30 Jan 2017

Athletics NZ Weekly Roundup 30 January 2017

Athletics NZ Weekly Roundup 30 January 2017

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Above: Wellington GP 1500m at Masterton with eventual winner Nathan Tse third from right. Photo by Sharon Wray.

Athletics New Zealand 10,000m Championships, TET Stadium – 28 January 2017
Aaron Pulford made it four years in a row with a clear cut victory in the title race on the recently resurfaced Taranaki track. The 25 year old was an early leader of the race and he went on to finish in 29:38.98, nearly two minutes ahead of nineteen year old Harry Burnard. Sean Eustace and Burnard worked well to rope in Mike Banks over the later stages. Burnard was rewarded with a 40 seconds PB of 31:40.96 and Eustace also recorded his best of 31:45.95. Banks was fourth in 32:03.43 with David Lovelock next in 33:35.47. Pulford who was fifth in the 10,000m at the world junior championships in Moncton Canada in 2010 now has six national titles adding the 10,000m wins to the half marathon in 2010 and the marathon in 2015.
Fifty three year old Sally Gibbs won the women’s title in 36:38.69, a minute outside her New Zealand masters W50 record. Gibbs won the title in 2012 and in 2014 won the national half marathon and marathon titles. Gibbs who already held the honour of being the oldest woman to win a national title in a track event extended the age record from 48 years 212 days to 53 years 237 days. Katrina Andrew of Otago was second in 37:30.49.

North Island 14 and 16 Interprovincial Contest, TET Stadium – 28 January 2017
Oliver Miller was in top form winning the 400m in 48.14, just outside his best of 48.03 in the 2015 New Zealand secondary schools championships in Timaru. Miller also won the high jump 1.87m and the 200m 22.71. There were no wind readings on any sprints or hurdles. Hannah O’Connor continued her winning way in the 1500m in 4:30.86 and a near three seconds PB in the 800m with 2:17.33. Krystal Clark was second in both in 4:58.67 and 2:22.99. Sofia Lome won the 100m 12.72, 200m 26.08 and the long jump 5.26m (-0.5).
Mogammad Smith U/16 100m 11.30 and 200m 23.11. Leah Belfield U/18 100m 12.95 and 200m 25.68. Kaia Tupu-South DT 39.66m, 3kg SP 13.41m PB. Mellata Tatola DT 36.62m, 3kg SP 14.27m, 3kg HT 53.06m. Alana Ryan 3kg HT 40.24m PB. Kayla Goodwin LJ 5.31m (-3.4) and third 200m 26.95. Ashleigh Bennett TJ 11.19m (0.0), 3kg SP 12.06m, LJ 5.66m (-1.2).
Arnold Fage TJ 13.36m (+0.2), Harry Marr TJ 12.08m (+0.2) PB. Faitele Trigger 1.25kg DT 47.33m, 5kg SP 14.40m. Tua Herman 1.5kg DT 46.46m, 5kg SP 12.04m, 700g JT 38.84m. Josephine Reeves HJ 1.69m. Roderick Solo LJ 6.23m (-1.0) and U/16 100m hurdles 13.98. Tanya Murray 500g JT 32.83m. Luke Paanakker LJ 6.24m (NWI), HJ 1.75m. Khya Wilson HJ 1.81m. Caleb Moore 5kg HT 46.49m. Charlotte Holland 400m 59.97 second 200m 26.88. Matthew Eady 400m 52.74. Tessa Webb U/18 1500m 4:49.10. Liam Back U/16 1500m 4:20.78. George Cory-Wright U/18 1500m 4:13.64. Matthew Aucamp U/18 110m hurdles 15.55 PB. Zoe Taylor U/16 80m hurdles 12.75.

