29 Oct 2018

Weekly Round up 29 October 2018

Weekly Round up 29 October 2018

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Welcome to this week's round up of national and international results.

In this issue..

  • ASB Auckland Marathon
  • New Zealand Track and Field meetings, including Liam Wilson's record-breaking results from Dunedin
  • VRWC at Mentone and Shield at Casey Field, Melbourne
  • Road and Trail races, New Zealand


ASB Auckland Marathon – 28 October 2018

Sydney Striders Club members David Criniti and Fiona Yates stole the show ahead of the Kiwis, both coming through over the closing stages, Criniti winning in 2:24:13 and Yates the first woman in a personal best 2:48:31.

Pre-race favourite Eritrean born Isaias Beyn, who is now a resident of Australia, and Christchurch ultra-runner Andy Good set out from Devonport in the dark and light rain and quickly had a good lead over the rest of the field. Good set the pace with Beyn in tow through to the bridge where Beyn came into his own as a hill climber, zig zagging his way up the bridge to have 20 metres on Good at the top. From then on it was all the diminutive figure of Beyn along Tamaki Drive to St Heliers and the return journey to the City and Victoria Park.

Criniti who has a personal best of 2:17:57 from the Berlin marathon worked hard after the turn in St Heliers and by the Parnell Baths had gathered in Beyn. Criniti put the hammer down on a slight rise at 38k and went on for the win. Daniel Jones who finished a couple of places behind Criniti in the July Gold Coast marathon also passed a tiring Beyn to claim second in 2:24:48, with Beyn third in 2:25:12.
Criniti, a 40 year old Sydney school teacher, said that his tactics over the final 5km paid off.

“On the slight rise heading into Quay Street at around the 38km mark, I thought well he’s sticking with me on the flat so maybe if I put in a little bit on that rise and break his rhythm up and thankfully I managed to do that. I wasn’t worried about the early pace set by Andy Good and Isaias Beyn, It was dark and I’d read about Isaias and I kind of figured that he’d be off and I didn’t realise it was Andy till about 5ks in and I said to Daniel Jones ‘how many are there in the front’ as it was dark and my eyes aren’t so good and Daniel said there were two and Andy was one of them. Andy came back to us on the bridge relatively early on and from that point it was more of a battle to get away from Daniel Jones who I had a tight tussle with in the Gold Coast marathon and it wasn’t till 34ks that I went after Isaias. I’ve won in Canberra and Hobart at home so I’ll take one in Auckland as well,” said Criniti.

Jones, 21st on the Gold Coast in July in 2:20:06, said it was pleasing to finish second. “I started pretty steady and worked with Dave after the other two took off and built a bit of a gap and at half way Dave pulled away from me so it was a matter of keeping the back of him in sight the whole time and just keep working away and Isaias came back to us and I managed to pass him as well.”

Rotorua Winner Blair McWhirter who was fifth in 2:27:48 said he sat back early and managed to pull a couple back. “I’ve run with David before on the Gold Coast and he’s a great runner and Dan was really strong as well, said McWhirter.
Jono Jackson second in 2016 and in his first marathon since the Berlin marathon in 2017 was sixth in 2:28:51. “I’ve been having some problems with my glute and they started cramping up quite early on within 10k so I kept it to what I could do just solid the whole way, but it was not my day today and you have some of them,” said Jackson.

Margie Campbell, an Australian now living in Dunedin, led the women over the bridge and was still looking strong at the St Heliers Bay turn. However a few gastro intestinal issues in the lead up left her with no strength over the closing kilometers and Yates swept past for victory finishing a minute ahead.

Yates said she enjoyed the experience and said she will be back. “I found it very good I got through the early hills and then just took it as it came. I didn’t expect to win so it is a huge surprise. It was the most enjoyable marathon that I’ve run and I’ve run Melbourne twice so maybe I was feeling good and had a great run,” said Yates.

Campbell was disappointed she was unable to hold it to the finish. “I felt really strong and then just faded over the last bit. Fiona came through like a steam train, she was so strong. I really wanted the win today but not to be. I did what I could. I wasn’t part of the elite field I wasn’t selected with my PB of 2:43, so I don’t quite know how I missed out but that’s okay. I’ve got the Kepler Challenge coming up next,” she said.

Hannah Oldroyd last year’s winner was third in 2:50:19. Oldroyd said she went into the race with no sting in her legs. “I was trying to get my legs back together after last week. I did some hikes that were supposed to be two hours return and we ended up eight hours over 15ks of stupid hills and that cost me today,” said Oldroyd.

Twice New Zealand half marathon champion and 2016 Auckland marathon winner Oska Baynes won the half marathon in 1:07:13, 29 seconds ahead of Michael Voss with Cameron Graves third in 1:08:27. Baynes said it was great to be back racing again. “It’s nice to be back running as it’s been a pretty shitty eight months and it’s just nice to be running freely and healthy. I had a heart virus and then my immune system packed down entirely, so it’s a good feeling to be back,” he said.

