30 Apr 2018

Athletics NZ Weekly Roundup 30 April 2018

Athletics NZ Weekly Roundup 30 April 2018

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Above: Tom Walsh competing at the 2018 Gold Coast Commonwealth Games. Photo by Alan McDonald / Macspeedfoto.

109th Drake Relays, Drake Stadium, De Moines Iowa – 29 April 2018
Tom Walsh in his first competition since winning the shot put gold on the Gold Coast had to settle for second behind Rio Olympic Games champion Ryan Crouser. Walsh throwing 21.82m to Crouser’s 22.01m.
Crouser had only one throw measured, his opening attempt of 22.01m and he fouled in each of the next five rounds. Walsh on the other hand was consistent throughout with a series of 22.11, 21.82, 21.58, 21.60 21.77 and 21.43.
Walsh said it was good to be with Crouser again.
“It’s great competing against Ryan again, it’s been six months since we competed and it’s good to get out there. He got the better of me today, he had some big throws,” said Walsh.
He added that it was one of the those days where it didn’t come together.
“I felt like I had something in the tank and I couldn’t quite line it up and it was slightly frustrating. But it was definitely a good comp for me everything was really good apart from I wasn’t quite tagging it on the end but that’s just the way it is sometimes.”
Walsh is now looking forward to the Diamond League, Prefontaine Classic meeting in Eugene Oregon at the end of May.
Crouser said that he was pleased with his first competition of the season.
“I’ve been side lined with a hand injury for eight weeks and it’s taken five weeks to get back in shape,” he said.

Bryan Clay Invitational, Cougar Athletic Stadium Azusa CA, 18 April: Missed from last week, Kerry White 800m 2:08.69 (4R3, 22). 20 April: Tannock Blair 1500m 3:53.13 (14R8). James Uhlenberg 1500m 3:58.90 (16H5). Kalani Sheridan 1500m 4:01.21 PB (5H7). Sam Colyer LJ 6.28m (+1.9) (59).
Mt Sac Relays, Torrance, 15 April: Jacob Priddey 5000m 14:50.06 (21R2). 20 April: Mike Lowe 10,000m 29:39.62 PB (12R2). Harry Ewing 3000m steeplechase 8:52.70 PB (2R8). Hannah Miller 5000m 16:09.99 PB (22RA). Anneke Grogan 5000m 16:56.61 PB (5), 3000m steeplechase 10:52.47 PB (20).
Beach Invitational, Long Beach, 21 April: Daniel Hintz 800m 1:51.73 (1R4). Kerry White 800m 2:09.54 (3RB). Chris Brake HJ 2.00m (21).
New York Relays, New York, 21 April: Connor McGiven 200m 23.17 PB (-0.9) (4H3), 400m 50.01 (8). Anna Serafeimidou 100m 13.14 PB (+1.9) (6). Annalies Kalma 200m 26.22 (-1.1) (4H2). Jemma Antoniazzi mile 5:23.99 (9), 3000m 10:21.65 PB (5). Charli Miller 3000m 10:11.73 (2), 2000m steeplechase 7:08.22 (1).
Indiana Little State Challenge, Marion, 21 April: Joseph Beamish 3000m steeplechase 9:47.52 (3).
Tufts Sunshine Classic, Medford, 21 April: Rory Buckman 3000m steeplechase 9:49.86 PB (3).
BWN v Providence, Providence, 22 April: Angus White 3000m 8:24.89 PB (1).
Illinois Marathon, Champaign, 28 April: Michael Poole 2:44:56 (22).

Shaw Baton Relays, Battle Hill Farm Park, Pauatahanui – 28 April 2018
Scottish won all the men grade relays; senior men, master men 35+, master men 50+ and the junior men.
Wellington Harrier Athletic Club won the senior women, master women 50+ and the junior women. Olympic won the master women 35+.
The youth boys under 15 went to Olympic and the youth girls under 15 to WHAC.

