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Get Set Go



Get Set Go Vision

Active Kiwi Kids, enjoying sport and play every day! 


Get Set Go Mission

To develop healthy, active kiwi kids through a holistic approach that encourages learning through exploration, fun and play while also educating and inspiring communities to facilitate these learning opportunities. 


Get Set Go Programme Overview

Get Set Go is Athletics New Zealand’s foundation programme which forms the initial component of both the Athletics NZ Long Term Athlete development pathway, and our vision of ‘All New Zealander’s engaged in athletics’. 

Get Set Go provides educational, developmentally appropriate fun activities for children aged 3-7 years that build and develop children’s basic skills they need so that they can choose and enjoy being more active through sport and play. These skills include:


  • Physical movement skills
  • Knowledge & cognitive skills
  • Emotional & social skills

The programme has a strong professional development component aiming to educate parents and teachers to feel more confident in teaching these skills to their children therefore increasing the sustainability of the programme objectives

The Get Set Go programme is supported by Sport NZ, Physical Education New Zealand and the Halberg Trust. 

Get Set Go in Action 

To date, Get Set Go has been delivered nationwide to almost 65,000 children and provided over 400,000 opportunities for Kiwi kids to learn the skills required to lead an active and healthy lifestyle in a school, club or community environment. Check out the links below to see Get Set Go in action: 

  1. Sport New Zealand: Featuring World Shot Put champion Valarie Adams and Sport NZ Chief Executive Pete Miskimmin, this video gives an insight into the player pathway - from the fundamental movement skills nurtured by Athletics' New Zealand's Get Set Go programme, to world success at high performance sport. Most of this footage was taken at the Get Set Go programme, on 23 February 2012.
  2. Raising Children: This clip highlights the importance of fundamental movement skills in child development and outlines how the Get Set Go programme support development of these critical skills.Click here to view. *note: if you are not already registered on the growing children website you will need to register and search for fundamental movement skills to view this video


Get Set Go Objectives

  1. Empowering teachers, coaches parents and children to gain confidence and competence concerning the development of these fundamental skills.
  2. To work in partnership with key partners such as, Physical Education New Zealand (PENZ), Halberg Trust, Sport NZ and Regional Sports Trusts to develop and implement cost effective, long term, sustainable strategies related to the development of fundamental skills.
  3. To provide a framework for junior level teachers (years 0 - 3) to implement Get Set Go, meeting the needs of the NZ curriculum (1987).
  4. To provide a quality developmentally appropriate resources for our member athletics clubs.
  5. To increase understanding and practical implementation relating to current research from the fields of education, sport and neuroscience in relation to fundamental skills. 
  6. To link parents, clubs and the wider community so that they can play a greater role in the development of these fundamental skills.

Get Set Go Programme Feedback 

The games are easy and practical, the students picked up the rules really quickly and the programme is structured and easy to follow so even those who lack confidence teaching PE can easily follow it and enjoy it. Best of all, the teacher can join in with the game! Overall it’s well organised and structured I and got LOADS FROM IT. I 100% recommended to any school wanting to enhance their PE programme.” Maria Kroonenberg, St Thomas’s School 

“The Get Set Go programme is very worthwhile. I’ve learnt a lot from this – especially what my focus should be and how to help students improve giving individualised feedback etc.” Kirsten Ngan, Epsom Normal Primary

“The children have lots of fun and the equipment is easy to manage. It’s really easy to modify/create games once focussed on a skill to meet children’s needs and you can integrate with other curriculum areas e.g. writing and maths." Flora Ko, St Thomas’s School

"Get Set Go is simply awesome. We decided to pilot it at our club and it’s the best thing we’ve done.  The kids love it and our numbers increased during the season.  They also loved having their parents doing the activities as well.  It really helped those kids who were less confident or a bit shy at the start and it didn’t matter what stage of development the kids were at, they could take part in everything. I’m definitely sold on the programme, as a teacher and a coach. Another bonus was having a group of older athletes come and volunteer at our club nights with the Get Set Go programme.  The younger kids really look up to them, and it was a fun and easy way to get them volunteering on club nights." Duncan Murray, Lead Coach at Olympic Junior Track and Field for the Get Set Go programme

Get Set Go Resources 

The Get Set Go Resource and professional learning programme was originally produced by Edith Cowan University   and Steps Professional Development for the Department of Education and Training, Australia. It has been revised,     updated and restructured for the NZ environment by Athletics New Zealand.

A variety of resources are available to assist coaches, clubs, schools, teachers and parents to implement Get Set Go     in  your communities. You can purchase copies of the Get Set Go resource from our online shop




Above: Click the image to view a sample activity card.

Contact Us

If you require any further information about Get Set Go please contact the Get Set Go Manager directly: 

Stephanie Cunningham

021 499 529

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