17 Sep 2018

Weekly Round Up 17 September 2018

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Welcome to this week's Round-Up of national and international results, including the World Masters in Málaga, World Mountain Running Championships and the BMW Berlin Marathon.

In this issue..

  • 23rd World Masters Athletic Championships, Málaga 
  • World Mountain Running Championships, Andorra
  • BMW Berlin Marathon
  • Auckland Road Relay Championships
  • AIMS Games Championships Cross Country, Tauranga
  • Sydney Running Festival
  • Track and Field, Road and Trail races, New Zealand


23rd World Masters Athletic Championships, Málaga – 4/16 September 2018

Sally Gibbs won the W55 5000m in 17:46.52 which betters the New Zealand masters W55 record of 17:58.05 set by Bernie Portenski in 2005. The world W55 record is 17:29.28 set by Silke Schmidt of Germany in 2015. In the heats of the W55 1500m Gibbs ran 5:01.60, to better Margaret Orman’s W55 1997 New Zealand master record of 5:15.15 and she won the final further reducing the record to 4:54.96. Schmidt also holds the W55 world record at 4:51.26 set in 2014. Judith Stewart also went under a New Zealand masters record in finishing second in the W70 5000m in 23:57.48. Alastair Prangnell was second in the M60 5000m in 17:33.75. Christine Adamson was third in the W60 5000m in 20:38.81. Jacqueline Wilson was second in the W70 5000m walk in 32:48.17 on day one of competition. Ian Calder was second in the M60 800 in 2:15.51. Casina Van der Veeken won the W85 triple jump with 4.21m and was second in the long jump with 1.80m. Margaret Crooke was second in the W70 long jump with 3.26m and third in the triple jump with 7.45m.

Elizabeth Wilson was second in the W55 400m in 63.98. Sheryl Gower was second in the W70 400m in 1:17.76 and Christine Waring was second in the W75 400m in 1:29.23. Ian Calder was third in the M60 1500m in 4:53.00.

New Zealand Results

4 September: Jacqueline Wilson W70 5000m walk 32:48.17 (2).

10 September: Barry Herbert-Jones M75 800m SF 3:08.95 (3S1) q. Ian Calder M60 800m SF 2:19.60 (3S2) q. Geoff Anderson M60 800m SF 2:24.16 (9S2) DNQ. Justine Whitaker W75 400g JT 13.53m (11). Peter Stevens M50 800m SF 2:11.83 (11S1) DNQ. Simone Fougere W40 800m SF 3:23.12 (11S4) DNQ.

11 September: Barry Herbert-Jones M75 800m final 3:03.46 (10). Justine Whitaker W75 4kg weight 11.14m (4). Ian Calder M60 800m final 2:15.51 (2). Lester Laughton M65 9.09km weight 12.11m (6). Trevor Guptill M70 400m heat 67.01 (1H3) Q. Alan McDougall M70 400m heat 67.74 (2H3) Q. Casina Van der Veeken W85 LJ 1.80m (-1.9) (2). Elizabeth Wilson W55 400m heat 67.78 (1H1) Q. Brenda Davis W45 9.08kg weight 12.01m (5). Louise Martin W50 400m heat 67.08 (2H1) Q. Malcolm Cornelius M50 400m heat 60.56 (7H9) DNQ. Margaret Crooke W70 LJ 3.26m (0.0) (2). Joeline Jones W35 400m heat 62.27 (3H4) q.

12 September: Ronald Johnson M85 throw pentathlon HT 25.39m, SP 8.97m, DT 19.61m, JT 24.53m, weight 10.26m 3693 (5). Christine Adamson W60 5000m 20:38.81 (3). Alastair Prangnell M60 5000m 17:33.75 (2). Tony Price M60 5000m 19:20.55 (22). Delwyn Smith W50 PV 2.20m (4). Justine Whitaker W75 throw pentathlon HT 24.95m, SP 7.57m, DT 3.03m, JT 13.04m, weight 10.29m 3477 (8). Sally Gibbs W55 5000m 17:46.52 (1). Christine Lear W55 5000m 23:22.89 (18). Judith Stewart W70 5000m 23:57.48 (2). Clasina Van der Veeken W85 TJ 4.21m (0.0) (1). Margaret Crooke W70 TJ 7.45m (-2.0) (3). Sheryl Gower W70 400m SF 1:24.21 (3S2) q. Trevor Guptill M70 400m SF 67.49 (4S1) q. Alan Dougall M70 400m SF 1:10.33 (5S1) DNQ. Elizabeth Wilson W55 400m SF 65.82 (2S2) Q. Tina Faulkner W35 5000m 17:35.00 (4). Michael Wray M50 5000m 17:15.29 (14). Mathew Rogers M35 5000m 16:57.60 (20). Joeline Jones W35 400m SF 62.35 (7S1) DNQ.

