21 Aug 2017

Athletics NZ Weekly Roundup 21 August 2017

Athletics NZ Weekly Roundup 21 August 2017

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Above: Wellington Road Champs start. Photo by Sharon Wray.

IAAF Diamond League, Muller Grand Prix, Alexander Stadium, 20 August

Tom Walsh confirmed his status as number one in the world, with the world champion winning the shot put with 21.83m. The Olympic champion Ryan Crouser was second with 21.55m. Crouser opened with 21.55m and held the lead through to round five when Walsh was out to 21.75m and he stamped his authority with a 21.83m in the final round. His series was 20.75, 21.29, x, 20.92, 21.75. 21.83. Tomas Stanek from the Czech Republic was third with 21.16m. and David Storl fourth with 21.08m.
World champion silver medallist Joe Kovacs was seventh with 20.52m. Sir Mo Farah bid farewell to the British track in his distinctive style hitting the front with a lap to go to win the 3000m in 7:38.64.
Manchester International, Manchester 16 August: Tori Peeters JT 51.72m (1).

Memorial Janusz Sidly
, Sopot, 16 August: Jacko Gill SP 20.49m (3).

Thumer Werfertag
, Thum, 18 August: Jacko Gill SP 20.72m (3).

Voor Mon
, Kessel-Lo, 19 August: Katrina Anderson 800m 2:06.27 (4).

Hotel Warner West Chester Mile
, Henderson High School, Pennsylvania, 10 August
Julian Matthews mile 4:01.48 (5), won by Colby Alexander 4:00.14.
Falmouth Elite Mile, Falmouth High School, Massachusetts, 19 August
Nick Willis 4:00.47 (2), Julian Matthews 4:11.12 (8).

NSW Throwers Meeting
, Sydney, 6 August: Warren Button HT 59.06m (2).

Waikato Bay of Plenty Road Championships – 19 August 2017

Sally Gibbs won the SW 10km in 36:27 from Sarah Gardner 37:04 and Alice Mason 37:16. Hayden Wilde won the SM 10km in 32:14 from Russ Best 32:22, Jacob Priddey 32:54, Jonny McKee 33:13 and Craig Kirkwood 33:22. MM 10km Adrian Lysaght 35:56, Lance Brew 36:08, Michael Causer 36:20, Gavin Butler 36:21. MW 5km Katy Dawson 19:43, Bridget Deverell 19:50, Bridget Ray 20:16. U/20 7.5km Isaiah Priddey 24:36. U/18 5km Samuel Tanner 15:41, Connor Tristram 16:30. WU/20 5km Emerson Deverell 17:54. WU/18 5km Olivia Cummings 18:46. B15 2.5km James Swan 9:19. G15 2.5km Jemima Antoniazzi 8:57.

Wellington Road Championships, Wainuiomata – 19 August 2017

Scott Russell won the SM 10km in 31:06, eight seconds faster than Nick Horspool with a further 17 seconds to Daniel Jones. Kristian Day was fourth in 32:01. National senior women’s cross country champion Ruby Muir won the SW 10km in 35:38 from Tamara Winkler 37:51 and Melissa Black 37:55. Lachlan Haitana won the U/20 7.5km in 24:31 from Callum Stewart and Joel Carman. The under 18 5km went to Liam Chesney in 16:18 from Jack Hammond 16:40. Maiya Christini won the U/20 5km in 17:32, over a minute ahead of Kelsey Forman. Jayme Maxwell won the U/18 5km in 17:45 from Esther Kozyniak 18:25. Stephen Day won the MM 40 10km in 32:41 from Dan Nixon 32:46 and Daniel Clendon 33:14. Peter Stevens MM 50 10km 34:50 from Michael Wray 35:48 and David Kettles 35:54. MW40 10km Lindsay Barwick 40:05. MW50 10km Jan Sheppard 47:12. MW 40 5km Michelle Van Looy 19:39. MW50 5km Victoria Humphries 19:17. MW60 10km Michele Allison 22:23. 2.5km G15 Maali Kyle-Ford 8:59, B15 Finlay Seeds 7:49, G13 Maia Wilkinson 9:05, B13 Jonah Seeds 8:27.

