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Coaching Plan 2014-2016+

High Performance Director Scott Goodman and Coaching Development Manager Amy McClintock have been consulting with a number of groups and individuals over the last six months on the development of the strategies that will help foster more and better coaches.

A move which Goodman believes is the right one for development of coaching in NZ. “The 2014-2016+ Athletics NZ Coaching Plan has been developed to summarise the network of Coach Education/Support opportunities that exist for coaches that are registered with Athletics New Zealand,” explains Goodman. “Athletics NZ Coaches function at different levels from the “parent helper” of young athletes, through to coaches of international level athletes. Some coaches aspire to coach at higher levels, others aspire to doing the best they can with the level of athlete that suits them. The Plan reflects this diversity of roles that exist within our sport and looks at the formal and informal development opportunities that are available.”

Athletics New Zealand Coaching Plan 2014 - 2016+

Athletics New Zealand Coaching Plan 2014 - 2016+ Appendicies

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