Athletics Wellington Grand Prix, Pelorus Trust Athletic Track – 28 January 2017
Aimee Francois of Upper Hutt had a PB of 12.57 (+2.0) in the 100m and she also won the 200m in 26.34 (-0.6). Jonty Morison coupled together a 100m victory in 11.34 (+0.4) and a PB 400m of 50.29. Saravee Sos was second in the 100m in 11.42 and won the 200m in 22.77 (0.0). Kelsey Forman 1500m 4:39.15 mx, Jean Kozyniak 1500m 4:40.66 mx. Nathan Tse 1500m 3:57.24 and Callum Stewart 3:58.87 PB. Phoebe McKnight 3000m 9:41.70 mx, Andrea Peat 3000m 10:38.15 mx PB. Jonathan Justice 3000m 8:55.56. Sean Lake 3000m RW 16:58.62. Lee-Ann McKenzie HJ 1.65m, 600g JT 34.01m. Brendon Barnett LJ 6.46m (NWI). Nathan Whiteman 5kg HT 50.35m, 5kg SP 13.10m PB, 1.5kg DT 39.53m PB.

Athletics Canterbury Meeting, Rawhiti Domain – 28 January 2017
Jarvis Hansen 60m 7.42 (+1.3), 100m 11.52 (+0.6). Ieuan van der Peet 5000m 15:58.64. James Sandilands HJ 1.95m. Hayden Hall 800g JT 57.40m. Nicholas Newman TJ 11.29m (-1.2). Cameron Gamble 1.5kg DT 40.28m. Sam Harris LJ 5.97m (-0.3), TJ 11.76m (-3.6). Lilly Trotter 1500m 4:49.30 mx. Angela Whyte 3000m 10:32.20 mx. Solene Cordonnier PV 3.00m. Fiona Morrison LJ 5.47m (-0.6). Lauren Bruce SP 11.33m, DT 41.47m, HT 52.17m, 600g JT 18.73m. Roseanne Robinson 3000m RW 14:24.13. Anastassia Naylor HJ 1.65m. Summer Rutherford LJ 5.23m (+2.7). Caitlin Bonne DT 39.19m, 500g JT 32.62m.

Athletics Otago Meeting, Caledonian Ground – 28 January 2017
Rio Paralympian long jump gold medalist Anna Grimaldi T47 200m 27.59 (-3.2) and LJ 5.31m (+1.9). Adriana Mawhinney 200m 27.55 (-3.2) and HJ 1.55m. Raylene Bates 1kg DT 32.28m. Sam Gouverneur 400m 51.76 and 100m 12.70 (-2.9). Oli Chignell 5000m 15:14.53 PB. Hamish Mears 5kg SP 14.07m, 1.5kg DT 45.13m PB. Todd Bates 7.26kg HT 50.07m, Mike Scholten 41.78m. Ethan Walker 700g JT 47.63m. Flynn Berkett 800g JT 42.04m. Schuylet Orr 100m 11.68 (-2.9). Gemma Millar 3kg SP 10.19m, 3kg HT 36.72m.

Otago Combined Events Championships, Caledonian Ground – 28/29 January 2017
Camerom Moffitt set an Otago boys 13 octathlon record of 3872 points (12.74 -0.8, 5.32m +3.0, 10.67m, 58.29, 16.08 -0.6, 1.62m, 27.47m, 3:08.57). Felix McDonald won the M19 decathlon 5893 (11.76 -0.8, 6.84m +2.7, 9.44m, 1.83m, 52.18, 15.76 -0.6, 30.27m, 2.50m, 47.26m, 4:57.17). Cameron Miller M17 decathlon 5320. Tara McNally W16 heptathlon 3314 from Sarah Langsbury 3240. Joccoaa Palmer W19 heptathlon 3270 from 17 year old twin sister Leonie Palmer 3172.

North Harbour Bays Throwers Meeting, AUT Millennium Stadium – 24 January 2017
Anthony Nobilo 6kg HT 57.64m PB. Mellata Tatola 4kg HT 49.62m PB. Luce Perks 3kg HT 39.32m PB. Nick Hailes 7.26kg HT 45.33m. Anthony Barmes 5kg HT 55.24m. Livvie Duggan 4kg HT 47.01m.

