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We are a community that strive to become the very best we can be. 

We will provide a pathway 
to elite hurdle performance where all athletes
and coaches are respected and valued.

2017 Hurdles Coaching Workshop - Auckland

10-12 coaches will be invited to attend this weekend workshop, which will be held in Auckland between the 6-8th October 2017.

It will provide a structured coach education opportunity and serve to promote Hurdles as an event of opportunity for New Zealanders.
There will be a series of presentations and formal coach education and plenty of opportunity to share training practices.

Invitations have been sent for this event.

2017-18 Hurdles event group plan

2018 Hurdles Festival - Timaru

The Timaru Hurdles Festival will be held in conjunction with the Lovelock Classic in January 2018. 
This festival will provide a South Island equivalent of the very successful annual Hurdles Festival in Hamilton by providing a Coach and /or Athlete education opportunity in addition to a competition for those who may not travel to the Hamilton event in February.
Athletes will compete on the Saturday in Timaru and education sessions will be held on Sunday in Christchurch for athletes and their coaches. This session will be a combination of practical and theory based on the need of the attendees.

For further information contact event group lead, Joe Hunter

2018 Hurdles festival - hamilton

Back for its' 6th consecutive year, the annual Hurdles Festival will be held in conjunction with the Porritt Classic in February 2018.

This event provides a targeted opportunity to bring together the entire NZ Hurdles community for competition and structured education opportunities. 
Athletes compete on Saturday and education sessions and clinics are held on Sunday, with a focus on P2P, PPS and Carded athletes and Coaches. 

For further information, contact event group lead Joe Hunter at

contact details

Joe Hunter - Hurdles event group lead

Emily Nolan - Athletics NZ Coach Education Manager

hurdles event group vision for 2020

As a community, the NZ Hurdles Group operates under the Athletics NZ guidelines for ‘Ethical Conduct for Coaches’. In addition, we enhance our community by adhering to three core values:

  1. Trust – our community has been built on a high level of trust. This trust encourages members to
    collaborate. Trust is a value that the Hurdles Community rates highly and strives to uphold.
  2. Respect – all coaches and athletes respect one another despite differences in experience, knowledge,
    and ability.
  3. Choice – while we will encourage involvement in community activities, everyone has a choice to be, or
    not be, involved.

Our Vision for 2020:

  • Two hurdlers at 2020 Olympic Games (one top 8 and one top 16)
  • At least 10 hurdlers (preferably 16) competing in all hurdle races at 2020 NZ National Champs
  • Experienced and knowledgeable hurdles coaches with squads in both sprint and long hurdles   throughout NZ
  • An exceptional event spirit among all hurdle coaches and athletes
Copyright 2018 by Athletics New Zealand |
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