28 Jul 2014

Bronze for Zane Robertson in 5000

Bronze for Zane Robertson in 5000

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All of Zane Robertson’s (pictured centre) sacrifices to improve his running came to fruition in Glasgow with a bronze medal in the 5000m.

However his success was twinged with a certain amount of disappointment for his brother Jake who was tripped with just over two laps to run.

The twins had come into the race assuring themselves of a medal.

With 800m remaining, Caleb Ndiku of Kenya with gold hair led the chase to the finish ahead of his compatriot Isiah Koech and Zane Robertson. Ndiku was all power over the final lap clocking 13:12.07, Koech came through in 3:14.06 and Robertson 13:16.52. Jake was quickly back on his feet giving chase and finished ninth in 13:29.69 one place ahead of Nick Willis who ran 13:34.46.

Zane Robertson, wearing a cap with a superman logo and draped in a New Zealand flag, said that he was absolutely delighted.

“This is the happiest day of my life, I worked seven hard years, in the early years in Africa I sacrificed a lot, I don’t see it that way anymore. I’m living the dream, travelling the world and I’m just having absolute fun living my life and today all those sacrifices I’d done originally they’ve paid off,” said Robertson.

Zane said that he was aware of what had happened to Jake because he heard the crowd.

“I took a look back just before I took off, I was leading at that point and I did see who had gone down and I thought oh my God what can I do here, but I knew that I just had to focus on what I was doing still because the job is at hand and there is nothing I could do for him,” said Zane.

Zane said that the race went to plan for him.

“I did exactly what I had planned to do with my bro we charged out with the Kenyans we made it a quicker pace and I put myself in it with three laps to go. It’s always how hard you can close the last kilometre in these championship races and I was right there. I was just a little bit surprised that three of us got away on the other Kenyan and the defending champion Moses Kipsiro of Uganda.  I thought it was going to be a little bit more competitive in the home stretch. But we really closed that last kilometre quite quickly and it got clearly a bronze medal,” said Zane.

At one stage during the race the announcer said that it was three New Zealanders in the first six and when Zane and Jake went one two in the race the announcer spouted out that the race is being led by the “All Blacks”.
Zane is also down to race the 1500m, with Willis and Julian Matthews.

Jake was taken off quickly after the race to get treatment on his badly bruised legs from the fall. However he did have time to say that the race was going to be his day.

“I felt nothing I felt really easy and that’s way things go, it could have happened to anyone and it is what it is,” said Jake.

At this point Willis said: “The old bugger tripped him up”.

At the point that Jake tripped New Zealand and Kenya held the first six placings in the race. Willis said that he tried to get back on. “But I was useless at the end,” he said.

Jake was pleased for his brother.

“We planned to work as a team and we were going to get two medals,” he said. “I‘ve got the 10,000m on Friday, whether or not my legs will let me run that is yet to tell,” added Jake.

Images by Alan McDonald MacSpeed Photography

Murray McKinnon
Athletics Correspondent
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