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This page is the home for Para Athletics in New Zealand. Paralympics New Zealand manages the National Classification Structure for Para Athletics and partners with Athletics New Zealand in delivering classification. In total there are three impairment groups athletes can compete in; Physical Impairment, Vision Impairment, Intellectual Impairment.


To be eligible for Para Athletics, athletes must meet the World Para Athletics minimum impairment criteria, for more information on minimal impairment and classification eligibility please click here.



Athletes who have a Vision Impairment, must have an eligible health condition, examples of an eligible health condition may be; Albinism, Retinitis Pigmentosa, macular or rod cone dystrophy. Once an eligible health condition is established athletes must meet the minimal impairment criteria, for athletes with a Vision impairment this is; Visual acuity less than or equal to 6/60 (log MAR 1.0); or visual field is less than 20 degrees radius in both eyes with best corrected vision. 


Athletes with a Vision impairment have 3 stages of classification, provisional, national and international. For more information on Vision Impairment classifications please click here

Stage 1: Provisional Classification: The first stage for any athlete with a vision impairment is to download and complete the provisional classification form for athletes with a vision impairment. Once the form is completed it must be returned to . This classification allows athletes to compete in Athletics NZ competitions

Click here to Download the Vision Impairment Provisional Classification Form

Stage 2: National Classification: Athletes must complete similar testing to the provisional classification, but it must be completed face to face by a certified national classifier at a certified testing facility. A National classification is required to compete at NZ National Champs, and other events such as Australian Championships. Where national testing is not available, an athlete will be allowed to compete on their provisional classification. 

To enquire about a national classification please email

Stage 3: International Classification: Athletes wishing to represent Athletics New Zealand at an international event must hold a valid international classification. International Classification are conducted by World Para Athletics. There are various opportunities for athletes with a Vision Impairment to be classified these can be viewed by clicking here

To enquire about obtaining an international classification please email



Athletes with can compete in Para Athletics with a physical impairment if they have one or more of the following impairments.

Physical Impairment Example of Health Condition
Limb loss or deficiency Amputation from trauma, cancer, Limb deficiency from birth
Loss of muscle strength Spinal cord injury, Spina Bifida, Transverse Myelitis, Sacral Agenesis, Spinal Tumours, Erbs Palsy, Musculardystrophy
Hypertonia, Ataxia or Athetosis                                      Cerebral palsy, acquired brain injury, stroke, brain tumor, Multiple sclerosis, cerebellar ataxia, Hereditary SpasticParaparesis or other conditions where hypertonia (spasticity, rigidity or dystonia), ataxia or athetosis are present
Short Stature Achondroplasia and similar conditions
Joint movement restrictions  Arthrogryposis, Talipes Equinovarus, joint fusions
Leg length difference Significant difference in leg length



Athlete's who wish to compete as a Para Athlete with a physical impairment, must have a valid classification, There are three stages to classification. Provisional Classification, National Classification and International Classification. Please click here for more information on Physical Impairment Classification. 


Stage 1: Provisional Classification

Provisional Classification, is the first stage of classification, this allows you to compete in club meets, and provincial / regional events. Athlete's can apply for a provisional classification remotely by downloading the below form and submitting it to

Download the Provisional Classification Form here

Stage 2: National Classification

National Classification is the second stage of classification for athletes with a Physical impairment. Athletes who wish to compete at national level events, such as NZ Secondary Schools, NZ Champs, Australian Championships etc. must hold a national level classification. To obtain a national classification Athletes must attend a face to face classification opportunity. 

Please email to enquire about upcoming National Classification opportunities

Stage 3: International Classification

International Classification is the final stage of Physical Impairment Classification. Athletes wishing to represent Athletics NZL at an international event must hold a World Para Athletics International Classification. There opportunities are conducted by World Para Athletics, with the next opportunity in March 2018 in Melbourne Australia. 

Please click here for more information on International Classification



Athletes with an intellectual impairment must meet the following as a guideline for eligibility; IQ of 75 or lower on standard tests, prior to 18 years. Evidence of significant limitations in adaptive behaviour as expressed in conceptual, social, and practical adaptive skills. For more information on Intellectual Impairment eligibility please click here to read the PNZ Intellectual Impairment eligibility guidance notes. 


Athlete's who wish to compete as a Para Athlete with an intellectual impairment, must have a valid classification, There are three stages to classification. National Classification, INAS International Classification and International WPA Classification


Stage 1: National Classification

National Classification allows athletes who wish to compete in all NZ events such club meets, provincial champs as well as events such as NZ Secondary Schools, NZ Champs, Australian Championships etc. To obtain a national classification Athletes must complete and return the National Eligibility form to .

Click here to Download The National Eligibility Forms for Athletes with an Intellectual Impairment


Stage 2: International Classification

Athlete with an intellectual impairment who wish to obtain an international classification, must first apply for an INAS classification. Once athletes have obtained an INAS Classification athletes are eligible to apply for an World Para Athletics Classification. Athletes who have an INAS classification or obtain one prior to 2018, the next WPA International Classification Opportunity is occurring in March 2018, in Melbourne, please use the links below for more information. 

For more information on obtaining an INAS Classification please click here

 For more information on WPA International Classification please click here

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