29 Mar 2016

Athletics NZ Weekly Roundup 29 March 2016

Athletics NZ Weekly Roundup 29 March 2016

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Grade 12/13 Interprovincial Contest, Caledonian Ground – 26/27 March 2016

Canterbury won the competition by over 3000 points scoring 114,106 from Wellington 110,503, Auckland 108,654, Counties Manukau, Otago, Waikato Bay of Plenty, Southland, Taranaki, Northland, Tasman and Hawkes Bay Gisborne.
Boys 13: Dominic Overend of Auckland was outstanding winning the 100m 11.75 (-1.3), 200m 23.34 (-0.7), 80m hurdles 11.11 (+0.2) and the long jump 6.32m (-1.6). Jack East of Otago won the 400m in 53.04 and the 800m went to Jude Darby of Auckland in 2:07.65. George Bates of Otago 1500m 4:26.17 and Khya Wilson of Wellington HJ 1.68m. Zion Trigger-Faite of Wellington SP 15.71m and Nikolas Kini of Northland DT 46.68m.
Girls 13: Maia Broughton of Canterbury swept all before her in the 100m 12.83 (-2.2), 200m 25.78 (-1.7) PB and 400m 58.21 PB. She also had a LJ of 4.87m (-1.5). Charli Miller of WaikBoP won the 800m 2:16.78 PB and the 1500m 4:40.82 PB. Kaia Tupu-South of Auckland SP 12.39m and DT 39.61m. Cecile Sililoto Counties Manukau LJ 5.14m (-0.2). Brianna Fidow of Canterbury 80m H 12.85 (-0.3). Charlotte Holland Counties HJ 1.54m.
Boys 12: Dayman Shute of Auckland 100m 12.14 (-2.0), 200m 24.52 (-1.4) and 400m 55.30. Finn Seeds of Wellington 800m 2:10.43 and 1500m 4:19.07. Duncan Trevithick of Otago 80m H 12.36 (+0.7). Zach Goldsmith Canterbury HJ 1.63m. Jacob Waikari-Jones Wellington LJ 5.14m (+1.7). Adam Stack of Tasman SP 12.52m. Caleb Stanley Wellington DT 40.02m.
Girls 12: Lucy Vellenoweth of WaikBoP 200m 27.44 (-1.5), 400m 61.54, LJ 4.90 (-0.4) and SP 9.99m. Alyssa Wilson Wellington 100m 13.62 (-1.0). Neve Moulai of Canterbury 800m 2:22.95. Maali Kyle-Ford 1500m 4:54.22. Sarah Langsbury of Otago 80m H 13.00 (-0.4). Sofia Utting of Auckland HJ 1.55m. Emma McKay of Otago LJ 4.91m (-0.3). Tapanisa Havea of Canterbury SP 10.59m. Violette Perry of Canterbury DT 34.47m.

Auckland Secondary Schools Championships, Mt Smart Stadium – 23 March 2016
Natasha Eady won the senior girls 100m in 13.13 (-3.7) and the 200m in 26.91 (-5.5). Maiya Christini collected the middle distance double 800m in 2:20.48 and 1500m in 4:52.93. Kamal Singh SB 100m in 11.70 (-4.0) and James Guthrie-Croft won the IB 100m in 11.79 (-4.5) and 200m in 23.33 (-4.0). Paige Satchell SG 400m in 58.59. Oliver Miller SB 400m 49.29 and open 300m hurdles in 39.81. Flynn Palmer SB 800m 1:59.82. Matthew Manning SB 1500m 4:16.11. Katherine Badham SG 3000m 10:42.41. Dan Hoy SB 3000m 8:44.36 from James Uhlenberg 8:53.93. Alex Hyland 100m H 15.19 (-4.1). Joshua Shih 100m H 14.31 (-5.5). Niven Longopoa SB 110m H 15.13 (-6.0). Michael McElwee 3000m race walk 16:33.06. Mellata Tatola HT 50.00m, DT 37.95m, SP 14.57m. Anthony Nobilo 5kg HT 62.44m PB. Connor Bell 1.5kg DT 51.07m PB. Jayden Williamson HJ 1.70m PB.

