipa Mabonga’s 2014 mark of 12.21m.

Sophie Williams set a junior girls 100m record in the quarter finals clocking 11.86 +1.5 to break the oldest record in the books that of Myra Matkovich of Kaitaia College who recorded 11.88 in 1973. Williams also won the 200m in 25.40 and helped Whanganui Collegiate win the senior sprint relay. Marguerite Johansson won the junior girls long and triple jumps. Mt Aspiring College won both the 4 x 100m and 4 x 400m junior girls relays.

Quinn Hartley highlighted the junior boys winning all three jump titles, which included a record of 6.94m +0.4 in the long jump. Quinn broke the record of 6.79m held by Kelvin Sefton in the first round with 6.81m -2.2 before improving to the new mark in round five. Joseph Morgan won the junior boys 1500m and 3000m.

Among the Para-Athlete records set were Corran Hanning junior boys discus, Sionann Murphy junior girls discus and Tere Ioane senior girls javelin.

The weather conditions early on Sunday morning in Wellington ruled out the road races which were cancelled.


Senior Boys
100m: Edward Osei-Nketia (ScotsC) 10.97s 1, Jacob Stockwell (N/Ply) 11.13s 2, Ethan Wallace (Matamata) 11.21s 3.
200m: Wallace 22.27s 1, Isaac Oliver (St Pats) 22.33s 2, Josh Adegoke (Napier) 22.62s 3.
400m: Shay Veitch (John McG) 47.52s PB 1, John Gerber (St Bede’s) 49.50s 2, Colby Brennan (Mt Maung) 49.95s 3.
800m: James Harding (KingsC) 1m 54.45s PB 1, Liam Back (WhangC) 1m 54.73s 2, Mitchell Snell (Lindisf) 1m 54.76s PB 3.
1500m: Back 4m 4.92s 1, Zane Powell (KingsC) 4m 4.98s 2, William Sinclair (Te Aho) 4m 5.10s 3.
3000m: Powell 8m 43.19s 1, Ben Bidois (Cambridge) 8m 44.51s PB 2, Will Anthony (ScotsC) 8m 44.72s 3.
3000m race walk: Daniel du Toit (Te Aho) 13m 9.69s 1, Lucas Martin (WhangC) 13m 43.85s 2, Ryan Jones (Napier) 14m 23.77s 3.
110m hurdles: Mattheus Pio (St Pauls) 14.58s 1, Liam Condliffe (KingsHS) 14.85s 2, Desmond Van Der Linde (Mcleans) 14.98s 3.
300m hurdles: Pio 38.75s 1, Zinan Bennett (MiddletonG) 39.07s 2, Cameron Moffitt (OtagoBHS) 39.27s 3.
2000m steeplechase: George Guerin (Timaru) 6m 4.45s 1, Ayrton Shadbolt (St Andrew’s) 6m 8.26s 2, Will Taylor (St Peter’s) 6m 11.28s 3.
Shot put: Nikolas Kini (Shirley) 18.75m 1, Zion Trigger-Faitele (ScotsC) 17.96m PB 2, Denny Lauvi (Wairarapa) 15.25m 3.
Discus throw: Connor Bell (WBHS) 67.27m record 1, Kini 54.31m 2, Liam Ngchok Wulf (Man) 50.85m 3.
Hammer throw: Kini 57.86m 1, William Manulelia (Man) 56.34m PB 2, Ngchok Wulf 51.28m 3.
Javelin throw: Ethan Walker (Taieri) 63.63m PB 1, Robbie McFarlane (Mahurangi) 56.17m 2, Campbell Robb (St Pauls) 55.79m 3.
Long jump: Veitch 6.92m 1, Roderick Solo (ScotsC) 6.78m 2, Jordy Annand (Christ’s) 6.66m 3.
Triple jump: Charles Annals (HamBHS) 13.75m 1, Solo 13.22m 2, Annand 13.19m 3.
High jump: Jayden Williamson (Rosmini) 2.02m 1, Tremayne Redman-Gardner (Avondale) 1.99m PB 2, Jaundre Pienaar (Tauhara) 1.96m PB 3.
Pole vault: Joshua Bull (CathCatCol) 4.05m PB 1, Josh Thiele (ChchBHS) 3.65m PB 2, Edward Hsing (Christ’s) 3.65m 3.
4 x 100m relay: Napier Boys’ High School (Wesley Akeripa, Benjamin Allan, Toby Archer, Josh Adegoke) 44.27s 1, St Patrick’s College Kilbirnie 44.70s 2, St Bede’s College 45.00s 3.
4 x 400m relay: John McGlashan College (Josh Hou, Dominic Morrison, Ben Lund, Shay Veitch) 3m 24.89s 1, Kings College 3m 24.94s 2, St Bede’s College 3m 28.89s 3.

