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2016 Rio Paralympic Games

Rio de Janeiro,  Brazil

7 - 18 September 2016
8 Athletes

15 Events

6 Medallists

9 Medals

4 Paralympic Records

11 New Zealand Records

11 Personal Bests
Amazing Performance by
the NZL Para-Athletics Team!


   Clas Event Personal

Caitlin Dore
 F37 Javelin

Javelin   22.30
Anna Grimaldi  Bio  T47 Long Jump
Long   5.41
100m   13.16
200m   26.73

Jessica Hamill  Bio  F34 Shot Put

Shot   7.84

Rory McSweeney  Bio  F44 Javelin

Javelin   55.80

Liam Malone  Bio  T43 100m
100m   11.26
200m   22.14
400m   48.28

Jacob Phillips Bio T35 100m
100m   14.05
200m   28.98
Holly Robinson  Bio  F46 Javelin

Javelin  40.81
William Stedman  Bio  T36 400m
Long Jump
400m   56.35
800m   2:12.27
Long   5.22



Athlete Event Round Date (NZ) Time (NZ) Position Performance Result
Liam Malone 100m  T44 Heats 9 Sept 08:42 am 1st 10.90 PB NZR PR Q
Anna Grimaldi Long Jump T47 Final 9 Sept 09:11 am 1st 5.62 PB NZR GOLD
Jacob Phillips 100m T35 Heats 10 Sept 01:51 am 4th 14.27 q
Jacob Phillips 100m T35 Final 10 Sept 08:30 am 8th 14.14 8th
Rory McSweeney Javelin  F44 Final 10 Sept 08:45 am 3rd 54.99 BRONZE
Liam Malone 100m  T44 Final 10 Sept 11:00 am 2nd 11.02 SILVER
Caitlin Dore Javelin   F37 Final 11 Sept 10:22 am 7th 20.87 7th
Anna Grimaldi 100m  T47 Heats 11 Sept 10:36 am 4th 12.88 PB NZR q
Jacob Phillips 200m  T35 Heats 12 Sept 02:19 am 5th 28.78 PB NZR q
Anna Grimaldi 100m  T47 Final 12 Sept 09:56 am 4th 12.96 4th
Liam Malone 200m T44 Heats 12 Sept 11:03 am 1st 21.33 PB NZR Q

William Stedman Long Jump T36 Final 13 Sept 01:40 am 5th 5.35 PB NZR PR 5th
Jacob Phillips 200m  T35 Final 13 Sept 01:50 am 8th 29.10 8th
Liam Malone 200m  T44 Final 13 Sept 10:20am 1st 21.06 PB NZR PR GOLD
Holly Robinson Javelin  F46 Final 14 Sept 02:04 am 2nd 41.22 PB NZR SILVER
Jessica Hamill
Shot Put  F34 Final 15 Sept 08:30 am 3rd 7.54 BRONZE
Liam Malone 400m  T44 Heats 15 Sept 09:06 am 2nd 48.34 Q
Liam Malone 400m  T44 Final 16 Sept 02:38 am 1st 46.20 PB NZR PR GOLD
Anna Grimaldi 200m  T47 Heats 16 Sept 09:33 am - Disqualified -
William Stedman 400m  T36 Final 17 Sept 01:15 am 3rd 55.69 PB NZR BRONZE
William Stedman 800m  T36 Final 18 Sept 10:17 am 3rd 2:11.98 PB NZR BRONZE

Television Coverage

The 2016 Rio Paralympics will be covered by TVNZ and Attitude Pictures broadcasting an unprecedented 180 hours of free-to-air live and delayed coverage and highlights during the Games, with coverage appearing on DUKE (Freeview 13 & Sky 23), TV1, ONE News and other programmes, including Breakfast and Seven Sharp.
Athletics will be shown live on DUKE.

Watch the Rio 2016 Paralympics games here


Team Leader
Raylene Bates
Mob NZ 021 895 400

Selection Convenor
Graham Seatter
021 279 3000


Support Staff

Team Leader Raylene Bates
Assistant Manager Scott Goodman
Raylene Bates
Scott Goodman
  Jonathan Black
Physiotherapists Jarrod Scott
  Helen Littleworth

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