Auckland City Athletics Club Night, Mt Smart Stadium, 18 January: 3000m Peter Wheeler 8:36.94, Tom Moyes 8:46.19, William Harris 8:51.23. James Guthrie-Croft 400m 51.08. Anita McLaren (née Punt) 400m 58.02 mx. 25 January: Isaac Tatoa 60m 7.04 (+0.9). James Guthrie-Croft 100m 11.08 (+1.3), 200m 22.13 (+3.0). Esther Keown 1500m 4:25.72 mx. Jono Ansley 2000m st 6:41.21. Maiya Christini 2000m st 7:28.22 mx PB. Peter Wheeler 3000m 8:50.94. Marshall Hall 2kg DT 59.62m.

Victoria Milers Club
, Box Hill Melbourne, 19 January: Ellen Schaef 1500m 4:24.55 (4) PB. Brad Mathas 1500m 3:46.66 (4) PB.
Go for 2 & 5, Perth, 20 January: Michael Cochrane 400m 48.79 (3).
ACT Combined Events Championships, Canberra, 21/22 January: Veronica Torr heptathlon 5717 points (1), (13.81 +0.6, 1.70m, 13.15m, 25.13 (+0.6), 6.11m (0.0), 40.64m, 2:30.91).
Melbourne Shield at Williamson, 21 January: Ellen Schaef 400m 56.75 (2) PB.
Go for 2 & 5, Perth, 25 January: Michael Cochrane 400m hurdles 51.17 (1).
Victoria Country Championships, Casey Fields, 26 January: Mackenzie Keenan 400m H 60.33 (1).
Hunter Classic, Glendale NSW, 28 January: Brad Mathas 800m 1:48.18 (4). Ellen Schaef 800m 2:05.30 (2RB) PB.

Pasadena Half Marathon
, California, 22 January: Xaviour Walker 1:14:55 (6). Held on a hilly course in wet windy conditions. Walker (35) a former Otago runner has been based in the States for the past eight years. He intends running the Los Angeles and Berlin marathons later this year.

BU Multi-team
, Boston, 19 January: Jessica Martin 1000m 3:08.62 (16).
Cherry and Silver Invitational, Albuquerque New Mexico, 20 January: Annika Grogan mile 5:19.87 (13), 3000m 10:42.20 (17).
Rod McCravy Memorial, Lexington Kentucky, 20 January: Alison Andrews-Paul 800m 2:08.10 (4).
Dartmouth-Yale-Columbia, New York, 20 January: Ariana Lord 800m 2:21.35 (11).
Gladstein Invitational, Bloomington Indiana, 20 January: Matt Prest 5000m 15:10.60 (7).
Penn-8 Team Select, Staten Island, New York, 21 January: Cameron Avery mile 4:22.24 (8).
Bowdoin Invitational, Brunswick Maine, 21 January: Rory Buckman 3000m 9:07.56 (11).
Colombia East-West Challenge, New York, 27 January: Olivia Burdon mile 4:38.80 (4).
J D Martin Invitational, Mosier Indoor Facility, Norman Oklahoma, 27/28 January: Hannah Miller mile 4:56.22 (1) PB, 800m 2:18.74 (6h1).
John Thomas Terrier Invitational, Boston, 28 January: Julian Oakley 3000m 7:54.10 (1r1) PB. Cameron Avery 3000m 8:32.89 (2r4) PB.
Razorback Invitational, Fayetteville, 28 January: Rebekah Greene 3000m 9:45.51 (11).
New Mexico Team Invitational, Albuquerque, 28 January: Greer Alsop TJ 12.02m (5).

Popular Tauranga Ramblers masters athlete and Waikato Bay of Plenty official Brendan Magill died suddenly on his way to work on Thursday 26 January 2017 aged 53.
He worked at Traction Tyres Te Puke. Magill had been involved with Tauranga Ramblers as a past committee member (equipment co-ordinator) and competitor for many years. He officiated at most meetings including the Porritt Classic as a pole vault official. A private service and cremation was held for him on Saturday 28 January 2017.

Whangarei Parkrun 5km, 28 January: Sean Hampson 18:10, Paul Sumich 19:00, Betty Bohane 19:06.