Senior girls
100m: Hinewai Knowles (Camb) 12.06s 1, Genna Maples (WhangC) 12.17s 2, Julia Burnham (VillaM) 12.43s 3.
200m: Maia Anderson-Broughton (St Andrew’s) 25.64s 1, Maples 25.66s 2, Maddie Wilson (Gisborne) 25.98s 3.
400m: Camryn Smart (Motueka) 56.44s 1, Holly Rule (Whangarei) 56.91s 2, Annalies Kalma (St Peter’s) 57.29s 3.
800m: Emma Douglass (WgtnG) 2m 14.90s 1, Brianna Lee (Napier) 2m 15.78s 2, Tillie Hollyer (Timaru) 2m 15.84s 3.
1500m: Charli Miller (St Peter’s) 4m 42.36s 1, Tillie Hollyer (Timaru) 4m 43.96s 2, Jemima Antoniazzi (St Peter’s) 4m 45.13s 3.
3000m: Miller 10m 12.57s 1, Jemima Antoniazzi (St Peter’s) 10m 14.36s 2, Isabella Richardson (St Cuth’s) 10m 19.62s 3.
2000m race walk: Antonia Martin (R’toe) 10m 39.46s 1, Hannah Gilberd (Inglewd) 10m 43.73s 2, Courtney Hillyer (ChchGHS) 11m 3.39s 3.
100m hurdles: Knowles 13.72s 1, Sarah Langsbury (St Hilda’s) 14.40s 2, Tara McNally (Taieri) 14.58s 3.
300m hurdles: Paige Bell (Rosehill) 45.61s 1, Brianna Cadwallader (Mahurangi) 45.66s 2, Ruby Brett (Karamu) 45.69s PB 3.
2000m steeplechase: Eva Pringle (St Andrew’s) 7m 4.48s 1, Antoniazzi 7m 8.28s PB 2, Chloe Browne (St Cuths) 7m 15.53s 3.
Shot put: Jaidyn Busch (ChchGHS) 16.51m 1, Kaia Tupu-South (Westlake) 16.34m 2, Tapenisa Havea (St Andrew’s) 16.03m PB 3.
Discus throw: Tupu-South 46.25m 1, Zharna Beattie (Taieri) 40.69m 2, Violette Perry (St Cuth’s ) 39.30m 3.
Hammer throw: Mile Naime (Man) 56.01m PB 1, Centaine Noom-Duckworth (R’toe) 55.26m 2, Amania Mafi (UHutt) 46.14m 3.
Javelin throw: Jessica Senior (SthldGHS) 43.58m 1, Savannah Scheen (Hobsville) 42.85m 2, Tanya Murray (Sancta Maria) 40.35m 3.
Long jump: Maples 5.77m 1, Kayla Goodwin (Sac Heart) 5.60m 2, Maddie Wilson (Gisborne) 5.47m 3.
Triple jump: Goodwin 12.45m record 1, Lara Hockly (Hawera) 11.13m 2, Emma McKay (Otago GHS) 11.00m 3.
High jump: Alice Taylor (Camb) 1.69m PB 1, Claudia Knight (St Andrew’s) 1.69m PB 2, Josie Taylor (Camb) 1.66m 3.
Pole vault: Eliza Meekings (Burnside) 3.35m 1, Isabella Pickering (Burnside) 2.50m 2, Lucy McKay (Karamu) 2.35m 3.

4 x 100m relay: Whanganui Collegiate (Tayla Brunger, Sophie Redmayne, Sophie Williams, Genna Maples) 49.92s 1, St Cuthbert’s College 51.17s 2, St Peter’s School 51.32s 3.

4 x 400m relay: Motueka High School (Post Joelle, Holly Young, Izzy Neal, Camryn Smart) 3m 57.14s 1, Whanganui Collegiate 4m 1.38s 2, Villa Maria College 4m 3.41s 3.

