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Insurance Cover

Athletics NZ Insurance to 31 July 2020

Athletics New Zealand arranges Public Liability and Statutory Liability insurance cover for all members, volunteers and officials of Athletics New Zealand whilst competing or participating in Athletics NZ sanctioned events. This is one of the services Athletics New Zealand provides to Member Clubs and Individual Members.

Insurance Certificate of Currency Athletics NZ to 31 July 2020

The cover only applies to:

  • The 11 Centres
  • All Member Clubs which have paid their Member Club fee for the current financial year
  • All individual members, athletes, volunteers and officials
  • Any other third party agreed in writing by Athletics New Zealand Inc.

For the insurance cover to apply the activity being undertaken:

  • Must be sanctioned or endorsed
  • Must be athletic

Insurance cover will not apply, regardless of registration or affiliation, if the activity being undertaken is non-athletic.  Examples would include:

  • School fairs
  • Sausage sizzles
  • Revenue and other fund raising activities.

If a Club has any doubt over any aspect of this insurance cover, please contact Athletics New Zealand for clarification.

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