13 September: Adrian Stockill M50 throw pentathlon HT 36.09m, SP 11.07m, DT 37.91m, JT 33.06m, weight 13.76m 3015 (11).

14 September: Lester Laughton M65 throw pentathlon HT 29.12m, SP 8.46m, D 32.31m, JT 22.91m, weight 11.94m 2769 (21). Christine Waring W75 400m 1:29.23 (2). Sheryl Gower W70 400m 1:17.76 (2). Trevor Guptill M70 400m 1:19.95 (8). Elizabeth Wilson W55 400m 1:03.98 (2).

15 September: Barry Herbert-Jones M75 1500m heat 6:35.05 (5H2) q. Brenda Davis W45 throw pentathlon HT 34.66m, SP 9.50m, DT 22.19m, JT 21.18m, weight 10.83m 2971 (7). Ian Carter M65 1500m heat 5:19.49 (5H1) q. Roger Ward M65 1500m heat 5:22.55 (4H4) DNQ. Christine Adamson W60 1500m heat 5:45.55 (2H2) Q. Ian Calder M60 1500m heat 4:56.23 (2H2) Q. Geoff Anderson M60 1500m heat 4:53.54 (2H3) Q. Sally Gibbs W55 1500m heat 5:01.60 (1H1) Q. Malcolm Cornelius M50 1500m heat 4:33.01 (4H2) DNQ. Tina Faulkner W35 1500m SF 4:37.14 (1S2) Q. Mathew Rogers M35 1500m heat 4:13.26 (5H3) q.

16 September: Barry Herbert-Jones M75 1500m final 6:48.83 (11). Ian Carter M65 1500m final 5:08.63 (11). Christine Adamson W60 1500m final 5:41.67 (5). Ian Calder M60 1500m final 4:53.00 (3). Geoff Anderson M60 1500m final 4:55.08 (9). Sally Gibbs W55 1500m final 4:54.96 (1). Tina Faulkner W35 1500m final 4:39.06 (4). Mathew Rogers M35 1500m final 4:13.43 (13).


World Mountain Running Championships, Canillo – 16 September 2018

The New Zealand men’s team finished 20th. Niam MacDonald was 70th in the 11.933km event in 1:07:57, Dwight Grieve 1:13:23 (88), Harry Burnard 1:14:11 (89) and Matthew Scott 1:16:52 (96). Robert Chemonges of Uganda won in 55:37 and Uganda won the teams. The New Zealand women were eighth in the teams. Nancy Jiang was 15th in 1:11:33 over the same course as the men, Sabrina Grogan 1:14:19 (28), Sarah Douglas 1:15:40 (35) and Sophie Smith 2:26:45 (77). Lucy Wambui of Kenya won in 1:04:55 and Kenya won the teams.

BMW Berlin Marathon – 16 September 2018
Malcolm Hicks in his marathon debut recorded a time of 2:16:28 for 18th place. Paul Martelletti was 20th in 2:17:29. Martelletti has a personal best of 2:16:49 from Berlin in 2011.

Amongst the other New Zealanders competing were Andrew Curtayne 2:46:08 (517), Walter Somerville 2:50:10 (711), Alastair Prangnell, fresh from the world master championships, 2:51:36 (745) and in the women Sarah Blyde 3:19:10 (330), Briar Sefo 3:35:43 (514) and Kate McCaw 3:46:09 (691).

