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Run Jump Throw

What is Run Jump Throw?
Run Jump Throw is Athletics New Zealand’s foundation programme for teaching athletics specific skills to kids aged 6-11.  It’s based on the philosophy that the development of skills, in a fun participant centred environment, is the key to participation.  The emphasis is on the development of fundamental movement patterns specific to athletics. 

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Run Jump Throw – Coaching Manual
This resource comprises of the main philosophies (or why) behind the Run Jump Throw approach, the technical skill progression for each athletics skill and some modified competition models (including Team Athletics, RJT Pentathlon and Cross Country).  We understand that every setting is different so we have created a resource and programme that is flexible and can easily fit into every delivery setting throughout NZ. This resource has been developed for teachers, parents and coaches to help assist the delivery of a child-centred approach that meets the needs of all Kiwi kids aged 6-11. 

Run Jump Throw - Activity Cards
This resource comprises of more than 65 games and activities designed to help implement a fun and engaging Run Jump Throw programme that meets the needs of all participants.  Learning through games and activities allows participants to not only develop physical skills in a fun environment but also meets their needs to socialise with friends and family and to grow confidence in a non- threatening environment.  The front of each card explains the key skill criteria and gives verbal cues to help support the child’s learning.  On the back of the card there are fun activities related to the skill focus. 

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RJT Pentathlon
The RJT Pentathlon is an organised multi event competition that is designed to give more children the opportunity to participate while measuring their own progress.  There are five activities that are all modified and appropriate for the Run Jump Throw target age group 6-11 years old.  Detail on activities and how it works can be found in the Run Jump Throw Coaching Manual. 

Scoring Table
The scoring table is an easy to use Excel spreadsheet.  All you need to do is enter each participant’s performance into the spreadsheet and it will populate the overall score

RJT Pentathlon Scoring Table - Excel

For more information on Run Jump Throw contact:

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