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21 Nov 2016

Athletics NZ Weekly Roundup 21 November 2016

Athletics NZ Weekly Roundup 21 November 2016

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Above: Hurdlers at the Athletics Otago meeting. Photo by Caswell photography.

Athletics Auckland Meeting, Mt Smart Stadium – 19 November 2016

Fourteen year old Dominic Overend smashed the Auckland junior boys 14 100m hurdles record. The grandson of New Zealand 100 and 220 yards champion in 1967 Wayne Overend recorded 13.82 (+2.0) breaking Niven Longopoa’s 2013 record of 14.19. Hamish Gill was out to 7.38m (+2.9) in the long jump, Kamal Patwalia cleared 7.13m (+2.5) and Matthew Wyatt 7.10m (+2.1), also 6.77m (+2.0). Wyatt later won the 60m in 7.01 (+1.5). James Guthrie-Croft was second in 7.04 and went on to win the 100m in 11.00 (+3.0). Oliver Miller (17) won the 400m in 49.04. Theo Quax finished well in the 1500m in 4:05.52. James Steyn was over the pole vault bar at 4.20m. Natalie Booth won the 60m in 8.08 (+2.5), the 100m hurdles in 14.94 (+2.0) mx and the long jump with 5.24m (+1.8). Kristen Clausen followed up 7.98 (+1.2) over 60m with 12.41 (+2.6) over 100m. National youth champion Imogen Ayris equaled her PB in the pole vault with a height of 3.90m. Hannah Philpot had a 10cm PB clearing 3.80m. Anne Simpson won the 400m in 57.38 and Maiya Christini led throughout the 1500m in 4:51.64. Isaac Vaeau-Mulitalo 1.5kg DT 42.52m PB. Lisa Putt LJ 5.46m (NWI). Rizvan Caukwell 5kg SP 13.80m.

North Harbour Club meeting, AUT Millennium Stadium – 15 November 2016
Special javelin evening; Stephanie Wrathall 600g JT 47.76m, Madeleine Chapman 600g JT 43.80m PB. Savannah Scheen 500g JT 35.60m PB. Benco Kruger 600g JT 32.16m.

Auckland City Athletics Club meeting, Mt Smart Stadium – 16 November 2016
James Guthrie-Croft 60m 7.11 (+3.5), 100m 11.14 (+3.2). Dominic Overend 100m 11.22 (+1.0), 100m h 840mm 14.01 (+5.2). Jamie Sowter 60m 7.88 (+3.5) mx, 100m 12.64 (+3.2) mx. Joshua Shih 110m H 914mm 15.32 (+5.2). Henrik Semb 400m 52.48. Georgia Clode 800m 2:19.04 mx. Trent Dodds 3000m 9:01.08. Andrew Catley 5000m 15:24.82 PB, Tom Hunt 5000m 16:09.22.

Athletics Waikato Bay of Plenty Meeting, Porritt Stadium – 19 November 2016

Ashleigh Sando LJ 5.70m (NWI). Olivia Bryce HJ 1.60m. Meg Hamilton-Reid 100m 12.84 (+2.8), 200m 26.29 (+2.6). Sara Keightley TJ 10.20m (NWI). Alessandra Macdonald 300m H 47.45. Grace Ritchie 1500m 4:54.83. Deigna Khamal 400m 59.53. Georgia Hulls 100m 11.96 (+2.8), 200m 24.42 (+2.6). Kayla Goodwin LJ 5.05m, TJ 11.29m, 300m H 44.71 PB. Charli Miller 2000m steeplechase 7:04.51, Samantha Corbett 7:36.47 PB. Morgan Foster 100m 11.62 (+2.0), 200m 23.98 (+1.9). Michael Gutry 400m 49.79. Theunis Pieters 1500m 3:58.36. Thomas Rawstron LJ 7.11m. Christopher Goodwin HJ 1.85m. Tevita Finau HJ 1.85m. Isaac Milne 300m H 42.30. Isaiah Priddey 1500m 3:56.69. Ethan Holman 100m 11.15 (+2.0), 200m 22.85 (+1.9). Matteus Pio 100m 11.57 (+1.8), 300m H 43.34.