Eliud Kipchoge set a new world record in winning the race in 2:01:39. The 33 year-old Olympic champion cut 78 seconds off fellow Kenyan Dennis Kimetto’s record set in Berlin in 2014.
Dubbed the greatest marathon runner of the modern era, Kipchoge produced a fantastic race in the German capital to finally eclipse the one major running accomplishment that had eluded him in his illustrious career. The Kenyan defended his title amid perfect running conditions, pulling ahead of his biggest opponent, Wilson Kipsang, to make it a one-man race early.
Kipchoge said a record time was in his sights before the race, and after the opening few kilometres, it became clear his pacemakers would be pushed to the limit.
Keeping the tempo high, Kipchoge's last pacemaker peeled off after 25 kilometres, but the Rio gold medallist showed no signs of slowing down.
"It was hard. I ran my own race, I trusted my trainers, my programme and my coach. That's what pushed me in the last kilometres," said Kipchoge.
Kenyans Amos Kipruto was a distant second in 2:06:23 and Kipsang third in 2:06:48. Gladys Cherono of Kenya was the first woman in 2:18:11.


Auckland Road Relay Championships, Mt Smart Stadium – 15 September 2018

Takapuna team of Mark Boyce, Stephen Lett, Kevin Barker and Daniel Shaw won the senior men’s relay in 1:47:22, from Owairaka 1:49:57 and Pakuranga 1:50:30. Papakura (Siobhan Balle, Danielle Ingram-Trevis, Bronwyn Mitchell) won the senior women from Glen Eden and Owairaka. The master men went to Owairaka in 1:52:31 from Auckland City Athletic 2:09:57 and Lynndale 2:13:37. Pakuranga won the junior men in 1:54:05 from a second Pakuranga team 1:58:54 and ACA 2:0:21. University won the master men 60+ from their B team. Oratia won the junior women from Pakuranga while North Harbour Bays won the master women from YMCA and Papakura.
Pakuranga won the junior boys from Oratia and Pakuranga B while Oratia won the junior girls from Pakuranga and Glen Eden.


AIMS Games Championships Cross Country, Waipuna Park – 9 September 2018
8 Boys 3km Jack Hunter 10:14, Callum Murray 10:23, Connor Stewart 10:34. 8 Girls 3km Bella Earl 11:07, Lulu Johnson 11:21, Olivia Hala 11:22. 7 Boys 3km Brock Ironside 10:51, Dylan Kowalewski 10:52, Sean Collins 10:53. 7 Girls 3km Renee Carey 11:44, Hayley Cornwall 11:54, Lucy McLean 11:55. Para Boys Josh Rae. Para Girls Eva-Marie Dunlop.


Sydney Running Festival, Bradfield Park, Milson’s Point, 16 September: Marathon; David Ridley 2:42:31 (25).



Whangarei parkrun 5km, 15 September: Ben Winder 18:02, Adrian Earl 19:09, Jeremy Browne 19:50.


O’Hagan’s 5km, Viaduct Harbour, 11 September: Andrius Romanas 15:31, Ciaran Faherty 15:39, Fred Smithers 16:27. Kerry Ash 19:29, Grace Hessell 20:08, Raeana Connell 20:36.

Rat Race 5km, Takapuna, 12 September: Aaron Jackson 17:12, Ben Tinnerley 17:52, Jasper Bats 18:42. Tracy Henderson 22:48.

Barry Curtis parkrun 5km, 15 September: Steve Darby 18:32, Shaun Ryan 18:37, Grant Lincoln 18:54. Nicola Keegan 20:31.

Cornwall Park parkrun 5km, 15 September: Will Laery 17:42, Daniel Chen 17:55, Shane Jordan 18:11.
Millwater parkrun 5km, 15 September: Gene Rand 17:33, Matthew Peach 18:50, Troy Harold 18:56. Kate Borton 21:13.
Western Springs parkrun 5km, 15 September: Fraser Drummond 18:50, Owen Damon 19:29, Patrick Hayes 19:32. Stephanie Humphrey 20:52.


Trail Trilogy, 16 September: 42.2km; Roger Booth 3:36:24, Anna Longdill 3:41:06. 21.1km; David Haunschmidt 1:22:50, Jake Wilkinson 1:22:58, Dave Jaggs 1:29:15. Kirsten Milne 1:36:41, Lisa Sharpe 1:46:12, Rachel Cooper 1:47:21.