Easter Open Throws Competition, AUT Millennium Stadium, North Shore – 26 March 2016
Julia Ratcliffe HT 67.45m, Ella Pilkington 50.29m. Mellata Tatola 3kg SP 14.43m, 1kg DT 40.60m PB, 3kg HT 49.80m. Matthew Bloxham 7.26kg HT 63.09m, Nick Hailes 40.30m also 5kg HT 55.25m and 1.5kg DT 38.90m. Alexander Parkinson 2kg DT 50.89m, Bloxham 42.55m. Anthony Nobilo 6kg HT 54.06m PB. 5kg HT 60.77m, 1.5kg DT 39.86m. Connor Bell 5kg SP 14.18m PB, 1.25kg DT 54.59m, 4kg HT 48.23m PB. Jayden Williamson 4kg HT 30.21m PB, 3kg HT 38.50m.

Mini Track Meeting, Aorangi Stadium – 26 March 2016
Triple national junior distance track champion Cameron Avery chasing a 10,000m qualifying time for the World Junior Championships clocked a ten seconds personal best of 31:36.19. Oska Inkster-Baynes was second in 31:36.44. The Athletics New Zealand performance standard for selection is 30:40.00. Anna Percy recorded 26.32 (-0.7) in the 200m. Ben Collerton 110m H 990mm 15.79 (-1.2).

USF Bulls Invitational
, Tampa, 17 March: Joseph Beamish 3000m 9:44.99 (2).
TCU Invitational, Fort Worth, 17 March: Anneke Grogan 1500m 4:44.17 (10), 3000m 10:12.70 (11).
Trojan Invitational, Los Angeles, 18 March: Greer Alsop LJ 5.55m (3).
SLU Billiken Kick Off, St Louis, 18 March: Tannock Blair 800m 1:54.99, 1500m 3:55.18. Matt Prest 1500m 3:58.41
Sacramento State Hornet Invite, Sacramento, 18 March: Joshua Browne 800m 1:54.66 (11r2). (6).
Wake Forest Open, Winston-Salem, 18 March: Amy Shaw 1500m 4:36.70 PB (12).
Jim Mize Invitational, Ruston, 18 March: Tom Stringer 3000m 8:49.40 (1).
Tulsa Duel Meet, Hurricane Track and Soccer Stadium, 19 March: Bailey Stewart 200m 21.59 (+3.3) (1).
Texas Southern Relays, Houston, 19 March: Mary Davies 1500m 4:37.64 PB (3r3).
Stan Lyons, Indianapolis, 19 March: Jacob Priddey 3000m 8:27.20 (2).
Spring Break Invitational, Irvine, 19 March: Emily Roughan 1500m 4:35.01 (5).
Jim Bush Invitational, Los Angeles, 22 March: Greer Alsop TJ 12.41m (+0.9) (1), LJ 5.60m (1). Tori Owers SP 16.65m, DT 44.38m.
Stony Brook Quad, New York, 24 March: Audrey Gregan 3000m 10:39.13 (6).
Arkansas Spring Invitational, Fayetteville, 25 March: Bailey Stewart 100m 10.82 (+2.2) (19), 200m 21.54 (+2.8) (13).
Pac-12 vs Big 10, Tempe, 25 March: Jordan Rackham 800m 1:54.02 (13), 1500m 3:54.36 (19).
Fum McGraw Quad, Fort Collins, 25 March: Sophie Hallam-Eames DT 42.63m PB (5).
Pioneer Invitational, Lexington, 26 March: Joseph Beamish 5000m 15:40.94 (1).
Williamette Invitational, Oregon, 26 March: Chris Brake 100m 11.20 (+3.1) (7), HJ 1.97m (4). Cody Thomas 100m 10.92 (+2.2) (3), DT 36.68m (15).
Bobby Lane Invitational, Arlington Texas, 26 March: Anneke Grogan 1500m 4:44.60 (7). Craig Lautenslager 5000m 14:35.06 (1). Mike Lowe 5000m 15:00.02 (7).

VMC at Nunawading, Melbourne, 15 March: Ellen Schaef 1500m 4:28.00 PB (1).