Sam Johnson Throws Meeting, Porritt Stadium – 19 November 2016
Connor Bell 5kg SP 14.59m, 1.25kg DT 65.39m. Jayden Williamson 4kg HT 44.07m. Ryan Ballantyne 5kg SP 20.04m PB. Alec Johnson 1.5kg DT 42.45m. Anthony Nobilo 5kg HT 62.22m. Nick Hailes 5kg HT 55.43m. Alexander Parkinson 2kg DT 53.27m PB. Karlin Nelson 2kg DT 49.55m. Maddison-Lee Wesche 3kg SP 17.08m PB. Tatiana Kaumoana 1kg DT 47.33m PB, 3kg HT 46.49m PB. Mellata Tatola 3kg HT 53.31m. Ella Pilkington 4kg HT 52.24m.

Regional League Meeting No 3 and Grand Prix, Newtown Park – 19 November 2016
Sean Lake 3000m RW 16:55.07, Hannah Gilberd 18:05.51, Laura Keheley 18:13.84 PB. Tessa Webb 2000m steeplechase 7:25.62, Jane Lennox 7:25.98. Stephen Day 5000m 15:38.86, Hirotaka Tanimoto 15:43.69, David Lovelock 15:56.05. Matthew Sutcliffe 3000m 8:56.64, Hogan Louis 8:57.32, Max Karamanolis 8:58.19 PB, Hannah O’Connor 9:38.60 mx, Katie Kemp 10:45.62 mx. Cam Robinson 700g JT 59.02. Nathaniel Sulupo 1.75kg DT 53.62m PB, 6kg SP 14.94m. Nick Palmer 5kg SP 17.20m. Kieran Pere TJ 11.70m (+1.3). Jordan Peters LJ 6.73m (+1.2). William Crayford HJ 2.00m, Isaac Miller-Jose 1.95m. Jake Paul 400m 50.19 PB. Nick Smith 100m 10.91 (+1.3), 200m 22.40 (-0.6). Ariana Blackwood 600g JT 31.85m, 1kg DT 36.14m. Anna Thomson TJ 12.14m (-1.7). Ashleigh Bennett LJ 5.42m (+1.9). Imogen Skelton 800m 2:14.74 PB, HJ 1.60m. Georgia Whiteman 300m H 48.19. Kelsey Forman 1500m 4:52.53. Tayla Brunger 400m 58.29. Genna Maples 100m 12.49 (+1.8) PB, 200m 26.08 (-2.6).

Harold Nelson Classic, Saxton Field Athletic Track – 19 November 2016
Lucy Sheat 100m 12.51 (-3.4), 200m 26.31 (-2.9). Bailey Cotton 100m 11.73 (-2.4), 200m 24.26 (-2.9). Izzy Neal 400m 58.73. Culainn Stringer 400m 51.00. Bridie Edwards 1500m 4:52.08. Jared Lautenslager 1500m 4:04.84. Ryan Churchill TJ 12.28m (+2.9) also 11.70m (+1.4). Shannen Smith TJ 10.36m (+1.8).

Athletics Canterbury Meeting, Aorangi Stadium – 19 November 2016
Nick Moulai 3000m 8:26.12 PB, Jack Beaumont 8:36.39 PB, Sam Bremer 8:38.94 PB, Mitchell Small 8:43.58. Charlotte Blair 1500m 4:39.20 mx, Ariana Harper 4:42.52 mx. Kelsey Berryman 100m 11.93 (+0.1) mx, 200m 24.86 (+0.3) mx. Jared Neighbours U/18 decathlon 5021 points. Thomas Valentine 5kg HT 48.76m. James Coates 1.25kg DT 45.85m. Matt Walsh LJ 6.68m (+1.3), TJ 14.00m (+0.6). Shaun Skilling HJ 1.80m. Max Attwell decathlon 6379 points (11.60 -3.0, 6.74m +0.6, 10.35m, 1.93m, 50.57, 16.97 -0.5, 33.08m, 3.65m, 43.96m, 4:39.36). Marcus Wolton 800g JT 44.93m, HJ 1.95m. Fergus Speirs 7.26kg HT 46.79m. Tom Gill 300m H 40.32. Sean Eustace 5000m 15:34.58. Jacob Matson 200m 22.15 (-0.4). Scott Walker 100m 11.25 (+1.2). Lexi Richards U/18 heptathlon 3293 points. Christina Ryan U/20 heptathlon 3031 points. Liliana Braun U/18 2000m steeplechase 7:19.88. Lauren Bruce DT 44.32m. Katie Thompson TJ 11.35m (+0.2). Lee-Ann McKenzie HJ 1.65m. Olivia Burnham 300m H 45.72. Fiona Morrison 100m 12.25 (0.0), 400m 57.21. Anna Percy 400m 57.98. Maia Broughton 200m 25.46 (-1.5).