Lake parkrun 5km, 15 September: Joseph Morgan 17:24, Glenn Sexton 18:12, Chris Keith 18:58. Samantha Corbett 19:40, Veronika Adams 20:01, Gemma Horan 20:51.

Kopurererua Valley Reserve parkrun 5km, 15 September: Josh Tisch 17:26, Karel Van Wyk 20:19.


Avantidrome parkrun 5km, 15 September: Daniel Sinclair 19:17, Scott Wrenn 20:31, Craig Sinclair 20:52.
Cambridge Half Marathon, 16 September: Toby Cunliffe-Steel 1:20:39, Tony Broadhead 1:22:02, Michael O’Sullivan 1:22:12. Corrine Melrose 1:35:08, Veronica Maree 1:36:00, Laura Pratt 1:46:50. 10km; Richard Malcolm 35:10, Michael Robinson 37:42, Rhys Mildon 39:12. Emerson Deverell 40:06, Charli Miller 40:49, Tanja Miller 41:05. 5km; Andrew Carr 17:28, John Charlton 18:03, Matthew Sinclair 20:11. Hannah Jordan 22:54.

Waikanae Beach parkrun 5km, 15 September: Shaun Cooper 19:48, Le’sharn Anderson 20:56, Kelda MacDougall 21:15.


Two Mile Bay Reserve parkrun 5km, 15 September: Keegan Williams 17:30, Nathan Toma 18:32, Corey Le Couteur 19:05.


Anderson parkrun 5km, 15 September: Brian Doherty 18:51, Brendan Pheasant 19:46, Kevin Harvey 20:03.


Hatuma Lime Half Marathon, 16 September: Jonas Nielsen 1:15:32, Graeme Buscke 1:21:25, Denis Owen 1:21:50. Karen Toulmin 1:28:49, Katrina Buscke 1:33:38, Lesley Graham 1:41:26.

Palmerston North

Victoria Esplanade parkrun 5km, 15 September: Jake Jackson-Grammer 16:16, Jacob Platt 19:17, Ryan Smith 19:27. Dorota Starzak 20:31.


Kapiti Coast parkrun 5km, 15 September: Mancamp Kapiti 18:47, Steffan Wong 19:34, Marcelo Amaya 19:47.
Lower Hutt parkrun 5km, 15 September: Anthony Jackson 17:36, Geoff Ferry 18:01, Andrew Rutherdale 18:08. Jayme Maxwell 19:49.
Porirua parkrun 5km, 15 September: Cameron Forrest 17:14, Martin McCrudden 17:22, Bruce Mortimer 19:27. Saskia Knox 20:46.
The Honest 10km, Oriental Bay. 16 September: Steve Bass 37:01, Louis Hogan 37:31, Nathan Tse 37:32. Sally Taylor-Goodwin 40:10, Sarah Riceman 41:05. 5km; Dan Nixon 16:38. Sarah Bonoma 21:42.


Blenheim parkrun 5km, 15 September: Jimmy Johnston 19:10.


Hagley parkrun 5km, 15 September: Carl Parkins 17:19, Martin Connell 18:17, Justin Thorby 18:38. Nicola Handley 18:52.

Pegasus parkrun 5km, 15 September: Nathan Jones 16:41, Philip pie 16:52, Nathan Shanks 17:38. Freyja Prentice 17:50, Natasha Mitchell 19:49.


Wanaka Station Park parkrun 5km, 15 September: Michael Downe 18:54, Steve Pemberton 19:22, Adam Sharman 19:43. Claire Nichols 21:36.


Queenstown Gardens parkrun 5km, 15 September: Benjamin Britton 18:29, Tom Mills 18:34, Anton Planitz 18:39.

Botanic Garden parkrun 5km, 15 September: Jonah Smith 18:36, Jack Shaw 19:08, Neale McLanachan 19:16.


Queens Park parkrun 5km, 15 September: Brennan Rhodes 18:13, Craig Iversen 18:31, George Nichols 20:14. Emily Hay 20:26.

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