Twice previous winner and second in 2016 Camille Buscomb won the women’s half in 1:16:27, from national cross country champion Lisa Cross 1:18:57 and Hannah Wells of Tauranga 1:20:21. Buscomb ran her own race not knowing where the others were.“There was three of us over the first k and then we were spread out at 5k and I was with a couple of guys and I worked with them and I wasn’t sure of how far back the girls were as I thought they were right on me so I just focussed on trying to stay relaxed and get over the bridge without burning out and having enough energy to run the last 5k really strong,” she said. The Zatopek 10k in Melbourne in December is next up for Buscomb.“I’ll be aiming for the world champs in that race,” she added.

Jack Moody won the 12km Traverse in 40:55 and Ruth Gluckman was the first woman in 52:38.



Athletics Auckland Meeting, Mt Smart Stadium – 27 October 2018
Michael Graham 2017 national youth champion won the 400m in 50.75. Ben Kelsy 800m 1:59.52. Daniel Parkes 110m H 914mm 15.26 (-2.3). Matthew Aucamp national junior decathlon champion 110m H 990mm 15.61 (-2.3), LJ 6.24m (-2.3), 1.75kg DT 36.29m PB. Jayden Williamson HJ in torrential rain 1.90m. Thomas Moloney HJ 1.85m. Daniel Tilsley HJ 1.85m PB. Anthony Barmes PV 3.80m PB. Zane Powell 2000m steeplechase 762mm 6:21.65. David Van den Bogaard, 2015 national junior triple jump champion, LJ 6.48m (-2.4) PB. Nikolas Kini 1.5kg DT 53.06m PB. Hayden Dickson 800g JT 50.90m PB. Hinewai Knowles (Cambridge) 100m 12.79 (-2.4), 100m hurdles 762mm 14.71 (-1.9) PB. Joanna Poland 2000m steeplechase 762mm 7:35.94. Alexandra Hyland, 2017 national senior high jump champion, HJ 1.66m, 100m hurdles 840mm 16.25 (-1.9). Jenna Johnston HJ 1.63m. Evie MacLennan HJ 1.60m PB. Isabella Brown PV 3.20m PB. Danielle Dixon LJ 5.18m (+2.4) and 5.00m (+1.3). Shekhinahglory Laulala DT 40.83m PB. Mari Klaup-McColl JT 48.70m.

Athletics Waikato Bay of Plenty Meeting
, Porritt Stadium – 27 October 2018
Sophie Millar 100m 12.81 (+1.3) PB, 400m 57.96. Taylor Smith 400m 51.35. Ben Bidios 3000m 8:59.33. Anna Serafeimidou 100m 12.86 (+1.3). Krystie Solomon 400m 59.94. Jemima Antoniazzi 1500m 4:52.0 ht, 3000m 10:17.55. Aimee Ferguson 3000m 10:04.28. Josie Taylor HJ 1.64m. Kayla Goodwin LJ 5.36m (+1.0). Kaia Tupu-South 3kg SP 15.28m, DT 40.70. Alessandra Macdonald 400m 58.19, HJ 1.50m. 

Regional League No 1
, Hawke’s Bay Regional Sports Park – 27 October 2018
Jacob Stockwell 100m 10.99 (+2.2). Brock Rangi 100m 11.20 (+2.2), 200m 22.51 (+1.3) PB. Cody Wilson 200m 22.17 (+1.3). Mikael Starzynski 400m 49.90, Brayden Grant 400m 50.07. Liam Back 3000m 9:00.19. Hamish Lock 110m hurdles 15.33 (+0.8). Jordan Peters LJ 6.95m (+2.5) and 6.60m (+2.0). Scott Thomson TJ 14.56m (+0.6). Ryan Jones 3000m race walk 15:48.79 PB. Genna Maples 100m 12.40 (+3.0), 200m 25.74 (+1.0), LJ 5.62m (+1.9). Hannah O’Connor 2000m steeplechase 6:45.03. Emma Sutherland HJ 1.75m. Anna Thomson TJ 12.77m (+0.8). Amania Mafi 3kg SP 13.59m PB, DT 34.08m, 3kg HT 40.79m. Montaya Wharehinga HT 49.52m, 600g JT 31.64m. Laura Langley 3000m race walk 14:33.50 mx. Ashleigh Bennett LJ 5.99m (+2.9), 5.81m (+1.5). Ellie Hurley-Langton 5.29m (+1.9). Lara Hockly 5.19m (+1.9) PB.

