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Athletics NZ Realtime Results

Athletics New Zealand Realtime Results

For Live Results App information please read notes at bottom of this page

25 Mar 2018 Sir Graeme Douglas International Track Challenge Realtime Results
9-11 Mar 2018 Jennian Homes NZ T&F Championships Realtime Results
24-25 Feb 2018 NZ Combined Events Championships Realtime Results
10 Feb 2018 Porritt Classic Realtime Results
23 Jan 2018 Cooks Classic Realtime Results
20 Jan 2018 Capital Classic Realtime Results
6 Jan 2018 Lovelock Classic Realtime Results
5-7 Jan 2018 North Island Colgate Games Realtime Results
1-3 Dec 2017 NZ Secondary Schools Track & Field Championships Realtime Results
2 Sep 2017 NZ Road Race Championships Realtime Results
17-19 Mar 2017 NZ Track & Field Championships Realtime Results
26 Feb 2017 Auckland Track Challenge Realtime Results
18-19 Feb 2017 NZ Combined Event Championships
Realtime Results
11 Feb 2017 Porritt Classic Realtime Results

Want to get these Results on your Smartphone?

We have two options

1. Track Meet Mobile App

       iPhone App        Android App        

This App is free to download, which will allow you to search for a meet, and view the meet programme, which shows the meet location, a scheduled order of events, and the athletes and teams who are competing - available only at meets where meet hosts and officials support the publication of results to mobile with HY-TEK Track & Field Meet Manager .
If you purchase a subscription ($US5.99 for 1 year or $US1.99 for 1 month), you will get unofficial meet results, including times, marks, order of finish, wind readings, field series, and more — available only at meets where meet hosts and officials support the publication of results to mobile with HY-TEK Track & Field Meet Manager .
This App will work well if meet organisers load and publish data and results in a timely manner.



2. Live Results App from Big Fish Software  

        iPhone App         Android App

 This App can be purchased for  $1.50. 

Realtime Web Results and the Live Results Smartphone Apps rely on a number of third party software applications and a number of other factors to function smoothly. Most users can access the services without any problems but there are some issues that can affect the quality of the service for some people.

  1. Ability of meeting organisers to upload results quickly after each event. This can be caused by more pressing issues faced by the results team or by a shortage of volunteers in this area.
  2. Results take time to check, process and confirm (especially field events). Track events are usually uploaded following the last race in the round.
  3. Protests can delay the results by several hours.
  4. Broadband internet is seldom provided at athletics venues, meaning that mobile broadband options are often used. The quality and strength of signal varies from venue to venue at different times. Mobile traffic at some large events means that organisers may at times have difficulty uploading results to the web.
  5. Congested mobile networks can also affect the ability of people to access both services on mobile devices at events.
  6. Some browsers work better than others with the frames required for the Realtime Web Results.We find that Google Chrome is usually the best browser to use. If you find that you can see the start lists when you think the result should be there, in Google Chrome, right-click on the grey pane and click on "Reload frame". In Mozilla Firefox, right-click on the grey pane and click on "This frame / Reload frame".



Copyright 2018 by Athletics New Zealand
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