8 Feb 2014

Hakeai Snares Commonwealth Games Qualifier

Hakeai Snares Commonwealth Games Qualifier

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Discus thrower Siositina Hakeai starred at the Porritt Classic athletics meeting in Hamilton on Saturday evening with a Commonwealth Games B qualifier and New Zealand under 20 record, upstaging a number of other very good performances.

Hakeai's best throw of 59.65 was almost 2 metres further than the previous record held by former World Champion Beatrice Faumuina since 1994 and further than the Glasgow Games B standard of 58.50.

Stuart Farquhar won the men's Javelin at his home track of Porritt Classic as expected, but it was the winner of the women's event, Tori Peeters who stole the limelight, claiming a national under 20 record with a throw of 52.83 metres.

Peeters had recently claimed the record with a throw of 49.98, but her third round throw of 50.12 added to the record and her next throw added over 2.71 metres to set another mark.

Farquhar’s winning throw of 78.02  was not near his meeting record of 83.35. Training partner Ben Langton-Burnell placed second with 70.06 and Johan Smalberger third in his first competition after being out with injury for over two years.

The 1500 races were won in commanding fashion by Hamish Carson and Camille Buscomb. Carson’s win in 3:44.80 came with a blistering sprint over the final 300 metres, while Buscomb lead from the front to record a personal best of 4:16.31.

Joseph Millar won the sprint double recording windy times of 10.45 and 21.03 from Cameron French and Joshua Hawkins.

French had earlier won the 400m hurdles in a smart 51.08 over top ranked Michael Cochrane and national champion Daniel O'Shea.

Hawkins also had a fast 110 hurdles of 14.22 faster than he had run before.

The women's 100 hurdles were won by Fiona Morrison who broke her own meeting record with a new personal best of 13.42, within the allowable wind reading.

Matthew Wyatt had a very big long jump at 7.80 but was denied the satisfaction of a personal best because of the windy conditions.

Liz Lamb won the women's high jump, clearing 1.82 while Jordan Peters was the victor in the men's competition, clearing 2.05.

The Pole Vault saw North Harbour Bays club-mates Nick Southgate and Pascal Kethers both cleared 4.90 with Southgate getting the win on countback.