Lionel Fox Relays, Woodend Beach Domain – 28 April 2018
Christchurch Avon team of Matt Dryden, Daniel Roswell, Ieuan Van der Peet and Chris Dryden won the senior men 4 x 5km relay in 1:03:27, from University 1:06:18 and Papanui Toc H 1:07:23. Fastest laps Van der Peet 15:15, Matt Dryden 15:18 and Ryan Sissons 15:23.
University with a team of Jean Kozyniak, Katherine Camp, Nynke Mulholland and Rachel Kingsford won the senior women in 1:10:32 from Christchurch Avon 1:18:35 and North Canterbury 1:20:08. Fastest laps Kozyniak 16:47, Camp 17:41 and Kingsford 17:51.
Sumner won the master men, Oliver Egan, Paul Timothy, Shaun McWhirter and Marty Lukes recording 1:11:49. Port Hills was second in 1:15:12 and Christchurch Avon third in 1:17:06. Fastest laps Rob Howell 17:08, Paul Timothy 17:35 and McWhirter 17:40.
The master women’s relay went to the Christchurch Avon team of Marissa O’Leary, Kate Burridge, Jane Pairman and Robyn Perkins in 1:27:05 from New Brighton Olympic 1:28:57 and Port Hills 1:29:32. Fastest laps Andrea Hewitt 16:50, Tina Cox 19:45 and Tracy Croft 20:25.
Christchurch Avon won the under 18 boys 4 x 2.5km relay. The team of Cameron Clark, Corban Straker, Luca Borcoski and Theo Walker recording 33:06. Port Hills were second in 34:00 and Christchurch Avon third in 35:06. Fastest lap Louie Howell 7:50.
The Papanui Toc H team of Neve Moulai, Paris Carroll, Sophie Williamson and Sequoya Prentice won the under 18 girls relay in 36:22 from University 37:34 and Christchurch Avon 38:12. Fastest lap Paris Carroll 8:50.

Arthur Eustace QSO of Waikanae, an outstanding New Zealand sprinter and hurdler, athletics coach, and national and international track and field administrator died on Tuesday 24 April 2018, two days after his 92nd birthday. In the 1996 New Year Honours, Eustace was made a Companion of the Queen's Service Order for community service. At the 2012 Westpac Halberg Awards, he received the prestigious Lifetime Achievement Award, for outstanding service to sport. Eustace was a member of the management committee of the New Zealand Amateur Athletics Association for 28 years and was its president in 1984-5. He was made a Life Member of Athletics New Zealand in 1987 and the Oceania Athletics Association in 1991. He was elected Patron of Athletics New Zealand in 2009 and has been re-elected each year since.
Eustace was a very well respected IAAF council member from 1984 to 1998 as Oceania Area Group Representative. He received an IAAF veteran pin in 1986 and an IAAF Plaque of Merit in 1995. He was made an Honorary Life Member of the IAAF in 1999. He also received awards from the Italian (1987) and Japanese (1989) Governments for services to international athletics.
He qualified as a national athletics coach in 1955 and was elected President of the New Zealand Athletics Coaches Association in 1974. He served as the manager of coaching and development of athletics in Oceania from 1974 to 1985. In 2006, Eustace was an inaugural inductee into the New Zealand Athletic Coaches Association Hall of Fame.
Eustace was a Technical Delegate at two World Junior Championships and at the 2000 Sydney Olympics Games.
His funeral will be held tomorrow Tuesday 1 May at the Kapiti Coast Funeral Home, Hinemoa St, Paraparaumu at 2.00pm.

Whangarei parkrun 5km, 28 April: Christopher Shorrock 20:42, Steve Vaughan 20:46.

O’Hagan’s 5km, Viaduct Harbour, 24 April: Ryan Sissons 16:02, John Mauro 1:51, Mitchell Carlyle 16:53. Christine Adamson 20:01, Andy Kane 20:43.
Rat Race 5km, Takapuna, 25 April: Alfie Steadman 19:15, Tom Libby 19:30, Michael Brassem 19:35.
Barry Curtis parkrun 5km, 28 April: Shaun Ryan 19:45, Samuel White 20:57.
Cornwall Park parkrun 5km, 28 April: Paul White 17:59, Daniel Chen 18:17, Jordan McGaw 18:51.
Millwater parkrun 5km, 28 April: Mark Boyce 17:53, Calvin Dawson 19:17, Matthew Peach 20:01.
Whenuapai Half Marathon, 29 April: Max Thomson 1:13:36, Daniel Chen 1:19:48, Chris Bothma 1:27:14. Catherine Delaporte 1:36:18, Louise Crighton 1:41:31, Megan McPherson 1:45:01.