Junior boys
100m: Oliver Krijnen (St Pat) 11.34s 1, Ethan Lagatule (Orewa) 11.54s 2, Ben Lambert (Parapara) 11.55s 3.
200m: Angus Lyver (P/Nth) 23.35s 1, Jack Sadler (Campion) 23.38s PB 2, Liam McKellar (R’toe) 23.59s 3.
400m: Lex Revell-Lewis (Avondale) 51.57s PB 1, Charles Roil (Lindsf) 52.30s 2, Symon Maguire (OtagoBHS) 53.80s 3.
800m: Alex Martin (WgtnC) 2m 3.96s 1, James Ford (KingsC) 2m 4.21s 2, Edward Chaytor (AGS) 2m 5.17s 3.
1500m: Joseph Morgan (HBH) 4m 20.86s 1, Luke Clements (MAGS) 4m 21.65s 2, Samuel Berry (WBHS) 4m 22.33s 3.
3000m: Morgan 8m 55.39s PB 1, Christian De Vaal (Macleans) 8m 56.10s PB 2, Clements 8m 56.98s PB 3.
100m hurdles: Tom Christie (Lyn) 13.85s 1, Xavier Wehi (ChchBHS) 13.86s 2, Alex van Oeveren (HavelckNth) 14.15s 3.
300m hurdles: Nat Kirk (WhangH) 41.54s 1, Amilame Finau (St John’s) 42.11s 2, Finn O’Sullivan (ChchBHS) 42.55s 3.
2000m steeplechase: Clements 6m 16.65s 1, Sam Idiens (Christ’sC) 6m 22.99s 2, Jonah Seeds (HuttInl) 6m 29.65s 3.
Shot put: Liam Pavier (N/Plym) 15.19m PB 1, Ben Phillips (St Bede’s) 14.71m 2, Andre Gundersen (Te Aho) 13.96m 3.
Discus throw: Ollie Morton-Farrelly (Matamata) 52.23m 1, Gundersen 51.18m 2, Harrison McGregor (Aquinas) 45.73m 3.
Hammer throw: Joseph Faapoi (Man) 45.21m 1, Zack Hibbert (LoganP) 43.62m 2, Alexander Hewitt (HuttInl) 38.63m 3.
Javelin throw: Lachie Cameron (Kings HS) 52.40m 1, Toby Robb (St Pauls) 51.63m 2, Euta Vave (Niue) 46.24m 3.
Long jump: Quinn Hartley (James Harges) 6.94m PB record 1, Angus Lyver (Pal/Nth) 6.33m 2, Ari Koed Chang (Wgtn) 5.96m 3.
Triple jump: Hartley 13.34m 1, Jacky Dai (WhangC) 12.65m 2, Ethan Gow (Lincoln) 12.51m 3.
High jump: Hartley 1.94m 1, Harvey Meyer (WhangC) 1.83m 2, Levi Ferguson (MiddletonG) 1.80m 3.
Pole vault: Cole Gibbons (OtagoBHS) 3.25m 1, Luke Moffitt (OtagoBHS) 2.55m 2, Mitchell Corkery (St Andrews) 2.40m 3.
4 x 100m relay: Christchurch Boys’ High School (Will Chunn, Asher Pettengell-Brand, Kyan Trebes, Xavier Wehi) 46.42s 1, Napier BHS 47.05s 2, Palmerston North BHS 47.49s 3.
4 x 400m relay: Christchurch BHS (Pettengell-Brand, Finn O’Sullivan, Trebes, Wehi) 3m 42.95s 1, Wellington College 3m 43.72s 2, Auckland Grammar School 3m 47.21s 3.