O’Hagan’s 5km, Viaduct Harbour, 24 January: Tommy Hayes 15:46, Matthew Battley 15:53, Gene Rand 16:44. Erin Montgomery 18:29, Anna Bramley 19:16, Christina Adamson 19:56.
Rat Race 5km, Takapuna, 25 January: Daniel Robertson 16:42, Ryan Zent 16:48, Josh Spraggon 17:24.
YMCA 10km Series, Auckland Domain, 26 January: Kit Edwards 35:57, Gene Rand 36:14, Sam Arcand 37:17.
Barry Curtis Parkrun 5km, 28 January: James Higgs 18:57, Grant Lincoln 19:05.
Millwater Parkrun 5km, 28 January: Gene Rand 17:55.
Western Springs Parkrun 5km, 28 January: Rhys Johnston 16:59, Stephen Lett 17:43, Hayden Shearman 18:06. Anna McRae 20:48, Meghan Drew 20:54, Angela Hawkes 21:09.

Eastside 5k River Run Series, 24 January: John Mering 16:16, Jai Davis-Campbell `6:19, John Bowe 17:21. Charli Miller 18:03, Kovo Kowalewski 19:32, Kirsten Milne 20:03.
Lake Parkrun 5km, 28 January: Cameron Hall 17:45, Matthew Hillary 17:47, Robert Hayday 17:48, John Crane 17:50. Mary Carswell 20:50.

Bay Run 5km, Carmichael Road Reserve, 17 January: Sam Tanner 16:32, Todd Rowan 17:01, Dennis De Monchy 17:36. Jess Ruthe 18:06, Hannah Lowe 20:05, Katrina Shores 20:15. 24 January: Hayden Wilde 15:43, Ben Ruthe 15:54, Kyle Macdonald 16:24. Katrina Shores 19:47, Deborah Paine 20:18, Emily Kendrick 20:20.

Puarenga Parkrun 5km, 28 January: Matt Parsonage 17:02, Bryn Parry 19:02.

Tongariro National Park
Tussock Traverse, 28 January: 26km; Gene Beveridge 1:54:58, Matthew Battley 2:00:56, Tommy Hayes 2:01:16. Alison Wilson 2:18:30, Cecilia Flori 2:20:27, Sasha Antunovic 2:32:27. 13km; James Kuegler 1:03:39, Mathus Wetzels 1:03:42, William Mayer 1:11:45. Siobhan Griffiths 1:25:14, Leah Purcell 1:25:14, Rhonda Parry 1:30:05.

Anderson Parkrun 5km, 28 January: James Teuten 18:29.

Tararua Forest Park
Jumbo Holdsworth 24km Trail Run, 28 January: Dougal Thorburn 2:28:39, Daniel Clendon 2:29:53, Robert Rawles 2:31:48. Ruby Muir 2:45:54, Dulia Daly 3:11:57, Marissa Graham 3:17:42.

Waterfront 5km, 24 January: Jacob Rothman 17:22, Patrick Williamson 17:36, Grant McLean 17:38. Ange Penberthy 19:59. Walk; Clive McGovern 30:35. Terri Grimmett 32:35.
Lower Hutt Parkrun 5km, 28 January: Andrew Crosland 17:43, Luke Walton 18:06, Craig Baxter 18:29.
Kapiti Parkrun 5km, 28 January: Tom Bland 17:15, Philip Opie 17:48.

Nelson Striders Summer Road Series, Maitai Valley 5km, 24 January: Tom Addison 15:37, Brian Kemp 17:22, Simon Leaning 18:36. Robyn Deane 20:47.

Parkrun 5km, 28 January: Robbie Barnes 18:19.

Shoe Clinic Asics 5km Series, North Hagley Park, 24 January: Oska Baynes 14:43, William Sams 15:47, Tane Cambridge 16:12. Lucy Oliver 18:09, Melanie Angland 18:25, Navajo Prentice 18:26.
Hagley Parkrun 5km, 28 January: Hannah Oldroyd 18:00, Kevin Muir 18:02, Shaun McWhirter 18:15.

Port Chalmers to Logan Park 12km, 29 January: Jack McNaughton (17) 45:35, Stafford Thompson 45:38, Sam Hopper 45:39. Bella Bloomfield 52:51, Kirsty O’Sullivan 55:15.

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