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Regulation Changes

Changes to the Constitution are made via remits that are voted on at the Annual General Meeting,

Regulation changes are made by the Board according to a Regulation change protocol. T
his process includes a 50 day Regulation change notification, and such notifications are notified to clubs and posted on the Athletics New Zealand website. 

Protocol for Enacting Athletics New Zealand Regulation Changes

Current Notifications


Athletics NZ revised its Constitution some years ago now. We undertook a major project to revise and update the Regulations to better align them with the Constitution, as well as respond to changing legal and sport requirements such as anti-match fixing and sports betting.

The Athletics NZ Constitution requires that Members are provided a period of 50 days consultation on any proposed changes to the Regulations. The consultation period concluded on 4 July and the feedback received was reviewed by the Rules Committee.  The feedback has led to a number of positive changes relating to authorised events, membership database rules, a change (effective from the 2019/20 year) of social membership to start from age of 15 (currently this starts at 20) and updating the terms of reference for the Honours and Awards Committee in the Administration Regulation.

Subsequently the Athletics NZ Board has formally agreed the final Regulations which will take effect from today – 12 September.  The new Regulations are now as listed on the Athletics NZ website at 

Please also note that there were a number of responses that fell outside the scope of this consultation and require further consideration.  These matters will be reviewed in due course and, if appropriate, further amendments will be proposed in the future.

As with any Regulations there are regularly areas under review.  At the recent Athletics NZ AGM three possible changes relating to winter events were discussed and received support for change from those in attendance.  These proposals are detailed below.  Responses are due by 15 October 2018.


Hamish Grey
Chief Executive 

Proposed new Regulations

Three Proposals to Amend the Competition Regulations pertaining to various Winter Championships posted 24/08/18

Submissions should be forwarded to no later than Monday 15 October 2018

Proposal to Amend the Regulations pertaining to race walking at the New Zealand Track and Field Championships posted 19/09/18

Submissions should be forwarded to no later than Friday 7 December 2018

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