31 Jul 2017

Strategic Plan for Athletics NZ launched

Strategic Plan for Athletics NZ launched

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Athletics New Zealand launched the new Athletics NZ Strategic Plan for 2017 – 2022 at the organisation’s Club Connect conference over the weekend.

In launching the plan with Chief Executive Linda Hamersley, Athletics NZ Board Chair Annette Purvis (pictured at the conference above)  said the Board were excited to be releasing the new Strategic Plan.

“We are extremely proud to present the Strategic Plan for Athletics New Zealand 2017-2022, which has been developed over a twelve month period through a feedback and consultation process with the athletics community,” said Purvis.

“It has been an exciting period leading up to the development of this new strategy. Inspiring successes in Rio have helped to drive our profile and raise awareness of athletics to a level not seen in New Zealand for many years, demonstrated by our best-ever fan engagement across our database and digital channels and increased participation particularly within the children’s grades. This has provided the baseline for a revitalised and refocused approach for Athletics New Zealand for the next five years, Purvis added.

Throughout the development of this strategic plan, the Board engaged with the athletics community including Members, Clubs, Centres, our Associate Members, Sport NZ, our staff and partners. This was through a variety of methods including a request for feedback on the initial key priorities as they were being formed and inviting members to attend the 2016 Club Connect Conference and participate in a strategic planning workshop facilitated by an independent consultant.

Once the Board formed their thoughts based on the feedback received through that consultation, we then invited key representatives of the sport to a planning session with the Board, again facilitated by an independent consultant. Following that, the first draft was developed and further feedback was received. Once we were at a near completion stage, we consulted with Sport New Zealand, our major funding partner, to bring this strategy development to completion.

The Board spent time defining the organisation’s Purpose ‘Athletics New Zealand exists so that everyone in New Zealand can participate and achieve in Athletics’ to support our Vision of ‘All New Zealanders engaged in athletics’. The overall strategic plan is underpinned by our values: we are Integrity driven, Responsive, Connected and Achievement focused. The new strategic plan’s key outcomes are more members and participants; along with more athletes competing on the international stage. Although this is not dissimilar to the previous strategic plan, the new supporting strategic initiatives focus on the core actions that will make us successful. These fall under three pillars: ‘Enable’, ‘Inspire’ and ‘Lead’. These pillars reflect a focus on strong clubs, quality events and improved access to opportunities for athletes, coaches and officials.

“We are a progressive organisation with a clear focus on what needs to happen to lead the whole sport forward, and we are delighted to be presenting the following representation which forms the Athletics New Zealand Strategic Plan 2017-2022. A special thank you to all those who have contributed in developing our road map for success,” Purvis said.

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