Athletics Canterbury Meeting
, Nga Puna Wai Sports Hub – 27 October 2018
Kelsey Berryman 60m 7.79 (-1.9), TJ 10.44m (+2.0). Georgia Hulls 100m 12.02 (+0.2). Fiona Morrison 200m 25.92 (-1.8). Maia Broughton 400m 57.70. Lauren Bruce HJ 56.95m. Tatiana Kaumoana DT 46.81m. Tapenisa Havea 80m hurdles 12.02 (+0.3). Kate Davies HJ 1.60m. Alexandra Richard PV 3.04m. Tegan Duffy LJ 5.18m (+1.4). Luke Mercieca 60m 7.33 (-0.6), 200m 22.78 (-0.8). Samuel King 100m 11.52 (+0.7). Marcus Wolton HJ 2.00m. Max Attwell PV 4.50m. Seamus Mulrooney DT 41.64m. Oliver Beresford 5kg HT 41.69m. Nic Forster LJ 6.36m (0.0). Jared Neighbours 1.75kg DT 45.06m. Matt Dryden 3000m 8:53.16, Taonga Mbambo 3000m 8:57.26. Robyn Perkins 1500m 4:48.39 mx. Tamara Reeves 3000m 10:30.60 mx. 

Athletics Otago Meeting
, Caledonian Ground – 27 October 2018 
Schuyler Orr 60m 7.47 (-3.0), 100m 11.69 (-2.5). Felix McDonald 100m 11.62 (-2.5), 200m 23.20 (-2.5), LJ 6.80m (+3.5). Christina Ashton 100m 12.65 (-2.6), 100m hurdles 840mm 15.18 (-2.7). Rebekah Greene 3000m 9:30.93. Cameron Moffitt 300m hurdles 39.95. Tara McNally 300m hurdles 45.66. George Guerin 2000m steeplechase 914mm 6:35.49. Nathan Harrison HJ 1.80m. Emma McKay LJ 5.09m (+2.5). Liam Wilson T37 200m 28.42 (-2.9), LJ 4.28m (+0.2) both NZ U/16, U/19 Para records. Dean Andrews 700g JT 47.35m.

Athletics Southland Meeting
, Surrey Park – 27 October 2018
New Zealand youth women javelin throwing champion Jessica Senior took part in three events 3kg SP 11.47m, DT 36.81m and 500g JT 35.67m. Teagan Ashley 3kg SP 10.26m, 3kg HT 35.61m. Sam Colyer, New Zealand youth long and triple jump champion, LJ 6.57m (+3.7). Trent Hogg 5kg SP 13.46m PB. Sam Cole 1.5kg DT 34.52m PB.

VRWC at Mentone
, Melbourne, 17 October: Quentin Rew 10,000m RW 44:49.0 (1).
Shield at Casey Field, Melbourne, 20 October: Quentin Rew 3000m RW 12:23.7h (1).



Whangarei parkrun 5km, 27 October: Sam Rout 18:27, Dwayne Collecutt 19:10, Jeremy Browne 19:50. Bella Earl 21:32.

O’Hagan’s 5km, Viaduct Harbour, 23 October: Robert Tang 16:49, Gene Rand 17:22, Marcus Robertson 17:30. Christine Adamson 20:32, Lisa Kavanagh 21:20.
Rat Race 5km, Takapuna, 24 October: Sam Durrant 17:35, Andrew Cave 17:45, Declan Wilson 17:51. Maddie Dillon 17:51, Ashley Williams 19:18, Rose Dillon 20:20.
Owairaka 5km, Mt Roskill, 24 October: Nick Moore 17:19, Tim Morrison 17:47, Peter Kenny 18:11.
Barry Curtis parkrun 5km, 27 October: Shaun Ryan 18:31, Grant Lincoln 18:47, Warwick Creasy 20:41.
Cornwall Park parkrun 5km, 27 October: Samuel Waldin 18:08, Sebastian Wharton 18:14, Austin Vidal-Cocker 18:18.
Millwater parkrun 5km, 27 October: Alex De Beer 18:45, Matthew Peach 18:50, Joanne Crackett 19:14, Chris Moors 19:24. Nicola Keegan 20:04 (2), Kellie Barnard 20:21 (3).
Western Springs parkrun 5km, 27 October: David Mills 18:32, Peter Kenny 18:43, Michael Pearson 18:47. Hannah Oldroyd 19:49.

Eastside Riverpath 5km, 23 October: John Mering 16:17, Andrew Carr 17:04, Reuben Tomlinson 17:14. Kirsten Milne 19:55, Veronika Adams 20:48.
Lake parkrun 5km, 27 October: Chris Smith 18:01, Glenn Sexton 18:07, Chris Keith 18:55. Paula Ward 21:16, Anne Marie Guiney 21:27.

