17 Nov 2017

2018 Australian Junior Athletics Championships

2018 Australian Junior Athletics Championships

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Athletics New Zealand is excited to support the Australian Junior Athletics Championships for 2018. The Championships will run from Wednesday 14 through to Sunday 18 March 2017 to be held at Sydney Olympic Park Athletics Centre. 

Athletics New Zealand will be sending a management team to the Australian Junior Championships in order to assist those Youth and Junior athletes in the P2P and PPS Programmes who are selected to travel to Sydney for the competition.

To read the tour information for Youth and Junior athletes on what's available, what steps to take next etc., please click here.



Any youth and junior athlete outside the P2P and PPS programmes who is interested in attending, can also express their interest and will be considered, but not guaranteed.

You can also attend the Championships (any age group) outside of this arranged structure. Please see the note below on how.

Athletics Australia has released a draft timetable for this competition here and their current entry standards, which can be found here.

Note: For all athletes wishing to enter the Australian Junior Championships, you will be required to do this through Athletics New Zealand i.e. no longer directly through Athletics Australia. Further information on how this will be managed will be released in December.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Teams.


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