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ANZ-HP 2020 Tokyo Strategic Approach

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This ANZ-HP 2020 Tokyo Strategic Approach document was drafted in April-June 2016 prior to the 2016 Rio OGs to incorporate the thinking and learnings of how the programme had progressed since the 2012 London OGs without the influence, emotive or otherwise, of the outcomes at the 2016 Rio OGs.  The April-June drafting was constructed through a series of workshops to capture the input of key stakeholders and ANZ-HP Staff.  This work was then shared with the contributors to validate the integrity of the document.   

The document has been revised since the 2016 Rio OGs to encompass our new learnings from the Games. The main contributors to the revision process were the HPD in consultation with 2016 RIO OGs/PGs staff, coaches and athletes (i.e. debrief discussions and observations throughout both games). 

Generally, the post-Games adjustments strengthened, re-affirmed or clarified the thinking that was contained in the pre-Games version.  This would seemingly reflect the evolution and maturity of the programme and the capability of the people driving it.   

The 2016 Rio Olympic Games were NZ's greatest ever Olympics in the sport of Athletics.  NZ has never had 4 medal winners in Athletics at an Olympic Games before!  

The 2016 Rio Paralympic Games were also NZ's best ever in Athletics. The 9 medal haul by 6 athletes in Rio was 1 medal short of the 10 medal haul by 5 athletes at the 2000 Sydney Paralympic Games.  However, there were 74 more Athletics medal events available in Sydney (234) than Rio (160). 

We have shown that with committed, passionate people we can consistently win multiple medals.   

Performance Targets

  • 2019 IAAF World Champs: 2 medals, 2 other top 8s, 2 other top 16s
  • 2019 World Para Athletics Championships: 2 medals, 3 other medals, 3 other top 6s

  • 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games: 3 medals, 3 other top 8s
  • 2020 Tokyo Paralympic Games: 3 gold medals, 5 other medals

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