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Regulation Changes

Changes to the Constitution are made via remits that are voted on at the Annual General Meeting,

Regulation changes are made by the Board according to a Regulation change protocol. T
his process includes a 50 day Regulation change notification, and such notifications are notified to clubs and posted on the Athletics New Zealand website. 

Protocol for Enacting Athletics New Zealand Regulation Changes

Current Notifications

The Athletics NZ Constitution requires that Members are provided a period of 50 days consultation on any proposed changes to the Regulations. 

Proposed Amendment to Competition Regulations: Posted Oct 25, 2019. The mile is a unique event with a strong history in New Zealand. It is proposed that a One Mile for Senior and Under 20 athletes be added to the list of NZ Championship Track and Field events. Under the current World Athletics point system, 1500m runners can use 1 mile races towards their five best point scores to qualify for the Olympics and World Championships. If the proposed amendment was passed, the NZ mile event would qualify for points category D. Athletics New Zealand members are invited to submit their comments on this proposed amendment (available to view here) to by Fri 13 Dec.

The current Regulations are listed on the Athletics NZ website here

Changes to Competition Regulation

Several proposed changes to the Competition Regulation pertaining to Records were put forward by the Rules Subcommittee and were posted on the Athletics NZ website for 50 days. The proposal was subsequently presented to the Athletics NZ Board and several changes were approved subject to minor editing for clarification. The revised Competition Regulation is now posted on the Athletics NZ website here.

Date Approved Rule Change
 July 2019 The following events have been deleted from the Records Lists: Men 15km, 20 km, 25km, 30km, Women 15km, 20km, 25km, 30km, Men U20 & Men U19 20km Walk. However, these have been added to the list of Archived Records and have been posted onto the ranking and records site under the title Best Performances and Archived Records.
 July 2019 A Redesigned/Reformatted Record Application Form for Track Events, Field Events, Road Events and Combined Events. The downloading of these forms is preceded by an outline of the Procedures for submitting a Record Application.
 July 2019 Following the addition of the event into the IAAF rules, the 5km (road) event has been added to the list of Records in the Men and Women National Record Lists.
 July 2019 Following the addition of the event into the IAAF rules, the Mixed (gender) 4 x 400m event will be added to the Men and Women National, All-Comers and Resident Record Lists.
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