Junior girls
100m: Sophie Williams (WhangC) 11.99s 1, Nadia Evans (LongBC) 12.17s 2, Marielle Venida (SanctaM) 12.18s 3.
200m: Williams 25.40s 1, Venida 25.62s 2, Abby Fisher (Mt Aspiring) 25.89s 3.
400m: Jordan Evans-Tobata (OtagoGHS) 59.39s 1, Monique Gorrie (P/Nth) 59.45s 2, Riley Smart (Motueka) 59.68s 3.
800m: Ruby Barton (SamuelM) 2m 18.20s 1, Sammy Fookes (Wakatipu) 2m 20.46s 2, Ana Brabyn (WhangC) 2m 21.63s 3.
1500m: Sarah Hay (St Mary’s) 4m 56.06s 1, Charo Heijnen (Otumoetai) 4m 57.28s 2, Arlo Farquhar (GreenBHS) 4m 58.08s 3.
3000m: Kennedy Taylor (SthldGHS) 10m 23.19s 1, Heijnen 10m 23.82s 2, Amelia Green (Dio Akld) 10m 24.14s PB 3.
80m hurdles: Maggie Jones (WhangH) 12.03s 1, Emma Becroft (Geraldine) 12.35s 2, Paris Munro (WhangH) 12.39s 3.
300m hurdles: Jones 46.37s PB 1, Lucy Rennie (HamGHS) 47.67s 2, Munro 48.24s 3.
2000m steeplechase: Bella Earl (Whangarei) 7m 10.09s PB 1, Nikita Wain (Taradale) 7m 28.76s 2, Siobhan Balle (Strathallan) 7m 36.43s PB3.
Shot put: Natalia Rankin-Chitar (St Kents) 14.71m PB 1, Elizabeth Hewitt (Chilton) 13.28m 2, Suzannah Kennelly (Dio Akld) 12.74m PB 3.
Discus throw: Rankin-Chitar 44.76m 1, Kennelly 40.72m PB 2, Hewitt 37.15m 3.
Hammer throw: Elizabeth Hewitt (Chilton) 53.33m PB 1, Jasmine Saimoa (Manurewa) 49.35m 2, Jamane Saimoa (Manurewa) 45.89m 3.
Javelin throw: Abbey Moody (Marlb) 42.42m record 1, Emma Wason (Darfield) 33.62m 2, Tirado Brianna (Pinehurst) 32.74m 3.
Long jump: Marguerite Johansson (Bethlehem) 5.53m 1, Zayyaan Smith (MAGS) 5.52m 2, Gracie Pratten (Cashmere) 5.07m PB 3.
Triple jump: Johansson 11.84m PB 1, Miya Ishihara (N/Ply) 10.89m 2, Stella Anderson (Kaipara) 10.40m PB 3.
High jump: Jess Hendren (Rangiora) 1.64m 1, Amelia de Lautour (Waik Dio) 1.61m 2, Olivia Power (St Cuth’s) 1.58m 3.
Pole vault: Lillian Bing (Baradene) 2.65m 1, Olivia Watt (Burnside) 2.20m 2, Katelyn Sceats (WgtnG) 2.05m 3.
4 x 100m relay: Mt Aspiring College (Estelle Gellatly, Abby Fisher, Georgie Bruce, Niamh Townsend) 51.69s 1, Whanganui High School 51.81s 2, St Peter’s College 52.42s 3.
4 x 400m relay: Mt Aspiring College (Gellatly, Scarlett Norman, Bruce, Fisher) 4m 18.16s 1, Whanganui High School 4m 19.53s 2, Craighead Diocesan School 4m 24.32s 3.

Junior Boys 1.25kg Discus: Corran Hanning (Wgtn) T12/F12 39.66m record 1. Long jump: Nikau Peipi (Marlb) T47/F47 5.01m NWI 1. Reuben Anguisaca-Bland (Papanui) T20/F20 3.44m NWI 1, 400m 75.79s 1. Shot put: Peipi 10.19m 1. High jump: Peipi 1.58m 1. 100m: Anguisaca-Bland 14.50s 1, 200m 31.22s 1. 100m: Peipi 12.81s 1. 200m: Peipi 26.21s 1. Javelin: Corran Hanning (WgtnC) T12/F12 27.89m 1. 400m Jaxon Woolley (Wairau) T38/F38 63.72s 1.
Senior Boys 1kg Discus: Daniel Meyer (Pompallier) T37/F37 34.63m 1. 1.5kg Discus: Ben Taylor (Wairarapa) T20/F20 21.50m 1. Shot put: Daniel Meyer T37/F37 9.26m 1. Long jump: Melvyn Andrews (AGS) T20/F20 4.66m NWI 1. Jack Lewington (Kuranui) T37/F37 3.94m NWI 1. Shot put 5kg T/F20: Michael Percival-Afeaki (AGS) F20 12.38m 1, 200m 27.26s, Javelin 38.74m 1. 100m: Lewington 14.74s 1. 200m: Cole Bailey (Parapara) T37/F37 30.44s 1, 400m 67.33s 1. Javelin: Ben Baines (Taieri) T38/F37 26.52m 1. 400m Josh Taylor (Wairarapa) T20/F20 62.84s 1.
Junior Girls 750g Discus: Sionann Murphy (Carmel) T37/F37 20.20m record 1. Long jump: Alyssa Baxter (One) T37/F37 3.53m NWI 1. Shot put Murphy 7.88m 1. 100m: Baxter 16.01s 1, 200m 34.48s 1. Javelin: Una Kinajil-Reding (RangiRuru) T47/F47 10.02m 1.
Senior Girls 750g Discus: Charlotte Buchanan (Long Bay) T37 14.24m 1. Shot put: Buchanan 6.97m 1. Shot put F20 3 kg Tere Ioane (Mana) 6.65m 1, Javelin: 12.58m record 1. 1kg Discus: Eniyah Tuuri (Mana) T20/F20 14.00m 1. 100m: Olivia Upston (Baradene) T37/F37 19.87s 1, 200m 41.95s 1, 400m 1m 37.10s 1. 100m: Renee Baylis (WgtnE) T20/F20 18.15s 1.