Prominent junior Auckland middle distance and cross country coach Brian Watt died on Friday 25 March 2016 aged 55 after a battle with cancer.
Brian has been President of the Auckland City Athletic Club since 2013 and was on the track and field committee of the Club and was the Club’s coaching co-ordinator.
He competed at national level in the 400m hurdles and 800m, representing Wellington and Taranaki regions. He has been involved in junior athletics in Auckland for 14 years, providing leadership and team support and he was passionate about the benefits for young people to be involved in sport and giving it their very best in order to achieve their full potential.
His son James won bronze in the New Zealand junior 800m in 2012 and a younger son Henry won bronze in the New Zealand junior steeplechase in 2012 and again in 2013.
Brian was managing director of OM Financial Limited, a foreign exchange, futures, options and equities brokerage firm.
A celebration of Brian’s life will be held at St Patrick’s Cathedral, Wyndham Street Auckland City at 2.00pm tomorrow (Wednesday).


Coatesville Classic Half Marathon, 20 March: Brad Luiten 1:14:11 (course record), Henry Wallace 1:15:33, Hayden Shearman 1:19:22. Stephanie Scheirlinck 1:30:51, Jacqueline Eastman 1:36:47, Libby Evans 1:38:28.
O’Hagan’s Viaduct 5km, 22 March: Ciaran Faherty 17:17, Harvard Tommervandal 17:49, James Parker 17:49. Hannah Tomlinson 18:52.
Rat Race 5km, Takapuna, 23 March: Harry Lochhead 19:32.
Barry Curtis Parkrun 5km, 26 March: Michael Robinson 18:32, Grant Lincoln 18:48.
Cornwall Park Parkrun 5km, 26 March: James Wharton 18:46, Andy Thornton 18:50, Rhys Johnston 18:51.
Millwater Parkrun 5km, 26 March: Gene Rand 18:37.
Western Springs Parkrun 5km, 26 March: Alastair Willis 17:32.

Huntly Half Marathon, 20 March: Correction to last week’s report, top placings were: Ciaran Faherty 1:09:17, Steve Rees-Jones 1:10:18, Ryan McAlister 1:10:29, Tony Payne 1:10:56, David Lovelock 1:12:24, Mark Boyce 1:12:32 PB.

Eastside Riverpath 5km, 22 March: Jai Davis-Campbell 16:51, Mathew Morley 17:34, Kris Moore 18:17. Olivia Ritchie 18:29, Veronica Lang 19:23, Helen Gavin 19:32.
Lake Parkrun 5km, 26 March: Brendan McIlhennon 18:56, Benjamin Moody 19:00.

Podium Ohope Express Half Marathon, Maraetotara Reserve, 26 March: James Parsons 1:09:17, Kristian Day 1:10:29 PB, Kyle Macdonald 1:10:49, Brad Luiten 1:11:09 PB, Stephen Lett 1:12:25, Mark Boyle 1:16:33. Sarah Murphy 1:25:14, Megan Grant 1:29:16, Frances Stringfellow 1:31:00. 10km; Chris Myland 37:12, Zara Fowell 39:35, Andrew Whitford 39:49, Robyn Swager 40:38. 5km; Isaac Milne 18:49. Charlotte Pearson 20:47.

Bluewater 5km Series, 22 March: Eric Speakman 18:00, Steve Charles 18:07, Kieran Batt 18:31.

Waterfront 5km, 22 March: Patrick Williamson 16:56, Sandeep Manhaas 16:57, Jason Waite 17:07. Sophie Lee 19:26, Sarah Bonoma 19:36. Walk: Bob Gardner 31:23. Jacqueline Wilson 32:19.
Lower Hutt Parkrun 5km, 26 March: Geoff Ferry 17:23, Finn Molloy 17:27, Andrew Crosland 18:17.
Porirua Parkrun 5km, 26 March: Laurence Pidcock 18:02, Jono Leach 18:15, Bruce Mortimer 18:51.
Kapiti Parkrun 5km, 26 March: Stefan Przychodzko 17:01.

Easter Friday 10km, 25 March: Simon Mardon 34:47, Kim Hogarth 35:56, Brian Kemp 38:21. Carol Cooper 43:50, Colette Read 45:11, Wendy Healey 49:40. Walk; Jamie Shaw 50:10. 5km; Josh Barber 18:49. Sami Jordan 20:47.

Hagley Parkrun 5km, 26 March: Chris Kelly 16:41, Ayrton Shadbolt 17:41, Luke Carman 17:45.

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