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Athletics New Zealand Coach Membership is changing! 


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Athletics is currently one of very few sports in NZ who do not require any formal accreditation or qualification to be recognised as a Coach. 

As a sport, we are wanting to Professionalise Coaching -
"...being a professional is much more than being paid for what you do. It means seeking a standard of excellence, constantly improving and incorporating the best knowledge and research in your field in order to get better at what you do every single day. That is what it means to be a professional..."

(to read more around the Professionalisation of coaching, read this…/ ) 

In order to maintain the integrity of our sport, and provide increased levels of quality assurance to our affiliated clubs and participants, we have revised our Coach membership process over the past 12 months. Membership is currently unavailable while we update our processes to reflect these changes, and will become available from 1 June 2018.

From 1 June 2018, Coaches will be required to submit evidence which demonstrates their prior experience and current competency in order to become a Coach member. This process is called Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) and Recognition of Current Competency (RCC). 

Evidence will be assessed by a panel against a set criteria. 

Until 1 June 2018, Athletics NZ will not be accepting any renewals or new Coach members. 

Timelines and Processes

Athletics New Zealand will contact current Member Coaches directly with the RPL/RCC paperwork closer to 1 June 2018.
In the meantime, please feel free to make a start on the Sport NZ Coaching Safety Net, available here and complete the Drug Free Sport NZ "Coaches" e-learning course available here please ensure you enrol for the 'registered course'. 

Should you have any questions or wish for clarification on the process, please do not hesitate to contact Emily Nolan, Athletics NZ Coach Education Manager

Recognition of prior learning and current competency

Timelines and processes

We have chosen to introduce this approach as we acknowledge that Coaches gain skills, knowledge and competency through a range of experiences, including practical coaching, formal training, informal workshops as well as work based training and we wish to acknowledge this first and foremost.

1.       Should the assessment of RPL/RCC be successful, Coaches will be awarded Membership. You will not need to complete this process again next year, once passed, you need only to maintain currency, every 2-3 years (in line with Police Vetting) by demonstrating your ongoing learning, growth and development.

2.       Should the assessment of RPL/RCC require more detail or information, the panel will contact you and ask for further evidence in advance of a decision.

3.       Should there be insufficient evidence provided to award Membership, coaches will be notified of the areas which they require further development, and provided with a timeframe to obtain this for membership in the current year.

4.       Should membership be declined, 50% of the application fee will be forfeited to cover administrative costs associated with processing the application by the panel, and feedback will be given around areas for further development.


Further information on the updating process to maintain membership beyond 2020 will be released in due time, however it will involve providing proof of a certain amount practical coaching hours, engagement in a range of approved development opportunities, formal education or training etc, which demonstrates ongoing learning, continual growth and development in line with our core beliefs about Coaching. This process will not be required until at least 2020.

Membership Fees

From June 1 2018, Athletics NZ Coach Membership Annual Fee will increase to $50

Athletics NZ Annual Coach Membership with comparable sports

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