New Zealand Competition Results


Athletics Otago Meeting, Caledonian Ground – 7 December 2019
Rosie Elliott set an Otago senior women’s 200m record of 23.59 -1.3 PB, taking her to eleventh on the New Zealand woman’s all-time list. The 22 year old’s time betters Anita Sutherland’s long standing record of 23.74 set in Nukuʻalofa Tonga on 28 August 1998. Elliott also won the 100m in 11.77 +0.6, just outside her PB of 11.68 set in October.

Laura MacCulloch was second on both occasions in 12.87 and 25.56. Schuyler Orr 200m 22.88 -1.3. Rebekah Greene 400m 59.95, 1500m 4:28.03. Felix McDonald 400m 50.42.

Otago 10,000m championship; Oliver O’Sullivan 34:08.88, Nic Bathgate 34:17.47, Aaron Anderson 34:21.35.
Dyani Shepherd-Oates 4kg HT 46.15m. Millar McElrea HJ 1.80m PB.


International Results


Fastrack Open
, Staten Island NY, 6 December: Cameron Avery 5000m 14:24.92 (1). Holly Manning 3000m 10:05.15 (3).

BU Season Opener
, Boston, 7 December: Hannah Miller 5000m 16:06.14 (2R2).


Road and Trail Races Around the Country


O’Hagan’s 5km, Viaduct Harbour, 26 November: Simon Mace 16:46, Harry Harris 17:01, Marcus Robertson 17:19. Kerry Ash 20:17, Isabel Emerson 20:52, Tia Knight 21:14. 3 December: Harry Harris 17:00, Keith Burrows 17:05, Adam Berry 17:49. Isabel Emerson 20:53, Tia Knight 21:15, Rosie Taylor 21:23.
Owairaka 5km in the Park, 4 December: Nick Moore 18:51, Russ Thomas 19:08, Julian Waller 20:49.
Owairaka 5 Miler, 8 December: Dylan Moxon 26:44, Nick Moore 26:54, Simon Mace 27:51. Bethany Bromfield 32:40.
Eastside Riverpath 5km, 3 December: John Merring 17:25, James Holland 18:11, John Crane 18:34. Kirsten Milne 20:19.

Tongariro National Park
The Goat Adventure 20km Run, 7 December: Ryan Carr 1:43:24, Kaya Corporaal 1:45:54, Richard Harris 1:47:34.

Kapiti 5km Summer Series, Waikanae, 2 December: Luke Anderson 18:35, Sam Yeoman 18:41, Poppy Rae 19:54, Declan Murphy 19:59, Renae Creser 20:47.
Waterfront 5km, 3 December: Cancelled due to the adverse weather conditions.

Honest Lawyer 5km Series, Monaco, 2 December: Luke Kelly 18:25, Angus Wemyss 18:28, Chris Sharland 18:36. Katie Malthus 20:54.
Eddyline 5km Series, Templemore Course, Richmond, 4 December: Martin Strelka 18:19, Chris Sharland 18:26, Curtis Moore 19:44. Angela Leck 19:46, Klaartje van Schie 20:09, Susie wood 20:34.

Hanmer Springs
Hanmer Holiday Homes Alpine Marathon, 7 December: Clinton Manderson 2:57:19, Jayden Anker 3:01:39, Luke Grogan 3:11:04. Klaartje van Schie 3:09:05, Jan Hales 3:18:06, Jennie Nicholson 3:18:47. Half; Justin Thorby 1:24:27, Luke Lavill 1:26:03, Fabio Valle 1:27:14. Emily Marfell 1:32:40, Bridget Palmer 1:38:16, Blair Elliot 1:39:09.

Canterbury Half Marathon, Pegasus, 8 December: Nicholas Latty 1:15:29, Lee Calderon 1:16:16, Sam Harvey 1:18:39. Clare Flakelar 1:38:19.

Te Anau
Kepler Challenge 60km and Luxmore Grunt 27km, 7 December: 60km; Daniel Jones 4:26:34, Alex Hunt 4:45:51, Gene Beveridge 4:48:49. Ruby Muir 5:08:04, Caitlin Fielder 5:15:47, Nancy Jiang 5:32:57. 27km; Sam Tosh 1:59:56, Scott Linderhay 2:05:46, Richard Ford 2:07:18. Sarah Douglas 2:23:29, Sally MacMillan-Armstrong 2:46:53, Lucia Vincent 2:48:14.


See the full National Events Calendar here.If there is an event you think should be added to the calendar, please email the team and let them know.


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