Canterbury Road Championships, Bottle Lake Forest – 19 August 2017

Sam Wreford won the SM 10km in 31:31 from Blair McWhirter 32:32 and Matt Dryden 33:33. Hannah Oldroyd who had earlier in the day won the Pegasus parkrun won the SW 10km in 37:57 from Angela Whyte 38:15 and Jessica Kikstra 38:58. Rozie Robinson won the 10km RW in 54:01. MM35 Damien Cook 35:58, MM40 Nathan Jones 35:17, MM45 Jason Baillie 36:30, MM50 Richard Bennett 35:11, MM55 Anthony Rogal 37:32, MM60 Len Millward 45:39, MM65 Tony McManus 32:42. U/23 10km Matt Dryden 33:33, Ieuan van der Peet 33:57. U/20 8km Christopher Dryden 25:25, Mitchell Small 25:45, Tom Moulai 25:53.U/18 6km Andres Hernandez 19:06. WU/20 5km Navajo Prentice 18:46. WU/18 5km Tillie Hollyer 18:55, Martina Conner 19:22. MW 5km 40 Joanna Buick 19:07, 45 Tracy Croft 19:35, 50 Maggie Chorley 18:56, 55 Carolyn Forsey 22:19, 60 Bernadette Jago 21:41.
South Canterbury Amateur Athletic Club AGM 20 July 2017: Tom Walsh became the youngest life member of the Club. He has been part of the Club since he was five. Husband and wife Grant (Club President) and Jan Lord were also accorded life membership of the Club.

Otago Road Championships, Forbury Park – 19 August 2017

Stafford Thompson won the SM 10km in 33:51 from Jason Palmer 34:07 and Aaron Anderson 36:29. Thompson (37) made it a double for the season adding the road to the cross country title. Shireen Crumpton won the SW 10km in 39:13 from Bella Bloomfield 40:12 and Bridget Thompson 41:18.
Crumpton will take part in the Noumea Marathon on Saturday an event she has won three times. MM 50+ 10km Brent Halley 38:59. MW 35-49 5km Claire Anderton 20:17, 50+ Christine Montgomery 20:49. U/20 8km Ben Rowley 30:35. U/18 6km Drew Cairney 20:08. BU/15 3km Josh Hou 10:05. GU/15 3km Caitlin O’Brien 12:45.
Clyde to Alexandra 10km Road Race – 12 August 2017 Daniel Balchin chalked up his fourth win in the annual race in 29:25, just nine seconds outside Alan Carman’s 1995 race record. Kirk Madgwick was second in 32:45 with Matthew Moloney third in 33:56. Balchin, the national road champion, previously won in 2011, 2013 and last year.
Bella Bloomfield was the first woman in 38:20, well clear of Julia Hunt
41:00 and Rebecca Allnutt 41:04. Other winners, U/19 Sam Thornbury 35:10. MM Danny Baillie 33:52, MM50+ Paul Berg 38:48, MM60+ Phil Morris 44:12, MW Julie Edmunds 40:46, MW50+ Debbie Telfer 43:53, MW60+ Valerie Muskett 49:39.

Southland Road Championships, Te Anau – 19 August 2017

Dwight Grieve won the SM 10km road title in 34:04, finishing one and a half minutes clear of Jack McNaughton who completed an extra lap on top of his U/20 distance to help St Pauls win the SM teams trophy. Jade Lilo was second SM in 38:46. MM35-49 Kelvin Meade 35:53, MM50+ Kelly McSoriley 36:05, U/20 8km Jack McNaughton 28:14, WU/18 5km Brianna Millar 21:51, MU/18 5km Benjamin Britton 17:48.

Rat Race 5km, Takapuna, 16 August: Gene Rand 16:54, Jan Steenkamp 17:20, Richard Dolman 17:52. Libby Evans 20:40.
Cornwall Park parkrun 5km, 19 August: Max Thomson18:10, Milad Rafiei 19:44.
Barry Curtis parkrun 5km, 19 August: Stephen Peck 18:06, Grant Lincoln 19:36, Shaun Ryan 19:38.
Millwater parkrun 5km, 19 August: Jan Steenkamp 18:07, Matthew Peach 18:52, Joanne Crackett 19:53.
Xterra Trail Run, Waharau regional Park, 20 August: Super long 21km; Jacob Hendrickx 1:32:02, Alex Walton 1:33:15, Daniel Shaw 1:33:53.
Marisa Ruhter 1:52:13, Sandrine Douarin 1:52:17, Pauline Thorpe 2:01:24.
Long course 17km; Matthew Battley 1:26:21. Emma Woulfe 1:36:30.
Mid-course 9.5km Aniel Smith, Mark Samson, Simon Mace. Jenn Jury.

Lake parkrun 5km, 19 August: Kalib Guy 18:02, Al Brears 18:03, Benjamin Moody 18:53.

Puarenga parkrun 5km, 19 August: Matt Parsonage 17:54, Bryn Parry 18:45.

Anderson parkrun 5km, 19 August: Robert Strong 18:39, Brad Lawson 19:45.

Kapiti parkrun 5km, 19 August: Matthew Walker 19:24, Leon Goodwin 19:39.
Lower Hutt parkrun 5km, 19 August: Anthony Jackson 17:35, Dennis De Monchy 18:01, Mark Bouwman 18:52.
Porirua parkrun 5km, 19 August: Stuart Engleback 19:08.

Pegasus parkrun 5km, 19 August: Hannah Oldroyd 18:19, Steve Darby 18:49, Jared Chapman 19:32.

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