South Island Masters Track and Field Championships, Aorangi Stadium – 18/20 November 2016
Masters men decathlon Wayne Doyle 4035 points. Jason Baillie 5000m 17:51.21. Darren Hoolahan 3000m 10:07.19. Allan Staite 800m 2:17.75, 1500m 4:40.72. Scott Belesky 60m 7.65 (-0.2), 100m 12.07 (-0.3), 200m 25.82 (-0.6). Master women throws pentathlon Anna McNab 2757 points, HT 40.61m. Louise Martin 300m H 54.92. Melanie Angland 5000m 18:57.07. Tracy Excell 60m 8.31 (-0.4), 100m 13.12 (-0.2). Joeline Jones 200m 28.85 (-2.9), 400m 66.05.

Athletics Otago Meeting, Caledonian Ground – 19 November 2016
Felix McDonald 400m 49.97 PB, LJ 6.55m (+4.6). Liam Turner 400m 50.64. Joccoaa Palmer 200m 26.87 (-3.9). Anna Grimaldi T47 200m 27.49 (-3.9). Christina Ashton 100m 12.98 (-0.1), 100m H 840mm 15.48 (-2.0). Jacob Granger 100m 11.70 (-2.0). Atipa Mabonga LJ 5.37m (+3.2), TJ 12.02m (+3.0) also 11.90 (+1.2). Andrew Allan TJ 13.62m (+1.0) PB. Bryn McLeod-Jones 7.26kg SP 12.01m, 2kg DT 41.20m. Todd Bates 7.26kg HT 50.99m, Mike Scholten 45.89m PB. Emma Ryan 3kg HT 42.05m. Mayce Ballantyne 4kg HT 42.91m.

Athletics Southland Twilight Meeting, Surrey Park – 18 November 2016
Dyani Shepherd-Oates (Fiordland) with a throw of 45.76m added 7cm to the Southland U18 hammer record, held previously by Emma Ryan (St Pauls) who finished second to Dyani with 43.16m. St Pauls pair of Jack Welsh, 39.83m (6kg MU20) and Bradley McMaster 36.50m (Wint, 5kg MU18) were the leading men in the hammer throw. Jessica Senior (Winton, WU18) was best of the women 500g javelin throwers with 36.26m and Welsh 40.58m in the men’s 800g. Jade Graham (Gore, SW) won the women’s triple jump with 10.56m (+1.8) ahead of Andrea McDowell (St Pauls, WU18) 10.28m (+1.5) and Anna Skerrett 10.05m (+2.0) while Sean Pay visiting home from Wellington for the weekend jumped 13.15m (+3.4). Equipment malfunction meant track events hand timed: 100m Andrea McDowell (St Pauls WU18) 12.7, Anna Skerrett (St Pauls WU18) 13.0, Tyler Hamilton (Wint, MU18), Sam Stewart Inv MU20) 11.5; 1500m Dylan Forde (MU18,Wint) 4:23.0. 5000m Dwight Grieve (Fiordland, MM) 16.36.0.

Melbourne City to Sea 15km
, 20 November: Josh Maisey 50:03 (9).

NCAA Div 1 Regional 6km Cross Country Championships
, South Central Fayetteville Arkansas, 11 November 2016: Hannah Miller 20:27 (4), Susannah Lynch 21:21 (23), Anneke Grogan 22:15 (52).
NCAA Div 1 Cross Country Championships, Terre Haute, Indiana, 19 November 2016: 10km; Matthew Baxter 30:04 (11), Geordie Beamish 30:52 (97), Julian Oakley 31:03 (119), Craig Lautenslager 31:25 (175). 6km; Hannah Miller 21:02 (144), Grace McConnochie 22:56 (244).

IAU Asia/Oceania 24 Hour Championships
, Kaohsiung, 19/20 November: Wayne Botha 185.5km (9), Matthew Bixley 63km (15). Won by Barry Loveday of Australia covering 235.868km.

