2 Sep 2017

Balchin and Burne win NZ Road Championship titles

Balchin and Burne win NZ Road Championship titles

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Above: Aaron Pulford leading Daniel Balchin in the senior men's 10km Road Champs in Christchurch

Daniel Balchin defended his national 10km Men’s road title in Christchurch and Olivia Burne took out the women’s 10km race in cold, windy and at times wet conditions in Christchurch on Saturday.

Balchin from Canterbury, ran with a big leading bunch for much of the 10-lap race with runners dropping off until just five were left. 

Aaron Pulford (Waikato BoP) pushed the pace for much of the journey but over the last 1500m Balchin and Caden Shields (Otago) surged ahead.

The Cantabrian outsprinted Shields in a repeat of last year’s result. Balchin’s winning time of 30:42, reflected the testing conditions with a strong wind affect all times. Pulford held on for third from a fast-finishing Sam Wreford.

Canterbury won the men’s team title from Waikato BoP and Wellington.

Olivia Burne from Auckland ran a well-judged race to win the women’s 10km title from cross country champion Ruby Muir (Wellington) and Penny Peskett (Auckland) who pushed defending champion Laura Nagel back to fourth place with a solid final lap.

The Aucklander’s win in a smart time of 35:05 in the tough conditions was Burne’s second New Zealand senior title.

Wellington took out the women’s team title from Canterbury.

Theo Quax from Auckland used his track speed to good effect in the Under 20 Men’s 8km race. After sitting with the leading group for much of the race, he surged away over the final lap to win from Oli Chignell (Otago) and Mitchell Small (Canterbury).

Emerson Deverell from Waikato BoP was victorious in the Under 20 women’s event, winning comfortably from Navajo Prentice (Canterbury) and Alyssa Bullot (Auckland).

Samuel Tanner took the Under 18 Men’s 6km with a fast last lap to take the trifecta of NZ Secondary Schools Cross Country, NZ Cross Country and NZ Road Champs titles for 2017. The Waikato Bay of Plenty runner headed Murdoch McIntyre (Auckland) and Drew Cairney (Otago).

Jayme Maxwell from Wellington had an all-the-way win in the Women’s Under 18 grade from Joanna Poland (Auckland) and Tillie Hollyer (Canterbury).

The Masters Men’s 10km race saw a lead group of three run together until they got to the last lap and Steve Rees-Jones sprinted away from Wellington athletes Steven Day and Dan Nixon to win the title. 

Sally Gibbs (Waikato BoP) had a contrasting victory in the masters women’s 5km championship race, recording the fastest time ahead of Maggie Chorley and Johanna Buick, both from Canterbury.

Jonathan Lord (Canterbury) and Laura Langley (Hawkes Bay Gisborne) were clear winners in the senior men’s and women’s 10km race walk championships, while Jamie Shaw (Tasman) took the Under 20 Men’s 5km. Alexander Brown (Otago) and Alice Ritchie (Canterbury) were the Under 18 5km race walk winners.


Senior Men 10km: Daniel Balchin (Cant) 30m 42s 1, Caden Shields (Otago) 30m 43s 2, Aaron Pulford (WaikBoP) 30m 49s 3, Sam Wreford (Cant) 30m 50s 4, Hayden Wilde (WaikBoP) 30m 57s 5, Nick Horspool (Wgtn) 31m 0s 6. Teams; Canterbury 1, Waikato Bay of Plenty 2, Wellington 3.

Masters Men 10km: Steve Rees-Jones (WaikBoP) 32m 55s 1, Stephen Day (Wgtn) 32m 58s 2, Dan Nixon (Wgtn) 33m 4s 3. Teams; 35-49 Wellington 1, Canterbury 2, Southland 3. 50 plus Wellington 1, Canterbury 2, Christchurch Avon 3.

U20 Men 8km: Theo Quax (Akld) 25m 31s 1, Oli Chignell (Otago) 25m 33s 2, Mitchell Small (Cant) 25m 47s 3. Teams; Auckland 1, Canterbury 2.

U/18 Men 6km: Samuel Tanner (WaikBoP) 18m 40s 1, Murdoch McIntyre (Akld) 18m 53s 2, Drew Cairney (Otago) 19m 14s 3. Teams; Canterbury 1.

U/15 Men 3km: Will Anthony (Oly Wgtn) 9m 43s 1, Josh Hou (Hill City) 10m 1s 2, Charlie Hazlett (Port Hills) 10m 5s 3.

U/13 Men 2km: Luke Johnston (NB) 6m 56s 1, Finn Allott (Port Hills) 7m 7s 2, Phonse Carroll (Chch Avon) 7m 20s 3.

Road walk: Senior Men 10km; Jonathon Lord (Cant) 49m 3s 1, Lyndon Hohaia (Akld) 55m 50s 2. Masters 10km; Rodney Gillum (Tar) 1h 2m 44s 1, David Smyth (Aust) 1h 4m 56s 2. U/20 5km; Jamie Shaw (Tasman) 24m 49s 1, Daniel Chai (Akld) 33m 8s 2. U/18 5km; Alexander Brown (Otago) 27m 18s 1.

Senior Women 10km: Olivia Burne (Akld) 35m 5s 1, Ruby Muir (Wgtn) 35m 30s 2, Penny Peskett (Akld) 35m 36s 3, Laura Nagel (HBG) 35m 40s 4, Margie Campbell (NHB) 36m 25s 5, Sally Gibbs (WaikBoP) 37m 1s 6. Wellington 1, Canterbury 2.

Masters Women 5km: Sally Gibbs (WaikBoP) 18m 12s 1, Maggie Chorley (Cant) 19m 3s 2, Johanna Buick (Cant) 19m 6s 3. Teams; Canterbury 1, Auckland 2.

U/20 Women 5km: Emerson Deverell (WaikBoP) 18m 29s 1, Navajo Prentice (Cant) 18m 51s 2, Alyssa Bullot (Akld) 19m 24s 3. Teams; Canterbury 1.

U/18 Women 5km: Jayme Maxwell (Wgtn) 18m 19s 1, Joanna Poland (Akld) 18m 35s 2, Tillie Hollyer (Cant) 18m 49s 3. Teams; Auckland 1, Canterbury 2.

U/15 Women 3km: Leila Dunlop (Port Hills) 10m 52s 1, Jemima Antoniazzi (Ham) 10m 55s 2, Paris Carroll (Chch Avon) 11m 5s 3.

U/13 Women 2km: Niamh Motley (Timaru) 7m 17s 1, Bridie Restieaux (Cant) 7m 18s 2, Sophie Robb (Akld) 7m 28s 3.

Road walk: Senior Women 10km; Laura Langley (HBG) 50m 25s 1, Rozie Robinson (Cant) 53m 5s 2. Masters 10km; Jacqueline Wilson (Wgtn) 1h 6m 19s 1, Terri Grimmett (Wgtn) 1h 8m 27s 2, Arlene Wong-Tung (Wgtn) 1h 13m 54s 3. U/18 5km; Alice Ritchie (Cant) 30m 25s 1, Laura Kehely (Taranaki) 30m 49s 2.


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