Lake parkrun 5km, 28 April: Simon Kerr 17:30, Kalib Guy 18:37, Tim Wareing 18:41. Kirsten Milne 20:48, Mary Carswell 21:18.

Kopurererua Valley Reserve parkrun 5km, (inaugural run) 28 April: Corey Hinde 18:26, Mark Bouwman 18:30, Sally Gibbs 18:28, Michael Robinson 18:43. Tanja Miller 20:35 (2).

Cambridge parkrun 5km, 28 April: Connor Steer 18:53, Scott Wrenn 19:25, Joseph Sinclair 19:38.

Puarenga parkrun 5km, 28 April: Matt Parsonage 17:45, Brendon Keenan 17:51, Cameron McKenzie 18:18.

Waitomo Trail Run, 28 April: 35km; Sam Clark 2:45:01, Carl Fischer 2:50:54, Zebedee Stone 3:04:20. Sophie Gibbins 3:46:38, Jo Bannister 3:51:07, Joanna Chalmers 4:07:53. 22km; Joe Cox 2:02:36, David Haunschmidt 2:07:41, Spencer Clayton-Greene 2:21:30. Anna Fischer 2:33:49, Claire Rayner 2:34:51, Margie Peat 2:43:02. 11km; Sam Weir 1:12:07, Ben MacLachlan 1:13:56, Jamie Bryant 1:19:06. Renee Hansen 1:10:40, Tayla Porter 1:11:31, Bobbi-Jae Mark 1:14:17. 6km; Jonathan Cowley 28:11, Anaru Deane 28:28, Ethan Carmichael 28:30. Amy Till 30:54, Emma Tetley Jones 31:14, Marika Anselmi 31:50.

Taupo parkrun 5km, 28 April: James Masters 19:44, Quentin Livingstone 20:50.

Anderson parkrun 5km, 28 April: Chey Dearing 18:51, Aiden Ellmers 19:46, Kieron Batt 20:06.

Palmerston North
Victoria Esplanade parkrun 5km, 28 April: Chris Sanson 17:13, Jon Clearwater 17:41, Brayden Grant 18:34.

Kapiti Coast parkrun 5km, 28 April: Steffan Wong 19:25, Leon Goodwin 19:56, Danial Bremner 20:35.
Lower Hutt parkrun 5km, 28 April: Andrew Crosland 17:39, Geoff Ferry 17:43, Campbell Claridge 17:53.
Porirua parkrun 5km, 28 April: Gareth McCash 19:09, Conor Daniel 19:19, Gene McNaught 19:47.
Blenheim parkrun 5km, 28 April: Fred Aird 20:36.

Hagley parkrun 5km, 28 April: Blair McWhirter 15:49, Joseph Lynch 17:20, Malcolm Cornelius 17:9. Freyja Prentice 18:12, Nicola Handley 19:26, Nory Lansing 20:37.
Pegasus parkrun 5km, 28 April: Philip Opie 17:44, Peter Kenny 18:32, Racey Carrot 18:58.

Wanaka parkrun 5km, 28 April: Caryl Jones (Wales) 17:47 (Eighth Gold Coast Commonwealth Games women’s marathon), Jamie Roy 21:01.

Botanic Garden parkrun 5km, 28 April: Will Scharpf 19:24, Neale McLanachan 19:24, Rebekah Greene 19:36, Nathan Shanks 19:44.

Gore Half Marathon, 29 April: Jonah Smith 1:14:42, Dwight Grieve 1:17:39, Shannon Gutsell 1:19:33. Roanna Porter 1:36:15, Michelle Watt 1:39:52, Briana Miller 1:40:30.

Queens Park parkrun 5km, 28 April: Haydon Cunninghame 20:22, Regan Baxter 20:30.

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