Athletics was the main beneficiary at the Manawatu Grassroots Sports Awards, Palmerston North Athletic and Harrier Club's Brian Curry was named the Manawatu sport maker of the year at the ceremony at the Palmerston North Convention Centre on Friday night, the major award of the evening. He also won the all-rounder volunteer award and accepted the organisational event award on behalf of the North Island Colgate Games organising committee, Vanessa Story was named as a finalist in the all-rounder volunteer award with the Palmerston North Athletic and Harrier Club a finalist in the athlete development award. John Strawbridge was recognised as a super volunteer for more than 25 years' work in athletics.

Kerikeri Half Marathon
, 19 November: Jono Jackson 1:07:57, just one second slower than Stephen Lett’s winning time in 2011, Brad Luiten 1:11:44, Waldo Randal 1:14:06. Katherine Morgan 1:23:48, Caris Teo 1:28:21, Katie McVerry 1:28:44.

Pakuranga 5km, 14 November: Zane Powell 18:12.
O’Hagan’s Viaduct Harbour 5km, 15 November: Steven Langdon 16:26, Aniel Smith 17:09, John Mauro 17:14. Christine Adamson 20:07.
Barry Curtis Parkrun 5km, 19 November: Richard Wagener 18:09, Grant Lincoln 18:58.
Cornwall Park Parkrun 5km, 19 November: Patrick MacKinnon 17:07, Scott Barnes 18:30, Alexander Mildenhall 18:51.
Western Springs Parkrun 5km, 19 November: Jacson Kluts 18:32, Logan Horsford 19:18.

Lake Parkrun 5km, 19 November: Isaac Dunn 16:58, Adam Morgan 18:40, Dion Kinker 19:07.

Smiths Sports Shoes Everyone’s 5km, 17 November: Sally Gibbs 18:59.

Toi’s Challenge 18km, 20 November: Garit Read 1:25:14, Carl Fischer 1:25:26, Chris Morrissey 1:26:30. Sabrina Grogan 1:33:56, Jess Ruthe 1:39:56, Genevieve Matthews 1:45:28.
Bluewater 5km Series, 15 November: Lucas Duross 16:11. Graeme Buscke 16:37, Bradley Christison 16:45. Brianna Lee 20:13.
Anderson Parkrun 5km, 19 November: James Parsons 16:22.

Havelock North
Peak Trail Blazer, 12.8km Havelock North up Te Mata Peak and return, 20 November: Eric Speakman 46:57, Lucas Duross 49:35, Graeme Buscke 52:28. Laura Nagel 56:13, Ruby Muir 61:05, Piret Klade 62:02.

Waterfront 5km, 15 November: Event cancelled.
Lower Hutt Parkrun 5km, 19 November: Geoff Ferry 18:08, Andrew Crosland 18:31, Andrew Rutherdale 18:53. Esther George 19:51.
Porirua Parkrun 5km, 19 November: Philip Opie 17:37, Cameron Forrest 18:19, Mark Bouwman 18:38.
Kapiti Parkrun 5km, 19 November: Tom Bland 18:52.
Honest 10km, Evans Bay, 20 November: Stu Milne 36:43, Laurence Pidcock 37:11, Brad Coleman 38:30.

The Honest Lawyer 5km, Monaco, 14 November: Brad O’Leary 18:58.

Parkrun 5km, 19 November: Stephen Blackwell 16:46, Robbie Barnes 18:43.

Hagley Parkrun 5km, 19 November: Hamish Hargest 17:51, Michael Look 18:02, Neil Christian 18:08.
Pegasus Parkrun 5km, 19 November: Brian Law 18:45, Calum Law 18:51, Angela Whyte 18:54, Robert Doig 18:55.

Queenstown Marathon and Half Marathon, 19 November: Donal Sheehy 2:39:39, Richard Ussher 2:45:43, Simon Green 2:47:10. Mel Aitken 3:00:48, Liza Hunter-Galvan 3:02:52, Sasha Antunovic 3:15:53. Half; Jason Hall 1:12:22, Chris Dunell 1:14:58, Mike Phillips 1:15:50. Hannah Wells 1:28:59, Alexandra Williams 1:29:55, Katherine Reardon 1:30:21. 10km; Kirk Madgwick 34:28, Tony Dodds 34:38, Ioan Fuller 35:57. Phoebe McKnight 37:14, Lizzie Spencer 41:02, Charlotte Crean 43:26.

Murray McKinnon
Athletics New Zealand Correspondent
0274 806086


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