Bay Run 5km, 25 October: Lachlan Haycock 17:13, Sam Clark 17:17, Nick Wotton 18:33.
Kopurererua Valley Reserve parkrun 5km, 27 October: Tim Wilson 18:41, Byron Smith 18:42, Warwick Smith 19:49. Emily Barlow 21:46, Charo Heijnen 21:56.

Avantidrome parkrun 5km, 27 October: Ewen Cumming 20:38.

Puarenga parkrun 5km, 27 October: Bryn Parry 18:44, Steven Wells 19:07, Tim Cochrane 19:30. 
Kawerau King of the Mountain, Mt Edgecumbe 8km, 27 October: Ben Duffus 49:32, Chris Morrissey 54:34, Andrius Ramonas 54:57. Meg Reeves 1:03:13, Anna O’Brien 1:10:30, Katie Lilley 1:11:30.

Waikanae Beach parkrun 5km, 27 October: Mark Van Wijk 21:21, Jennifer Grewar 21:22.
Gisborne Herald Quarter Marathon, Marina Park, 28 October: Steve Morrow 37:06, Josiah Ney 39:42, Andrew Briant 41:10. Michelle Rennie 43:39, Lesharn Anderson 47:44, Myah Houthuijzen 47:54. Walk; Margaret Johnston 1:10:59. 5.6km; Ty Houthuijzen 23:54.

Two Mile Bay Reserve parkrun 5km, 27 October: Clark Ellice 18:15, Ivan Abele 19:21, Jeremy Raikes 19:47. 
Anderson parkrun 5km, 27 October: Brian Doherty 19:11, Brendan Pheasant 19:28, Mike Hayes 19:52.

New Plymouth 
East End parkrun, 27 October: Greg Clark 18:54, Anita Thomas 19:38, Paul Nicholson 20:32.
Palmerston North
Victoria Esplanade parkrun 5km, 27 October: Josh Dunstan-Brown 17:14, Tim Carpenter 18:37, Samuel Keenan 18:57. Dorota Starzak 20:34.

Waterfront 5km, 23 October: Hamish Carson 14:51, Nick Horspool 14:53, Daniel Jones 15:28. Melissa Buckle 19:06, Natalie Hardaker 19:37, Carla Denneny 19:45. Walk; Daniel Du Toit 23:06. Jacqueline Wilson 31:28.
Kapiti Coast parkrun 5km, 27 October: Steffan Wong 19:36, Marcelo Amaya 19:37, Declan Murphy 20:55. Cath Braddock 21:33.
Lower Hutt parkrun 5km, 27 October: Anthony Jackson 17:33, Phoebe McKnight 17:41, Dave Oliver 19:23, Daniel Russ 19:56. Jayme Maxwell 20:15 (2), Anthea Oliver 21:43 (3).
Porirua parkrun 5km, 27 October: Cameron Forrest 16:53, Martin McCrudden 17:29, Kallum Brown 18:30. Jessica Hughes 19:33, Saskia Knox 19:47, Grace Seeley 19:53.

Blenheim parkrun 5km, 27 October: Sean Martin 18:40, David Bowden 18:58, Peter Flynn 19:14. Paula Olliver 19:48.

Hagley parkrun 5km, 27 October: Thomas Anderson 17:37, Justin Thorby 17:47, Dawson Payne 18:15. Suzie White 20:31, Sarah McLaren 21:10.
Pegasus parkrun 5km, 27 October: Stacey Carrot 19:41.
Foster parkrun, Rolleston, 27 October: Inaugural run; Philip Opie 17:22, Luke Greenlees 18:37, Luke Carman 20:32.
Boulder Bay Classic 10.5km Trail Run, Taylors Mistake Beach, 28 October: Callum Wilkie 40:01, Hayden Zervos 40:28, Joseph Lynch 40:54. Jean Kozyniak 45:03, Nynke Mulholland 45:45, Nicola Handley 49:22.

Wanaka Station Park parkrun 5km, 27 October: Fraser Drummond 18:30, David O’Sullivan 19:30, Geoffrey Anderson 19:36.

Cromwell Half Marathon, 21 October: Caleb Pearson 1:18:52, Glen Chisholm 1:21:08, Jason Van Kempen 1:26:08. Tanya Copeland 1:31:44. 10km; Jan Zohn 36:24.

Queenstown Gardens parkrun 5km, 27 October: Archie Ritchie 18:45, Donny Molnar 20:23.

Botanic Garden parkrun 5km, 27 October: Jonah Smith 18:39, Oliver O’Sullivan 18:42, Ben Rowley 19:14.
Naish Park parkrun 5km, 27 October: Joshua Jordan 18:24, Jason Darwen 21:02.

Queens Park parkrun 5km, 27 October: Billy Carter 19:25, Jason Russell 19:57, Ian Longman 20:43. Maia Cavanagh 22:35.

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