100m: Joseph Millar (Taur) 10.45s 1, Cameron French (Ham) 10.65s 2, Isaac Tatoa (ACA) 10.65s 3.
200m: Millar 21.03s 1, Joshua Hawkins (Ell) 21.28s 2, James Mortimer (NHB) 21.32s 3.
400m: Tama Toki (ACA) 47.34s 1, Bailey Stewart (Pak) 47.76s 2, Daniel Dyet (NHB) 48.45s 3.
800m: Rhys Bishop (Egmont) 1m 54.36s 1, Theunis Pieters (Ham) 1m 56.26s 2, Alex Beddos (Wes) 1m 56.76s 3.
1500m: Hamish Carson (Wgtn) 3m 44.80s 1, Daniel Balchin (N/B) 3m 46.16s 2, Hayden McLaren (N/B) 3m 48.61s 3.
Dick Quax boys 1500m: Geordie Beamish (Wang) 3m 56.47s 1, Tom Caughley (Wgtn) 4m 6.31s 2, Luke Fielding (Wait) 4m 6.99s 3.
110m hurdles: Joshua Hawkins (Ell) 14.22s 1, Michael Cochrane (Taur) 14.56s 2, Jack Henry (Chch) 15.23s 3.
400m hurdles: French 51.08s 1, Cochrane 51.52s 2, Daniel O’Shea (Dunedin) 52.30s 3.
3000m steeplechase: Michael Banks (ACA) 9m 36.45s 1, Harry Ewing (Ham) 10m 26.38s 2, Tom Spencer (Egmont) 11m 2.73s 3.
Shot put: Jerram Hutson (Taieri) 14.76m 1, Stephen Buckley (Tak) 14.36m 2, Alex Parkinson (NHB) 13.40m 3. 6kg; Kyle Van der Merwe (Inglwd) 16.51m 1, Matthew Bloxham (NHB) 15.65m 2, Benedict Chong Wong (Wait) 15.44m 3.
Hammer throw: Adam Miller (Wait) 56.50m 1, Todd Bates (Taieri) 49.01m 2, Michael Scholten (Taieri) 43.54m 3.
Javelin throw: Stuart Farquhar (Ham) 78.02m 1, Ben Langdon-Burrell (P/Nth) 70.06m 2, Johan Smalberger (NHB) 66.38m 3.
Long jump: Matthew Wyatt (NHB) 7.80m 1, Hamish Gill (NHB) 6.93m 2, Ettiene Du Preez (NHB) 6.67m 3.
High jump: Jordan Peters (P/Nth) 2.05m 1, Matt Nicholls (NHB) and Nicholas Gerrard (NHB) 1.95m 2 equal.
Pole vault: Nicholas Southgate (NHB) 4.90m 1, Pascal Kethers (NHB) 4.90m 2, Vincent Hobbie (NHB) 4.40m 3.
4 x 100m relay: Cheetahs (Tatoa, French, Van der Speck, Howe) 40.71s 1, Lightning 41.48s 2, St Pauls Old Boys 42.64s 3.
100m: Mariah Ririnui (Ham) 11.76s 1, Fiona Morrison (Chch) 11.92s 2, Abby Goldie (Taur) 11.99s 3.
200m: Portia Bing (NHB) 23.73s 1, Louise Jones (Pak) 24.02s 2, Goldie 24.59s 3.
400m: Zoe Ballantyne (NHB) 55.72s 1, Shannon Gearey (Hastings) 56.14s 2, Kristie Baillie (Ham) 56.39s 3.
800m: Holly Manning (Napier) 2m 11.48s 1, Lucy Jacobs (Tak) 2m 11.96s 2, Jessica Bitcheno (Taur) 2m 13.56s 3.
1500m: Camille Buscomb (Ham) 4m 16.31s 1, Angie Smit (Cant) 4m 25.08s 2, Caroline Mellsop (Wgtn) 4m 27.86s 3.
Dianne Rodger girls 1500m: Madeleine Roughan (N/Ply) 4m 49.30s 1, Emerson Deverell (Kings) 4m 49.65s 2, Imogen Hull (Kerikeri) 4m 54.39s 3.
100m hurdles: Morrison 13.42s 1, Bing 13.77s 2, Paige Harwood (Wait) 14.82s 3.
300m hurdles: Rebecca Gillett (Chch) 46.67s 1, Riandri De Bruyn (ACA) 47.82s 2, Myah Jex-Blake (Wang) 48.13s 3.
400m hurdles: Zoe Ballantyne (NHB) 60.55s 1, Mackenzie Keenan (Chch) 63.09s 2, Amy Robinson (Taur) 64.58s 3.
3000m steeplechase: Rosa Flanagan (Cant) 10m 16.00s 1, Anneke Grogan (Taur) 11m 4.55s 2, Mary Bollen (Ham) 12m 16.39s 3.
Shot put: Te Rina Keenan (Wait) 14.58m 1, Katie Smith (Wair) 11.29m 2, Lauren Bruce (Sth Cant) 10.70m 3.
Discus throw: Siositina Hakeai (ACA) 59.65m (NZ U/20 record) 1, Keenan 53.71m 2, Ruby Cochrane (Sth Cant) 44.49m 3.
Hammer throw: Nicole Bradley (NHB) 56.71m 1, Bruce 56.49m (Canterbury U/20 record) 2, Ella Pilkington (NHB) 48.84m 3.
Javelin throw: Tori Peeters (Taieri) 52.83m (NZ U/20 record) 1, Veronica Torr (NHB) 35.98m 2, Tamara Anstis (Howick) 35.61m 3.
Long jump: Ririnui 5.87m 1, Amy Robinson (Taur) 5.60m 2, Leanna Ryan (Sth Cant) 5.35m 3.
High jump: Liz Lamb (Wait) 1.82m 1, Sarah Cowley (NHB) 1.78m 2, Harwood 1.78m 3.
Pole vault: Hannah Lunday (NHB) 3.00m 1, Kazaya Vos (NHB) 2.90m 2.
4 x 100m relay: NZ Black (Goldie, Robinson, Morrison, Ririnui) 45.99s 1, NZ Silver 47.17s 2, Christchurch Old Boys United 50.99s 3.

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